Iris Online Knight PvE Skills Guide

Iris Online Knight PvE Skills Guide by duelbladesoul

Well I’ve been playing as a PvE Knight for a while although we are weak and can not really tank for anything (until patch I hope) we still got some nice skills. Well heres pretty much a simple Build i’m now using and think it’s pretty good. Open for Discusion.

Ok Time for me to Edit and separate frome the optional skills to the needs skills to the useless skills

Heroic Strike I & II – Both these skills should be max just to accumulate aggro, as for the damage later on don’t do all that great so the second part should have 7 or 8 skill points, depending if you want to put that extra point in.

Shield Bash I & II – This skill must be max because it’s a 3x skill and the second part of this skill do around 208, now mutiply that 3 times + your original damage you’ll accumulate a decent ammount of aggro.

Deviated Crash I & II – This skill is another skill to accumulate aggro but is also needed to unlock the next skill that does a decent amount of damage, the damage would be 243 damage with the current max but when the skill is max it does around 270 + 200 physical critical value.

Armor Destruction I & II – Now I believe everyone should max this skill because not only does it do a decent damage
(273) but it debuffs over 1000 physical defence on the mob which is pretty good for a tank.

Shield Throw I & II – After I relook at the skill I think you should max this skill. You do the same damage as the skill “Deviated Crash” and you reduce there movement speed, though I think this skill is more suited for an PvP Knight then a PvE Knight.

Rotating Shield Bash – This is an 3x skill, basicly need to accumulate aggro and it’s a 3x so you do the math on how much aggro it will make for you.

Aggravating Strike – This is a must have skill not only is it a 3x aggro skill it’s also an aoe aggro skill so it will help you accumulate aggro around you with other aoe provoke skills.

Force Control – Everyone should put one at least 1 point in here because not only it accumulate 3x aggro. It also debuff physical buffs and magical buff, it’s a win, win skill for PvE and PvP knight.

Provoke Skills:

Provoke I & II – This skill helps with Aggro but don’t really show you how much it will accumulate. As a tank you should pretty much have all type of provoke skill and this skill will give you and 3x aggro skill later after job change.

Threat Ascension I & II – Max part 1 of the skill and part two only 1 point for the aoe skill.

Swayed Attention I & II – This is a must because it give you 14% aggro at the second part and it stays on for 30 minutes.

Circumventing Provoke – I’d put 1 point in there but it stays on for 3 second and if it’s max it goes up for 1. Really your choice if you want to put that 1 skill point in there.


Ecumbrance – I’ll put one point in here for the Attack debuff, anything that lowers the damage they do on you helps you incase of an emergancy.

Safeguard I & II – increases your defence and it’s always a good thing and must be maxed.

Fortitude – Theres no part 2 of this skill kinda pointless but it’s needed for the next skill.

Protective Posture I & II – Max out both and adds more def a good skill.

Final Protection I & II – Max both for the awesome defence, 30 second of a major defence helps in PvP and PvE.

Inspired Defence – Is a must in order to get safeguard part 2 skill and it adds defence.

Restriant Amnesty – Must have for the second skill but this skill seems useful for PvP.

Protective Armor – This skill is a must have for PvE and PvP when it’s max it absorbs 26% physical damage although, it’s only 10 second it helps alot and 10 second can be a very long time.

Shielded Support – Gives you more defence like in everyone description so max this skill.


Shield Expert I & II – Max for the defence, nothing wrong with more defence. It’s require for the knights to have lots of defence.

Inspired Heavy Armor I & II – I have this passive and I love the fact that I got it, made me hardly miss so I do more damage and more aggro accumulated.

Improved Heavy Armor – Max this skill to get additional defence (900+ defence).

Shield Trianing – Max for more defence and it adds magic defence.


Shield Slam – everyone should put 1 point in this skill just for the stun, the stun don’t really do all that much damage so if you want to add more then one but it’s fine but I don’t really think it helps.

Charge I & II – For a PvE Knight I don’t see much point in having a skill that charges at an enemy but it’s up to you to put any points in this skill.

Void Strike – As a PvE Knight I don’t see any use for us. It only do damage and does not help accumulate more aggro.

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