Grand Chase Walkthrough Guide

Grand Chase Walkthrough Guide by RaiBlade
Welcome to Grand Chase! I’m sure you’ll find this is a fun and interesting new type of game that you’ll be easily hooked on. I’m RaiBlade, I got hooked on the game about 2 months ago and have been obsessed ever since. ^__^ There are a lot of other guides here that deal with battle strategy and character moves, but for now, this one is meant to give you a rough idea how to make your way around the interface game. I’ve worked very hard on it, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
Once you’ve registered an account, you can login to the game. From there you reach the Server page. The Log-in picture above details the release of Ronan’s 2nd class, Dragon Knight. This image will change from game update to update to reflect something new that’s going on in the game.
Also on the lower portion of this page is a map of the hotkeys that the game uses. Take some time to study these; even though there are few of them, they’re pretty important. Once you enter the server you may change these keys to suit your tastes from the Options menu, which will be reached in further detail later. Replays are only for PvP matches, so you don’t have to worry about them just yet.
When you create a new account and first login the game, you are automatically sent to practice mode. This is good because you need to get a rough grasp of how each character works. (For future reference, when you FIRST login the game, go to the Dungeon menu before you try and go to the Practice mode. If you try to practice when you first login, all you can use and fight against is Elesis; the other characters won’t be selectable.)
You can choose from Elesis (the Melee/Swordsman character), Arme (the White/Black Mage character), and Lire (the Range/Bowman character). Each has different skills and abilities at their disposal. You can take your time to learn each one or pick up one that you like right way, it’s up to you.
Elesis is able to dash and attack enemies with a fury of slashes. Lire can attack from a distance by changing the arc of her arrows. She is capable of a double jump. Arme has a green shield around her which can protect her from a few low strength attacks. She can dash through enemies and use some impressive magic attacks. There are other guides on the forums that explain all the character’s moves and how to use them. I’ll put some links in here when I have time.
You can also choose what kind of opponent you wish to face from the 3 characters you have so far. You can pick up your opponent with your mouse key and move her out of (and into) odd spots as necessary. Move your practice opponent She cannot move or attack, she’s just a dummy for you to beat up at your leisure (However if you use Lire and attack Elesis with arrows, her Berserk mode will activate and you’ll take some damage. It seems to be some kind of skill that activates when Elesis is hit by consecutive ranged attacks, but otherwise she’s not going to hit you).
Hold down the attack button (Z) to charge your skills. Depending on how much MP you have, you may unleash a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level skill. As you charge MP the skill icons pop out slightly. This indicates what skill will be unleashed when you let go of the Z key. The more HP you have, the stronger the skill you can use. Keep an eye out, these can really help out when you’re in a pinch. Practice mode has a list of all your skills and how to use them. Try out each one to see what they’re like. Make sure you know how to execute each one as well, that’s especially important. While in the Practice mode MP is automatically charged, this is not so in dungeons. You must attack monsters in dungeons to get it to increase.
When you successfully complete a move or skill, a flash will appear next to the skill’s description in the Skill Chart. It will fade out the first time you use it to let you know you’ve done it right at least once.
Keep in mind that the special armors and abilities that you have in the Practice mode are NOT what you have to work with when you first start the game. They’re just for show. All you’ve got is a bathing suit and a flimsy base weapon… Don’t worry, we can fix that one you’ve earned some cash.
You can come back to practice mode any time, which will especially will be helpful when you gain new characters and classes. Swing by practice mode so you can figure out all your moves and then strike your enemies with full force with your newfound knowledge!
Once you find a character you’re most comfortable with, you should move on to entering Gorgos server. You will be asked to register a nickname for your character. You can choose a different name than your Login ID if you wish or you can keep it the same. Just pick a nickname that you want to be referred to as inside the game. I chose to keep the same name.
The Referral bar below Nick registration is if you ALREADY HAVE a friend playing the game. If you enter in your friend’s name, THEY will receive some sort of bonus for having invited you. For now I recommend you keep it blank, but if you DO know someone already, add their name. As far as I know, this is the only time you can refer a friend, when you first start your account. Bonuses are not received until a referred player reaches level 15.
Now, you’re on the map of the world. You might be prompted with some sort of event pop-up, close it and move on. The only continent you can select so far, and where you will be getting started, is Bermesiah Continent. This is where you’re going to be questing and leveling for quite a while (about Levels 0 to 30), so you’ll have plenty of time to get used to things.
Before we enter the first dungeon, I’m going to run through all the buttons on your interface. The top tabs are as follows:
·        Server: Where you pick your server. You just came from there; if you click it you can reach the Practice room again. Not much there for you other than that, only 1 server to pick so far, Gorgos. When more people start playing, more servers will open. Then this tab will be more useful in finding servers that are less crowded or that have your friends on them.
·        Dungeon: Where all the Continents and Dungeons are found. You can battle monsters and complete quests here. Grayed out dungeons are ones you have yet to unlock. You must complete the dungeons before them before you can access them.
·        PvP: Player versus Player arena. Come here to fight against other Grand Chase players. It is possible to earn money and EXP from fighting other players, but significantly different than fighting monsters. You’re playing another person, not the A.I. (artificial intelligence) of a dungeon monster. You don’t have to PvP if you don’t wish to; it’s a matter of preference. You’re probably a little weak now and want to work on making levels in dungeons so you can gain a lot of XP and gold for better equipment. Then, you can try hitting PvP.
·        Guild: Not active; will be used to support player guilds in the future.
·        Shop: Where you come to buy everything you need for your characters. With every update of the game new items are added, take some time to browse through here and see what’s new.
·        Equip: Where you can see all the items in your inventory and equip them to your characters. Any items you purchase or receive will be moved here to your inventory. Keep an eye on your box space, though it seems pretty big right now, the more you play and more items you get will fill it up quick!
There are 5 icons at the top right of the screen whose descriptions can be found by holding your mouse over them. Click the titles for images.
·        Park: The castle icon. It’s meant to be a place to hang out and chat with people. You cannot attack or dash here, only walking and jumping are allowed. Come here to rest and chat with other people. A party function appears to be in the works and should be added to the game at a later date. For now, you can see your PvP rankings at the Forum.
·        Attendance Book: The checkmark icon. A calendar and timer which tracks how often and how long you have been logged into the game. Used to obtain P-Up Points if you have logged in at least 1 hour and 15 minutes per day.
·        Mission: The scroll icon. Where your quests are tracked. Go here to add, remove, or complete quests. You may only have 5 quests registered at a time of different types. Quests that you obtain through leveling up may push you over the 5 limit. You cannot add new quests during that time, finish or delete ones you already have in order to make space.
·        Friend: The ‘two people’ icon. A list of friends you have added in the game and who have added you. You may delete or block them after adding them at any time you wish. Be careful as deleting friends also blocks them.
·        Options: The gear icon. Modify the keys, graphics, and sound to your liking here.
The bar at the bottom of the Dungeon and PvP menus is a message client. It’s used to chat with other online members of the game in the respective areas (may be closed with the X in the dungeon menu).
Detailed explanations of the menus will be added in time. Go down to the Dungeon Menu so we may continue.
Trial Forest is the first dungeon you’ll be exposed to. Before we find a room, I will go through the buttons here.
·        Stars (Level/Difficulty Adjustment): All dungeons have three levels: 1, 2, and 3 Star.
o   1-star: is the easiest; monsters are of the weakest level range and have little to no special abilities.
o   2-star: possesses monsters of a medium level range. A few monsters may have special abilities, are about one level higher than 1-star monsters.
o   3-Star: contains the strongest monsters, many of which who have abilities.
Some quests will ask you to complete a certain star level of a dungeon, so pay attention to what is asked of you. Click the requirement of the quest to have the knight explain it to you. Simply open the quest in your quest menu or Equipment screen and click inside the scroll on one of the tasks you must complete. Then the Knight will explain in further detail what you need to do to finish the quest. The red signs over the star levels indicate you cannot create y a room of a higher star level because you have not defeated the level before it first. Defeat 1 star to unlock 2 star and 2 to unlock 3.
·        Enter Room: Automatically enter an open room of the selected star level. You bypass the room list and will be sent to any open room of that dungeon.
·        Room List: List of all rooms that are waiting to be filled.
·        Create Room: Make your own room. Add a title and password if you wish to allow people who only know the password.
There is an “X” mark next to the word “Dungeon,” pressing it will take you out of the selected dungeon and display the whole map. You can press the X or just click the dungeon you want in order to change dungeons.
This is especially important to make note of before you even think of creating or entering a room. If you do not heed all of the following, your experience playing in rooms with others may become unnecessarily difficult.
Check the room’s title.
If it’s not one of the 4 generic options then you should be all set. If specific requirements are set in the title or asked of by the leader, make sure you meet them.
Is the host AFK (“Away From Keyboard”/not active)?
This refers back to checking a room’s title. When you first enter a room, always check the title. If they’re AFK, then find somewhere else or make a room of your own. If you cannot tell because the title isn’t specific enough, an “Are you there?” should be enough to get their attention. Wait about 15 seconds or so if you want to be thoroughly sure if the leader is there. They may be in the equip menu and do not know that anyone is waiting for them, or sometimes, that they’re even the leader of the room. When a leader leaves the room, the person who joined the room first will be passed leadership. It goes in order of who has entered the room first.
Make sure the host is not asking anything specific of their party. If you don’t meet the requirements the room host asks for, GET OUT. Do not stay and try to persuade/beg/nag the host to stay or change their room to suit your needs. You are taking up space for someone that the host wants in their room. No begging, pleading, or refusing to leave if the leader is out of kicks. This is just plain rude and counter-productive. If you cannot respect other’s wishes, you will not get far in this game. If you are kicked out or asked to leave, suck it up and find a different one. Make your own room, if you want to. That way YOU decide who’s in your room and who to kick. You’re bound to see yourself in the same situation eventually, with someone nagging for you to keep them in your room. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Do I have invites off?
You’ve been invited! If you don’t want to be invited to rooms, go to the Options menu and press the checkmark to shut off invites. If you DO want to be invited to rooms, make sure that you have the box UNCHECKED. You cannot be invited to a room if you have started are already inside one already, so if you want to be invited, make sure you aren’t already in your own room.
How big is the party?
Are there a lot of people in the party you have joined? Do you think more may be coming soon? Keep a sharp eye out for rooms with 3 people in the Room list, try and click them quickly and see if you can enter their party. The bigger the party, the more hands available to clear rooms more quickly and the EXP you can get from your game.
Have patience.
When you enter a room and things don’t seem to be going as fast as you’d like, keep your cool. Waiting isn’t a bad thing. If the room leader wants 1 more person, try and hold out. They could be at the invite menu trying to get more people to join. Don’t be bugging the leader to go if they have their own plans. Make your own room if this one isn’t going as you like.
Make quick menu trips.
Try not to take a long time in your Equip or Missions menu while you’re inside an active room. You’re holding up your fellow party members and increasing your chances of being kicked from the room!
No rooms are open/no one wants me in their room/everyone’s AFK!
Then go to the next section and make your own. You may wish to try another dungeon altogether, some dungeons tend to be more popular than others.
Create a proper title.
Try to make your own title rather than use the generic ones. Establish exactly what you want to accomplish during your game and what you want of your party. You have 15 letters to work with, so shorten words as necessary. As the leader, you may change the name and password by pressing the small cog button next to your title. This cog will be grey if you are just a party member. Something simple as “Notafk,letsgo” can do the job. A room titled “20+,rush,4ppl” lets you know that the room leader wants members Level 20 and up, wants to rush through the room, and wants 4 people in their team. This will let the people who want to accomplish the same task as you know that you can help them out. It’s a lot more helpful than “Hurry, Hurry Hurry!” or “Go, Go, Go!” or the other generic titles. It’ll take a few seconds longer of thought, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Colors for titles can be bought with GP in the shop.
 –Talk to people as soon as possible.
When someone enters a room, be sure to greet them in some way to let them know that you’re really there. Some will leave quickly if they assume the room isn’t going anywhere. If you aren’t AFK, mention in your room title as such. A ‘Hi,’ or ‘Hold on, 2 more people,’ can be enough to get people to stick around. Just as long as people entering know that you’re not AFK and ready to play. If they leave anyway, that’s okay. At least you know you tried. :D
How many members do you want/need in your party?
Determine how many people you want and let your party know. If you wait too long, you might lose party members while waiting for that 1 more person. Patience is a big factor when making a party. Keep in mind the more people in your party, the more exp is available to be distributed amongst the party.
Invite people if things are going slow.
The “Invite” button is there for a reason. If people don’t seem to be entering much, try to invite some to join. Watch the symbol next to people’s names; don’t invite people who are much weaker than you or too strong to be interested. Not everyone you invite will be able to participate, or have invites unblocked, so keep at it or try to find a room that already has some people.
The crests next to player’s names are the sum of the EXP all their characters have and also rank how strong they are. This is VERY ROUGH guide of what an account’s characters are, but use it as a loose guide for inviting people.
·        Bronze with small swords: Beginner accounts; base level characters
·        Silver with small swords: Account has character(s) Level 3 or so
·        Gold with small swords: Account has character(s) Level 10 or so
·        Bronze big shield: Account has character(s) Level 15 or so
·        Silver big shield: Account has character(s) Level 20 or so
·        Gold big shield: Have character(s) above 25 or so
·        Big shields with symbols on top: Have character(s) Level 31 or so and up. They’ll be a bit too strong for beginner dungeons, so it’s best to find someone near your level.
You can invite as many times and as many people as you wish, but you must press the Invite on the page you have the checkmarks on. Going to another page will not save your checkmarks and you will have to check them all over again. Before moving to a new page, press the Invite button to invite all the people you have so far.
Rush or Full?
Make sure the party can agree on rushing or doing a full dungeon map before you start. Some people would rather rush to get the room over quickly or have timed quests. Some want full for better EXP for the party. Doing a full room does have its benefits, but it does take longer. In the end, rushing a room several times may do just as well as doing a full room once. It’s a matter of time and preference.
Watch your kicks.
If someone enters your room that you don’t want, you have to keep in mind how many kicks you have. Only 3 per room, they refresh when the party comes out of a room. You might want to consider asking FIRMLY BUT POLITELY for the unwanted member to leave. Explain clearly and calmly why they do not suit your room. If they refuse to leave on their own, then a kick could be necessary. You could always make a new room, put a password on it, and invite people.
If you are PLANNING to go AFK in a PVP room or dungeon, LOCK YOUR ROOM.
It’s common courtesy for others who want to find open rooms. If you are AFK in a dungeon, make a password of random gibberish so people won’t go in by accident. True, you don’t HAVE to, but it would be nice of you. It’s just a small way to help others if you don’t want to go AFK in the World map instead.
Don’t push “Game Start” just yet! Always make sure you and your party are thoroughly prepared before entering a room! Here’s a small checklist you can remember.
·        Do you have potions equipped?
·        Are your quests all equipped?
·        Are you using the right Character/equipment items?
·        Are you ready to beat some monsters?!
If so, then go ahead and click “Game Start”! A few seconds of double checking can keep you from wasting bonus lives. Those potions could have helped you stay alive a few seconds longer against that one boss… If only you had them! D’oh!
NOW that you have an idea of how to make, join, and start a room, let’s move on.
The only option you have so far is to make a 1-star room. You’re welcome to join a room with other players or of higher star level, but I chose to do some training on my own. You have nothing to equip at the moment, so just go ahead in.
After you push “Game Start,” you will move on to loading screen. Some tips are provided in the left-hand bottom corner, you can read up on them while you wait for the game to load. In rooms with other party members, loading time may be increased since everyone needs to load the map before the game can start.
If you find things aren’t loading fast enough, or not loading at all, you may choose to leave the room. To exit a room, press the Escape key. You will be prompted with a message that will say you will lose points for leaving a room, THIS IS NOT TRUE. There are no points to lose in a dungeon. What the message is trying to explain is that you will not receive any items, GP, or EXP for leaving a room before the game is officially over. You are free to leave at any time you find appropriate, but do your best to stick it out until the end. However, this system is not meant to be abused. Leaving should be considered as a last resort, like if the room is not loading at all. Either click “Yes” or press the Enter key to confirm you wish to leave the dungeon.
Dungeon Interface
The numbers over your party member’s HP bars indicate how many lives they have left. All players start out with 3. If you lose all 3 in the course of battle, however, you have a chance to use up to 2 of your bonus lives by pressing the C key when prompted. Should you fall in battle, you may follow your fellow party members and change the camera angles at your leisure. Keeping an eye on your HP and potions handy are key in a dungeon. Fatal is the point where you have lost all HP and are unable regenerate more. You’re hanging on by a thread, a final hit and you will die. Proceed with caution. Thankfully, this condition can be eliminated by using a health potion or being healed by Arme.
The blue paw print and blue curve is your pets status bar. When the bar is fully charged it can attack by pressing the C key. A pet cannot attack on the start of a new room, it needs time to charge. The number at the base of the bar is how many attacks the pet has left. A grey bar means you have no skill for your pet to attack with and it can only follow you around. Make sure the attack is equipped before you start you’re a battle. Keep your pet well fed and happy and it will be a loyal battle companion indeed.
On the right hand side of the screen, you should notice the QWERTY slots. This is where Use items go. Press the corresponding key to use the item held in that slot. HP and MP potions and Natal Rings are the only useable items. You can have only one type of both potion equipped at once [cannot have an HP (S) and HP (M) at same time]. Make sure equip more potions after battle, only 3 are able to be used at a time.
When you enter the room, you character will utter his/her opening battle cry. Finally, you can bash some monsters! In the first room some Mushmon and a Slime monster await. Aim for their backs, you will do more damage this way. A message appears next to your character to indicate what sort of damage you are doing. Try jumping behind monsters to get in Back Attacks or knock them up in the air for Aerial Attacks. You will do more damage this way and earn more points. The message “Combo” is how many hits in a row you make and the “+” is added damage made to the monster(s). Make a point of chaining your attacks for better scores at the end of the dungeon.
Monsters who give effects are highlighted and have gold text under their names. Note that they are slightly stronger than normal monsters and can have up to 3 abilities at a time.
·        Super Armor: Monster will not flinch and cannot be knocked down. Approach with caution, make a point of attacking their backs in order to doge their constant attacks.
·        Increased Power/Defense: Explanatory, monster has stronger attack damage or defense.
·        Petrifying: Player’s lower half becomes frozen and they eventually fall over, HP is lost when you fall. Press the left and right keys to try and free yourself earlier.
·        Cursing: Player becomes highlighted and will lose HP ONLY WHEN ATTACK KEY IS PRESSED. Do not keep attacking enemies; you lose HP faster that way. Just wait until the Cursing wears off before attacking again and your HP will be intact.
·        Freezing: Player is encased in ice and HP will be drained slowly until they break free. Press the left and right keys to free yourself.
·        Restore HP: Monster is able to recover HP when it takes damage.
·        Recover: Monster gets up as soon as they are knocked down.
When you kill a monster an EXP amount will be displayed. Towards the bottom of the screen is your EXP meter. The darker green part of the bar is the EXP you’ve already acquired, the lighter green is what you are currently earning from the room.
When all monsters on a room are defeated, blue warp portals (ports) will open for you to move on to another room. Directional arrows appear above them to show you what direction you will go on the map, they are not the buttons you have to press to get in the portal. Press DOWN a single time to enter a portal. Press Down another time if you wish to exit a portal. The party will not move on until half of the members are inside one portal. You will need to enter the portal on the farthest right in the Trial Forest dungeon in order to move towards the boss.
If everyone isn’t in the portal, a timer will start after a little while. This is not a bad thing, it can actually help in ways. When the countdown reaches 0 all members will automatically move on to another room.
The timer is activated only if a certain number of people are IN the portal. Depending on the group size as follows:
·        Group of 2: at least 1 person inside
·        Group of 3: at least 2 people inside
·        Group of 4: at least 2 people
Try to get everyone in the portal, if you can. It’ll cut down your overall time. If people are stuck outside for some reason, AFK (away from keyboard/inactive), or fooling around outside, get as many people as you can in the portal and wait for the timer. DON’T come out just because other people are out. Stay in and wait for the timer to run down, unless the party has agreed otherwise. Sometimes a mage needs time to charge MP for a heal, so staying outside is reasonable to help give her more time. If the group is split between 2 different portals, then whatever port the HOST is in is where the whole party goes.
The map automatically opens when a room is clear of monsters and will disappear after a few seconds. Press Tab to open your map at any time to see where you are and how you need to move towards the boss. Checkmarks appear over previously cleared rooms. The map appears when no monsters are in the room backtracking to rooms already cleared will always pop up the map. Every dungeon’s map is different, take time to study at it so you know where you’re going. Later on, dungeons of higher star levels will have more paths for you to take. This particular dungeon only has 2 rooms on all star levels before you reach the boss, so it’s tough for you to get lost, lol.
In the next room, there are more Mushmon and a Raccoon towards the bottom. Get rid of them and take the port on the farthest right again. Now you will meet your first boss, Treant. In the 1-star room, he is level 4, in the 2-star he’s Level 5, and in the 3-star he’s Level 6. Levels of all monsters increase depending on what star level you do, so keep that in mind.
Boss Time
Boss battles tend to have different music than the rest of the room, as they do in most other RPGs. Don’t let it intimidate you, heh. Concentrate on letting loose your specials as soon as you have enough MP to.
As a leader, when you reach the boss room, you may press Z to scroll more quickly through the text and X to cancel it altogether to start the battle. It’s often best to press X as soon as you are able to so the party can move on to getting rid of the boss. Keep in mind that lags sometimes prevents the leader from scrolling past the text as quickly as you’d like. Be patient and wait for the boss battle to begin, no need to pester them to press X. This particular dungeon has no such pre-battle text, but the beginning of later dungeons do.
There is a slight delay when the boss battle begins, where boss and other monsters remain still. Take advantage of this pause to unleash your strongest attacks. Once you attack the boss, or the delay passes, it will begin to retaliate.
The yellow bar at bottom of screen is boss’ HP. It has a small picture of the corresponding boss. This way you know how much HP your boss has has even if you aren’t on the same side of the screen as it.
Treant is slow and shuffles around, but don’t underestimate him. Do you see those mushrooms in the background of the boss stage? You can jump on them. Use them to hop behind Treant to deal him some serious Back Attack damage. Treant has an apple-throwing range attack so make sure you aren’t too far away from him. You won’t see which direction he’s throwing it and you might get hit. Try not to stay TOO close as well, he can lunge and swipe at you twice. When the screen goes green and he lifts up his hands, JUMP. He’s going to plunge them down to try and trap you with vines. This attack will bind you to the floor and drain HP slowly. Mash the Left and Right direction keys to get free when the little joystick appears over your stuck character and start attacking him again.
By the end of this run, you may have gained a level in addition to whatever goodies you have picked up from the monsters and boss.
In a room, many items are available to be picked up by players. Some are given to players right away and others are sent to the Chest to be distributed at the end of the dungeon.
Distributed when picked up, non-rollable items:
·        Crystals: Random boss drop
·        Map Pieces: Random boss drop (Gorgos, Gaikoz, Partusay, Kamiki, Jin Kaze’aze)
·        Quests: (misc.)
·        Equipment items: (misc.)
Sent to Chest; distributed at end of game among all players:
·        Aging Core: Dungeon drop
·        Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz Dust: All Dungeons except Gaikoz’s Castle
·        Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz Fragment: Gaikoz’s Castle dungeon and up
·        Orbs: Certain bosses, random drop
·        Book Runes: Random boss drop; (Brave give better stats than Old Brave)
Locations are courtesy of xluki’s DropList Guide:
·        Brave Rune Armor: Outer Wall of Serdin, Marsh of Oblivion, Gaikoz’s Castle
·        Old Brave Rune Armor: Outer Wall of Serdin, Marsh of Oblivion, Gorgos’ Dungeon, Gaikoz’s Castle
·        Brave Rune Helm: Orc Temple, Gorge of Oath
·        Old Brave Rune Helm: Orc Temple, Gorge of Oath
·        Brave Rune Weapon: Kerrie Beach, Elven Forest, Forsaken Barrows
·        Old Brave Rune Weapon: Kerrie Beach, Elven Forest, Forsaken Barrows
Equipment items, Crystals, and quests cannot be transferred between party members. Whoever gets the items gets them. Changing from Group Loot to Free Loot will change how items are distributed. In Group Loot, when an item is picked up, it is randomly given to a person in the party. In Free Loot, whoever picks up the item first will obtain it. Ruby, Sapphire, And Topaz Dust/Fragments, Aging Cores, Orbs, and Scrolls can be rolled on and are not affected by the Loot status. They will be distributed amongst the party either way.
At the end of a room there is a little dice and an X next to all the items gained in the room. You automatically have the dice button pressed which means you want to roll for a chance on the item. If you don’t want an item, you will press the X and the item will go to one of the other party members.
At the end of the dungeon there are 3 other party slots: one red, yellow, and blue. Depending on how many others are in your party, the items will be distributed by turning the color of the person that has the same background color. When the countdown hits 0, all items will be randomly assigned to the party.
Depending on how well you did in the dungeon, you will get a score of “Bad…” (1-2 stars), “Good!!” (3-4 stars), or “Perfect!!” (5 stars).
The first quest you get from gaining a level can earn you some temporary equipment items, make sure you know how long before they expire or you’ll be left out in the cold, or rather, in your bathing suit. Run through the Forest once more and the monsters are likely to drop the items you need for your quest.
Level quests are obtained by gaining a level. If you have 5 quests equipped, you still get the level quests but you cannot equip others. You must finish or delete some quests to make more space.
By level 2 you will have gained another level quest, to get the apple from the Treant. Defeat the boss again and you’ll have this quest done easily. You might want move up to 2 star by now, it’s not too tough. You’ll unlock 3 star too.

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