Grand Chase Pets Guide

Grand Chase Pets Guide by TaludeOwnz

:: Index ::

1. Intro
2. Pets
3. Getting one
4. Characteristcs
a ) Tab
b ) Health
c ) Experience
d ) Features
5. Evolutions
a ) Eggs
b ) Basic Pets
c ) First Evolution
d ) Regression
6. Tips
a ) Understanding
b ) “How to evolve ?”
7. Items
8. Thanks


1. Intro

Pets are support for your chars…But being created to help in battle, you need to take care of them, feed them and evolve them…Don’t know how to start?

Don’t worry, this Guide exists for this reason; how to create, care for and evolve your Pets ^^* You can buy them using P↑ or Cash or get them by luck, through a mission

* To make them attack the enemy, you need to wait for their “Mana” Bar be fill up and tap S.

* It’s impossible to use 2 different skills or pets at the same time.

* The only items that affect pets are Transparent and Haste

* Inside a room lobby, your pet stays by your side and talks to you.

This is just the beginning, read more to find more Info ^^’

2. Pets “Slime, the Jelly”
Slime is the most popular pet; you can get it in the beginning of the game by completing the Beginner Quest. He attacks hiting the enemy with his head.

The same attack occurs in his evolution but stronger and faster!
Evolution: Goldie ( Golden Slime )
How you get it: Beginner Quest or P↑

PePe, the mushroom

Despite being cute, his head can really bring problems to your enemies ! When he evolves, he becomes the Chaos PePe and his attack is a poison gas (imagine what kind of gas… ) that causes damage and Speed Reduction.
Evolution: Chaos PePe
How you get it: 1500 P↑

Sid, the young phoenix

Since he’s little, he can only create little twisters with his wings to help you! But when he becomes Sidtri, he’ll use his fire power to attack your opponents with his own burning body!
Evolution: Sidtri
How you get it: 1500 P↑

Pixie, the Ice Fairy
This is one of the sweetest pets. She’s so efficient in PVP. Her non-evolved skill is a little frozen arrow, but since she becomes Icy, the Fairy Princess, she’s able to produce a Frozen Breath that freezes the enemies.
Evolution: Icy
How you get it: Cash

Luna, the Cat

Different from the other cats, Luna loves her rancher and will do anything to protect him ! In the beginning, she’ll scratch the enemy, but since she becomes Lunatic, she’ll attack the enemies with punchs and kicks !
Evolution: Lunatic
How you get it: Cash

Gon, the Young Gorgos

Gon is a little Gorgos that is still in his egg! He’ll attack throwing little balls to stop the enemy. But when he evolves to Gorgon, he’ll leave the egg behind and attack the enemies with a flame thrower!
Evolution: Gorgon
How you get it: 1500 P↑

Ninko, the Ninja Fox
Ninko is a lonely ninja looking for a friend… In the beginning, he’ll attack with a simple Shuriken, but when he becomes Ninkoro, he’ll attack with his Fuuma!
Evolution: Ninkoro
How you get it: Cash

Cupid, the Love Angel
One of the newest Pets, Cupid came to bring love to Bermecia. His skill is similar to Gon, but with one difference: he doesn’t shoot eggs, but “Heart Arrows” against the enemy three times instead.
How you get it: Cash

MingMing, the Baby Panda
This is the newest Pet; MingMing is always ready with his feeding-bottle to fight, but he doesn’t use it; he jump against the enemy to damage it.
How you get it: Cash

Ps : Cupid doesn’t have an evolution yet.

3. Getting oneThere are four different ways to get them :

* Luck after completing any kind of game; you’ll receive a Chest that can bring a PePe or a Gon !

* Beginner Quest (only to get Slime )

* Using Cash to buy Pet Cards( Pixie, Luna and Ninko )

*Buying eggs with P↑( you get P↑ by playing about 1 hour everyday( one week = bonus )

4. Characteristcsa) Tab
Pets got their own Tab on your inventory where you’ll find some info like :

* Inventory: Items, eggs, Pets, books, Skill.

* Remove button: you unequip the pet; it still remains in your inventory, but it won’t follow you around and you won’t be able to use its skills.

* Info button: show the pet’s Level, XP, Stats…

* 2 Slots under the pet: One for Items and other for Skills

B) Health
The Health( HP ) is the green bar filled with 5 “Meat Icons” beside the Pet that can reach 6000HP…Each “Meat” means 1000HP.

The Pet loses 10HP each time he’s used (in Missions, he may lose more )…To recover HP, you need to feed the Pet :

Click on on the Food to feed the Pet…

These are the different kinds of food :

– Gem :Recovers 200HP and you can buy it with 1000GP or get that in Missions.

– Crystal : Recovers 150HP…Can’t be bought; found in Missions.

– Lusterless Crystal : Recovers 100HP…Can’t be bought; found in Missions.

– Ration : Recovers 3000HP; bought by Cash.

– Vitamins : Recovers 6000HP; bought by Cash.

There are 3 Stages of Health :

* Satisfied: When the Pet has between 1000 – 6000HP.

* Normal: Between 250 – 999HP.

* Hungry: Between 1 – 249HP; under this stage, the Pet will only receive 50% of the normal XP, and the Life Bar will become red.

Pets never die, but, if they reach 0HP, they’ll get no XP whatosever in any game mode.

c) Experience
Pets have a XP Bar similar to our Chars and receives XP the same way a normal player does. However, unlike a normal player, its maximum level is 40. Doesn’t matter if you brought it with with P↑ or Cashes, the XP gained the the XP cap is the same. The only thing that can change between cash and regular are items like Nutrients and Super Nutrients.

d) Features
Pets can help you in battle with you. In addition, they also increase all your Stats. In the beginning, they increase 20 ATK, 20 DEF and 20 Vit that will increase when they Level (not each Level, however)…You may receive less Stats if the Pet Level is not high as yours.

5. Evolutions
a) Eggs
The only Pets you can buy born are those bought with Cash; P↑ Pets comes inside an Egg.

( The first one is a Slime Egg, second is a Pepe Egg, third is a Sid Egg and last is a Gorgos Egg)

They receive XP according to their Level; if its Level 4, they’ll XP equal to 4( Level ) x 3( Formula ).

And, of course, Pets aren’t able to attack at this egg stage.

When they reach Level 7, you may bring them to Life buying a Book :

The last message says that you receive 100 Skills (yes, their attack isn’t infinite). More on how to get new skills later.

B) Basic Pets
These are the basic Pets( that means, not evolved ) and their Stats varies this way :

*Attack: 20 – 28.

*Defense: 20 – 24.

*Vitality: 20 – 24.

And their XP gain works the same way it was when they were Eggs:

c) First Evolution
To evolve, Pets need to reach a certain Level and be evolved by a Book : Evolution Book 0 : Can Evolve any Pet, doesn’t matter the Level – Bought with Cash.

Evolution Book 20 : Can evolve Pets Level 20 or higher – Bought with Cash.

Evolution Book 40 : Can evolve Pets Level 40 – Bought with GP( 10.000GP )

You may choose if wanna keep the original name or change it when you using Evolution Book or Regression Book.

When evolved, Pets reset to level 0. Their stats vary between :

*Attack: 20 – 36.

*Defense: 20 e 28.

*Vitality: 20 – 28.

They receive XP in a different formula now : Level x 2.4, so :

A Level 18 Char would receive 18 x 2.4 = 43.2 XP.

But this 0.2 won’t affect the Pet, only the 43.

These are the Evolutions :

d) Regression
Buying a Regression Book( 3.00GP ), you can make your Pets become what he was before :

You receive 100 of its Skills again.

6. Tips
a) Understanding
Pets came to help the player with their variety of Skills( specially in Battle ); you’ll find the one that fits your Char.

Pets can help you in PVP this way:

*Avoid continuous Grabs( both players grabbing at the same time ).

*Avoid continuous Grabs( Double / Triple / Infinite Grabs ).

*Stop the enemy.

Based on the information above, here comes an analyses of the Skills :

*Slime: About 2 seconds to attack – Hits the enemy with his head – Kill.

*PePe: About 1 second to attack – PePe attack the enemy with his head and throw the enemy far away( really far ), helping you to avoid Skills( respecting the fact if the enemy is already “Skilling” or not ) and making Combos( just like Anti-Gravity + PePe )… The most interesting fact is that this attack got a GOOD bug; sometimes( depending on the Server, almost everytime ), PePe can cause too much damage( normal Skills( of any Pet ), inflicts about 1 – 5 Damage, but, PePe can cause 20, 30, 40 and sometimes, more ! ) – Kill.

*Sid: From 2 to 3 seconds to atack – Sid makes a twist with his wings that inflict continuous damage and “freezes” him( the enemy won’t be able to avoid it ) and keeps making he go far away with the Tornado( for about 3 seconds )… So, you’ll be able to do many things against your enemy without risk – Don’t Kill.

*Gon: About 1 second to attack – Gon will throw 4( about one per second ) broken eggs to many directions that can cause Counter and block the way, and, also help you to attack – Don’t kill.

*Luna: Maybe less than 1 second – Luna is the fatest Pet; she’ll go against the enemy and hit him about 4 times, but, it’s easy to avoid with Counter – Kill.

*Pixie – About 2 – 3 seconds to attack – Pixie will make and throw an Ice Spear against the enemy that will make him fall down – Kill.

*Ninko – About 2 seconds – Ninko will throw a Shuriken that will hit about 3 times and freeze the enemy – Don’t kill.

*Goldie – Maybe 1 second – Similar to the Slime; Goldie will attack the enemy with many hits and longer range – Kill.

*Chaos PePe – Maybe 1 second – Chaos PePe will make a Gas( again; imagine what kind of gas… ) that you slow down the enemy( and freeze him ), making it possible to do many Combos…And it causes Counter very easely – Don’t kill.

*Sidtri – Maybe 1 second = Sidtri will attack the enemy with his burning body, making it possible to make Combos, Counter and killing.

*Gorgon – About 2 seconds – Gorgon will flame thrower the enemy, freezing, causing Counter and low damage – Don’t kill.

*Lunatic – About 1 second – Lunatic will Combo with punches and kicks – Kill.

*Icy – About 1 second – Icy will make a “Frozen Breath”, freezing everyone in front of her… All you need to unfreeze is < and >, and, this Skill won’t cause damage, not even make you fall down – Don’t kill.

*Ninkoro : Maybe less than 1 second – Ninkoro will throw a Fuuma Shuriken that can easely freeze the enemy, but, it’s very short and the damage is low – Don’t kill.

Ps : Remember, Pets are Weak; they were made to help you in Combos / Avoiding attacks, not killing.

Kill : Can kill enemies with Low HP / Fatal.

Don’t Kill : Maximum can take you to Fatal State.

B) “How to evolve?”

*PvP: Possibly the worse way of evolving; you’ll need to really own your enemies.

*Battle: Normal XP( formula already said before ) – Easy to Level with Swaps / Free Kills.

*Extra: Even being unsual, Pet receive XP – But remember, even wining, if you win with Less than 5 Points, there’ll be no XP.

*Expedition: Depends on the enemies; not good, too much time and risk.

*Monster Battle: Depends on the stage; good only to Level 25-.

*Missions: Normal XP.

*TAG: Selecting the same Char two times, he’ll receive normal XP…But different Chars( even using the same Pet ), -1 XP Point.

7. Items

Luna Kit : Luna Card, 500 Skill usage time, Vitamins and Super Nutrients.
Pixie Kit : Pixie Card, 500 Skill usage time, Vitamins and Super Nutrients.
– Slime Skill
– PePe Skill
– Sid Skill
– Gon Skill
– Luna Skill
– Pixie Skill
– Ninko Skill
– Goldie Skill
– Chaos PePe Skill
– Sidtri Skill
– Gorgon Skill
– Lunatic Skill
– Icy Skill
– Ninkoro Skill
– Cupid Skill
– MingMing Skill
– Nutrients : Equip to a Pet and he’ll receive 150% per game XP for one day.
– Super Nutrients : Same as Nutrients, but, for a Week.
– Rename Pet : Name the Pet the way you want.
– Pet Chest : Item randomly found that gives PePe or Sid.

From Unconventional Illusions

Done By MuyLoko & Friends( BGC Player )

Translated By Me = )

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