Iris Online Dungeons Guide

Iris Online Dungeons Guide by sailor_yue

Theres nothing like knowing what your doing when it comes to the dungeons in game. it helps reduce deaths and helps get it done faster and with less deaths. This is a guide for all of the dungeons, but its WIP as ive only got all the info on the Pinaye Dungeon at the moment. PM me if you see a mistake or have more info for me to help out.

One thing to know about: A good dungeon party has a Tank and a very good healer. 2 if possible. the other 3 members are basic DPS, Ranger/Rogues, fighters and battlemages. its always good to have a couple ranged fighters in your team so they dont get effected by close-ranged attacks/debuffs. you should always have a full party, 6 members. and be fair about boss loots. Use Master Loot with Dice Roll to make sure people get things fairly. It’s also wise to roll only for things for your class, as some drops are untradable. If your a Magician, dont roll for a sword or heavy armor, or if your a fighting class, dont go rolling for that ring that helps the healing skill.

One more thing to know about dungeons is that they have time limits ont hem. You can only do them once between 12 am and 12 PM. the timer resets at that point. Otherwise you have to wait, or purchase a reset card from the cash shop.


Circus Dungeon Payane

First of all, you cannot enter this dungeon until you are level 15. When you hit that level, you will get a quest from the NPC Pasayo, after you do his quest (he will want card making materials which you buy from Tobias, yes for gold) and the following quest from Prince Shilly you will be given a Circus Ticket for free, which is your entrance fee to the dungeon.

For the most part the monsters are all elites and Boss classed. the first monster you face are the Shabby and the Destroyed Dolls. (lvl 15) theyre easy enough to kill taken one at a time and with teamwork. Destroyed dolls have a buff that adds 50% to their magical attack power.

After that the first boss you fight is Pome, the Puppetteer . He has 2 attacks other than the basics: Summon Dolls and Intense fire which brings fire on the field. you dont want to end up standing in it as it does 100 DPS, so always avoid that, if your a tank, bring him away from the fire spawns for the other meeleers. (NOTE, the summoned dolls will not give the quest items that you collect from the Shabby and Broken dolls)

in the next hallway you have the first set of circus canons. they are stationairy long ranged monsters. There is also circus lions, that debuff you to lower your defense, Brown circus bears, that will debuff you to DPS your MP, and circus lizards that like to cover you with bright green ooze that prevents all movement.

The boss youll face after this is Beast Trainer Whippa. to fight him: attack from behind if you are not the tank! Anyone caught in front of him will be hit by his multi-target whipping attack. he also spawns monsters that you’ve fought before facing him(Beastial protection) during this he is also temporarily immortal. kill the summoned inorder to attack him. (Again, the summoned spawns will not drop needed quest items) He also will remove any and all of your timed buffs. Only the Fighter/Warrior ROPE skills and active-effect buffs will stay

quick note: if you are a RANGER or a ROGUE, after battling him cast WIND PURIFICATION. Whippa casts a real nasty debuff (visible when a giant wave of black and red goes thru the field) that takes 30 HP per second for 10 minutes and reduces your natural HP and MP recovery by 50%. Support mages: if you have activated the Augment Dismissal skill, use it now on everyone.

after that youve got more canons, Fuego the firebreathers, which leave 2 debuffs, physical hit chance -200 and HP – 70 DPS. (this ontop of the debuff that Whippa left you is really nasty, luckily its only a 10 second debuff) and Touter Jackie(Baboons on unicycles), which like to silence you, meaning disables your ability to use your skills.

the boss you will face is a Roszak the juggler. his #1 attack to avoid is REVENGE. when he casts this DO NOT ATTACK! its 50% Magic damage reflection and 50% physical damage reflection with a movement speed 30% reduction, meaning any attack you do to him you get damaged from as well as what he’s normally throwing at you. there will also be a ring of fire under his feet just wait for the spike effect surrounding him, or the buff under his HP bar to go away before continuing attack (the buff usually lasts @ 30 seconds). there will also be a ring of fire under his feet during this phase. he also likes as one of his base attacks to do a split and spin around, attacking any meeleers near him. After fighting him there will be a couple more of the Fuego and Touters that got missed because they were beyond Roszak.

And finally the endboss of the circus: Pasayo himself. he starts out by puting a field of ‘noise’ that will steal 10 HP per second if you are in it. it looks like sound waves. He has 3 skill attacks and one normal attack that has a chance to put you to ‘sleep’ meaning you cant move or attack, this one effects everyone, but goes away if any damage is taken. The first of his skills is Fire Zone which is a nasty aoe attack that leaves fire zones in the field that take 150 HP per second after hitting everyone for 400-500. His other skill attack is a big anoyance. Directers Strenghth inwhich he summons elite versions of all the bosses you fought before him. when he does this HE IS IMMORTAL and will NOT take any damage during this phase. Kill all 3 of the elites and then he will be easy enough to kill. During the battle there will also be Stage Explosion, when his head grows large, he casts a debuff that reduces everyones runspeed by 300.

with proper teamwork fighting against these bosses it is most possible to avoid any of the berserk modes in which the bosses will basically kill your entire team in one hit.
After completing Prince Shilly’s quest to get an item from each of the bosses, you will be given a Quest Start item. At lvl 20 this quest is to complete the dungeon in 40 minutes to get the Circus Explorer title which gives HP+90 and magical/physical avoidance +15. It also gives a swirl effect that is seen on both Whippa and Pasayo during their immortality phases.

There are several quests to do in the dungeon and given to you at diferent leveles. keep an eye out for all of them!

Laioha Dungeon

Laioha dungeon is located in Altus Gourge and is open to you once you hit level 25. again, there are numeroius quests you get in Terminus and from the entrance NPC []

Teamwork and fighting the elites 1 or 2 at a time is essential.

The first Boss you face is Saurus Joan. Its a red headed lady (yes its a woman) in a Stegosaurus Costume. The attack you want to look out for is Placement Stage, when she jumps in the air and causes a quake. THIS WILL STUN anyone close range, so any meelee DPS should run away, because guess what? after this she will curl in a ball in a protective stature. the damage you deal will be low, but she isnt attacking for a while so the healers can heal, and the meeleers can safely attack. after you defeat saurus, she splits in two. a short version of Joan (her real height) and one of the gorillas you fought before her. these 2 are still bosses. the gorilla half will still do the quake attack right off the bat so get back. its real simple to take both on and kill them quickly.

the next room is a beach area. after clearing the spawn the boss you fight is a giant octopus chef. She has a spin attack that will harm anyone nearby. Thunder Storm is one of her attacks. When this happens its time to PAY ATTENTION. Untensils will start raining down, and they do damage when they expode. Octo-Joan is also immortal during this phase. another attack she likes to do is spray everyone with ink that decreases your movement speed severly. during the battle tho, click items will apear on the battle field that lets you ‘wash’ the ink off your weapon which increases your crit rate and adds 300 to your damage (somewhat useful because whe has a buff at this point that will lower all hit rate. use them when possible, as Joan has a buff that will make your hit chance on her severly low.

The 3rd room the elites you face are dopplegangers of Prince shilly and priestess karen. go around the room and kill them all, be sure to get every single one cuz you may need the entire room clear for the comming battle.

Canon Joan is by far the most difficult Boss in Liaoha next to the endboss. Her attacks are really horrible. Watch for her to pump her hands in the air. this is an unnamed AOE attack. when the alert for Intense Shell pops up, STOP ATTACKING AND GET AWAY FROM HER, Tank included. Bombs apear all over the field and when they explode take an enourmous chunk of your HP at once. The other attack she uses is Summon Canon where she spawns a canon (you remember those) somewhere nearby, they fire homing missles that will fire at whoever is closest. Tanker, you should drag Canon Joan away from them so they do not target the healers. the good news is when Jean is summoning canons, she no longer will use Intense shell. there is also a non-named aoe attack she does. waych for her to pump her arms cuz she will cause an exposion around her. try to during the battle to have her end up at the top of the room, otherwise you will have to go thru all the canons to get to the portal to the next room.

In the candy room, the monsters you face are cute squirrel-like Mochis. the girl mochi, Candy Mochi, can silent your skils, and Choco Mochis stun

The boss you fight here is Joan in a giant Confectionairy costume. By far this is the easiest incarnation to face of her. She does something called Summon Totem which brings out a giant lolipop; in normal it is harmless, but in hardmode you will want to avoid standing near it as it will give you a debuff. What you want to watch out for is, where ever the lolipop goes a giant pit of roasting marshmallows apears. Do NOT get cought standing in that. Thats really the only danger during this battle. watch where the lolipop goes and avoid the fire.

(QUEST NOTE: after you finish this boss off, glowing click-collect items will appear. these are he battery packs you need to collect.)

After that in the next room you have the end boss of the dungeon, Joan in a giant robot suit. You dont have to kill her if you dont want to, just get to the exit. (after you leave, the dungeon entrance NPC will give you another quest, this one to kill the endboss) The biggest thing to avoid during fighting this version of Jean is the meteor shower attack. watch the field for bright circles, for that is where the meteor will land. she wil debuff your MP, and has a nasty static charge aoe, which will steal away your MP.

Decomus dungeon

It is recomended to have a sage healer atleast in this dungeon. its quite sticky and needs absolute cooperation and team work to be ocmpleted. 2 healers mimnimum for first timers, one healer soley for the tank, the one with the debuff remove circle, the other to take care of the party. Also note: by this point in the game, your damage should be really good. let the tank acumulate enough agro to prevent stealing the agro and the wrong person ending up tanking. wait till atleast 85% remainng hp.

you start out with a boss fight right off the bat. Humbaba, lv 36. if your not the tank, attack from behind. Tanks should always make sure the boss is facing away from the rest of hte DD and healers. He casts an aoe that will debuff your run speed by 30%, removes 100% of your evasion and 50% of your physical attack.

after defeating him, you can eliminate the doorway. Right behind the door are Elite spearmen and Probationary archers. they will group agro, totally mob.

your path way is right. This way you have more elite spearmen and probationary spearmen. they will continue to group agro, but theyre not that hard to beat with good teamwork and good healers.

at the end of this path you will end upat the Kubara temple. you dont have to defeat hte Kubara priests if you dont want to.

The boss you have in this area is Sharlach. There are 2 things to watch for with him: Overshadow. this will reset the agro. DO NOT ATTACK UNLESS YOU ARE THE TANK, and he will knock you back for @ 1000 damage. The other attack is ‘Power of Light’ which basically makes him immortal, and deal heavy crits uponb you. drag him out of the circles he creates to make him fightable.

This next path is swarming with IMMORTAL kubara priests. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO cLEAR THEM. they will just respawn. creap along the side and stic ktogether. only fight the priests that agro you.

The next area there are Rogues and Guardians. you do not have to fight hem unless you have a quest for them. Be warned: they pair-agro. if you fight a Guardian, a rogue will also agro, and vise versa. The gate in this zone is locked and only using the Tank Frecky’s power can it be opened.

The next boss to fight is Zaras. he has an aoe that will attack those around him that will cause a kncokback. His only ALERT is ‘Mental Disciplin which mainly boosts his defense and attack.

The Mass Produced tanks and MAchinery Technictions in the next area will grou agro as well. The Tanks have a chance to drop a quest starter here.

When its time to fight Frecky, its best the tank get him in the far corner. again wait till 80% to start fighting. Frecky will spawn tanks (which do not count for the afformentioned quest) Frecky will occasionally turn around and atack somone who isnt the tank so be careful.

After defeating Frecky a door will oppen that will have a click item trans. This is the only way to break down the previous locked gate. Its quite an epic transformation.

The next passageway you have Royal Knights. These do NOT group agro.

Finally you have the big guy himself Gigantes.Beware of IceShield, for it is damage reflection 50%. When he pauses and holds his swoprd in the air hes going to cast a debuff of HP-300 dps. The only other thing to worry about is when he summons Elite Knights. otherwise he’s not that hard to defeat with proper teamwork.

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