Global Agenda Medic Guide

Global Agenda Medic Guide by Nomad

I’ve been helping a lot of brand new people in game with lower level medic skill builds lately, and I realize that while I’ve given a lot of medic builds and loadouts I’ve never made a guide for those that are below level 30.

I find this to be an issue, as newer players will often get turned off by the medic class because its very difficult to play at lower levels without all 13 skill points. As such I’ll be writing this guide for where new medics should be placing their skills as they level up and why these skill points are important. I’ll start off by introducing the 3 trees of skills that medics can choose from and then get into specific skill builds from there.

You’ll notice that I classify additional health as a protection, and that may seem a bit odd as it does not actually reduce damage that you take, but it is indeed a protection, as the more health you have, the more protection you have from dying. Having 2500 Health puts you at greater risk than having 3000 Health, assuming you have the same protection skills. Heath is essentially protection against everything although it is a much weaker form of protection.

This guide is generally more based for PvP (aka Mercenary matches) but 99% also applies to PvE. There are a few exceptions but they are very scarce.

Balanced Tree

First things first, the balance tree is your best friend. It gives you your most important skills, Protection. Without points in protection medics die VERY quickly, as they are the only class whose 2 specialty trees have absolutely 0 protection skills other than the default 3 melee skills. Robo has Cyber Health and Armor (10% Health, +8 Ranged and AoE Protection respectively), Recon has Athletic Dodge (+8 Ranged and AoE Protection), and Assault has the entire tank tree basically (More than 20% Protection and 40% more health from different skills). Medic has none of these things so its important to draw from the balanced tree as much as possible as it does provide a few protection skills that are crucial, those skills are Passive Protection 1 and 2, +10% Health, and Super Agent which gives 4% Protection and 10% health. This means that every single medic should be getting Super Agent as soon as possible and should invest heavily in the Protection skills.

There are 8 total crucial skills in the balance tree that a medic should consider before any other, those skills are:
1. Jetpack Power – you need to jetpack a LOT as a medic to both get places and avoid incoming attacks as well as to escape

2+3. Passive Protections 1 and 2 – The more protection a medic has, the less damage they will take, and this is crucial since medics are often the first target to be shot at since their healing is what’s keeping everyone else alive.

4. Team Boost Increase – Needing 25% less morale for boost is incredible (morale is the meter that you must fill to be able to use your boost skill, you build it by heaing and doing damage). Both original medic boost and Oathbreaker boost can change the tide in any fight, and the faster you get it the more often these incredibly powerful boosts can be used.

5. Health – Having 10% more health means it takes 10% longer for the other team to kill you, and while 10% may not seem like a lot initially, it stacks with other skills to boost your health to up to over 3000. This makes you a lot harder to kill which is again very important since you are often going to be focused first.

6. Power Pool Return – Getting your power back 20% faster is critical as a medic, as you often do not have time to wait for your power to recharge to full before you’re forced to heal again, meaning that the faster your power comes back the faster you’ll be able to heal targets.

7. Offhand Recharge – 10% less time for your offhands to come off cooldown means 6 seconds less time total for each offhand to be available again. 6 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot but if you think about how fast paced matches are and how often you need to get that clutch heal wave out to save your team, you want to have your offhands available as often as possible. Also, this skill stacks with all the other Offhand Cooldown skills, meaning you can get up to 35% less cooldown time, which is 21 seconds less time for EACH of your offhands to come off cooldown. That doesn’t even include mods that you can put on your offhands.

8. Super Agent – Literally the best skill point a medic can get. Not only does it give you even more protection with 4% more protection and 10% health, but also gives you -5% on Offhand cooldowns. It also makes you do 5% more healing and 5% more damage with all weapon types. All this adds up to Super Agent being the best skill possible for a medic.

Healing Tree

Secondly, players overestimate the power of the healing tree. It would appear to be the brunt force behind a medic’s healing power but that is not really the case, . Its a great tree, but half of its skills are completely useless. These skills are:

The melee skills are useless because:
a) Meleeing targets is the last thing a medic should be doing
b) Melee protection is unecessary because all you have to do is jetpack away from the other person and their melee is rendered useless

The Group Heal skills are also a poor choice because:
a) The 10% extra size of healing offhands basically gets you a half a step more of working room
b) 8% more healing for offhands is nice but just not an efficient usage of skill points since you not only have to get the offhand size but the skill itself is just sub par when looking at beam healing increase or duration skills on your offhands such as frenzy wave, heal nade, and regen

Group Heal Savior is another bad skill. Not only is it far too situational to be useful but the bonus to protection does not last longer from the heal duration skills. 5% more protection is nice but its not worth investing the skill point that could instead be in durations, beam skills, Passive Healer or even Offhand CDs from the Poison Tree.

Super Healer is also an inferior skill because:
a) You’re incredibly squishy without Super Agent’s 10% more health, and 4% more protection
b) Super Agent also gets you 5% healing so your only missing out on 5% more healing but are getting multiple skills that are much more important
c) 10% speed is nice but is just not a very big speed increase
d) -10% morale for boost is made up for by getting the -25% morale boost from the Balance Tree.

With that in mind lets take a close look at the skill points that are useful.

The beam boosts are essential. That first point in power reduction cost is one of the most important skill points for a healing medic to get. You’re going to be using your Biofeedback Gun a lot, which means you’re going to be using a LOT of power. Right Click healing takes a lot of power to use, and that -10% will save you a LOT of energy, letting you keep heals on a target for a longer period of time. The 4% and 6% extra healing skills are also very good to have since your beam is your primary method of healing and that 10% more total gives you that clutch extra bit of healing when you’re healing a target who is being focused o shot by a turret. Its the deciding factor between whether or not a target you’re healing will slowly die to damage or stay at decent health.

The Duration skills are also very important for PvP because they increase the length of all healing offhands (Frenzy, Protection, Power, Healing Nade, Regeneration) which either give very powerful buffs that you want to last as long as possible or are Heal Over Time items (Healing Nade, Regeneration) that heal you and help keep you alive. The longer they last the more self healing they’re giving you, helping you survive as long as possible.

Passive Healer is an odd skill. It requires a heavy investment into the Healing Tree, which means you can’t get the 2 Offhand Recharge skills from the poison tree (which I will get into n a minute) but it does bring with it quite a few bonuses. It’s up to you to find what suits your playstyle best but generally the Offhand Recharge skills from the Poison Tree work better. Getting past that though, Passive Healer not only gives you 5% more healing on ALL healing devices (both Biofeedback and Offhand Devices), but also gives increased healing and buff durations and more importantly, 10% more health. If you’re planning on spending 5 skill points in the healing tree you definitely want to get Passive Healer, as it gives you major benefits, just remember that with this heavy investment you lose the offhand cooldown skills in the Poison Tree.

Poison Tree

This guide is meant to teach players how to be full healing medics as it is the most efficient and powerful usage of the medic class so the Poison Tree will not be discussed as in depth as only 2 skill points from the entire tree are good for healing medics.

Poison Tree for Healing Medics:
The only 2 skills worth taking in the poison tree are offhand Recharge 1 and 2 if you are a full healing medic. They add up to be -20% additional Offhand Recharge which is 12 less seconds off the total cooldown timer for each offhand. The rest of the poison tree should not be touched at lower levels. You should not make yourself any type of poison medic until you are level 44 and can get Oathbreaker Boost.

Why Poisons are not a good choice for you:
a) Poisons are incredibly inefficient in lower levels where you lack epic devices and mods
b) Poisons are 100% nullified by a Medical Station which has a 50% chance to cure every second and heals for more that what your poisons tick for either way
c) Healing is much more powerful than poisons, Heal Wave and Nade not only heal for large amounts but also cure any poisons that were on you
d) The more you put into poison the less you put into healing, and you need to be able to heal as efficiently as possible

Now you may also notice that there are 3 other skills in the Poison Tree which are not related to poisons or Offhands, these are the Rifle Skills. While you may feel tempted to put skill points into these skills to be able to hit players for more you should not because:
a) If you wanted to be doing DPS you should be playing an Assault, Recon or Robotics
b) Even specced into rifle damage in every way possible you still do less DPS than any other class with your rifle
c) Every second you are shooting instead of healing you are using up power and time that could be spent on healing
d) By placing points into the rifle skills you are detracting from points elsewhere, which is very costly. It takes 3 whole skill points in the rifle tree to see any increase in DPS and those are 3 skill points that are taken away from more important healing skills

Important Things to Note About Medic

A full healing medic is a powerful thing and should always keep these notes in mind when playing in order to fulfill their full potential:
a) Medic is the only class in the game which can turn power into health. That is your biggest advantage and your primary function. How could you not take advantage of such a powerful feature?

b) Always use Biofeedback as your healing gun, not only does it have higher Healing Per Second than nanites on a single target but it also is the only healin weapon that can heal the medic using it.

c) Don’t be afraid to take regen in Merc PvP, often other medics will not be good enough to be able to consistently heal you and an alive medic is better than a dead one, regardless of offhand choices.

d) Your Jetpack is your friend. Jetpacking not only moves you faster but also gets you away from the ground, which makes it much harder for AoE specced Assaults and Meleecons to hit you, which will greatly increase your lifespan.

e) Healing Grenade is a must regardless of skill build, not only does it cure and heal for quite a bit with an HoT to boot but its also the only group heal offhand that affects the medic using it.

f) Be sure to be switching healing targets consistently. Even if there is a tank assault on point he does not need to be healed if he is at full health and there is a robo with half health only a few feet away. You need to keep everyone alive, and that means not healing people who are already at full health.

g) Have situational awareness. Learn to dodge grenades as you see them thrown at you, learn to spot those turrets going up and position yourself accordingly. Medics are only at a disadvantage when they are caught by surprise.

h) Stand near point not on it. Let other players stand on the point and gain progress, you need to keep them alive, not make yourself a target by putting yourself at risk. Only stand directly on point if there is no one else there or there is no other way to be healing the other players on point.

i) Stay mobile. Standing still makes you an easy target for snipers. Biofeedback has a certain degree of autotracking so its okay to not be the most accurate player.

j) You’re a medic, not an assault, you do not have the protection points or the dps to take on the other team by yourself. That means don’t try to engage the enemy without support from your teammates.


Bear in mind that there are many more skill builds to use after you hit 30 and start making use of epic devices and Conquest Items.

-25% team boost is very good and should DEFINITELY be used if possible, the only issue is that a dead medic cannot use or acquire boost and newer players often have difficulty staying alive as they are just not aware of all the potential sources of damage.

After you hit 30 I’d suggest always bringing team boost if you find that you’ve learned how to dodge/juke efficiently.


Medics should always run:
a) Biofeedback
b) Healing Grenade
c) Healing Wave
d) Agonizer

Medics should then add (in order of suggested importance):
a) Regeneration (merc PvP only)
b) Frenzy Wave
c) Protection Wave
d) Poison Aura (if you simply MUST do some DPS)

My suggested PvP loadout:
a) Agonizer
b) Biofeedback
c) Medic Jetpack
d) Healing Wave
e) Healing Grenade
f) Regeneration

My suggested PvE loadout:
a) Agonizer
b) Biofeedback
c) Medic Jetpack
d) Healing Wave
e) Healing Grenade
f) Frenzy Wave

Why do I take out regenaration in PvE? Because in PvE the androids and such are not focusing you down on purpose like Players would in PvP. This means you can survive more simply by positioning yourself behind an assault or robo force wall. You are in much less need for self healing as Healing Grenade and Biofeedback’s self healing is usually more than enough to keep you alive. I prefer Frenzy over Protection because not only does frenzy give a 25% damage buff over the 10% protection buff Protection wave gets you (15% more efficient) but also because players can avoid damage very easily in PvE by using cover and by strafing.

Commonly Used Abreviations

BFB: Biofeedback Beam (your healing weapon)
OBB: Oathbreaker Boost (the more advanced medic team boost)
HoT: Heal Over Time (an state where you get x health every second for y seconds total)

Mods For Devices

All medic devices should be equipped with h or healing mods as a single c mod on your offhand only decreases the cooldown on it by .8 seconds, which is basically nothing.

Wait, why is a 2% offhand cooldown mod going to only my cooldown speed by .8 seconds when 10% decreases by it by 6 seconds? 6/5 does not equal .8

The reason why it doesn’t change the offhand recharge speed by what you’d think is because the device mod stats are applied after the skill points for Offhand recharge are applied. This means that while 2% of 60 seconds is indeed around 1.2 seconds, it is actually applied to the cooldown time AFTER the skills take effect.

Before Skills cooldown is 60 seconds
After Skills cooldown is 39 seconds

This means that the 2% cooldown time applies to the 39 seconds rather than the 60 second timer. This is about .8 seconds. That is not a significant number compared to the 3% extra healing that an h mod would provide.

As for armor mods, using health or n mods on everything is the way to go simply because health protects against all forms of damage, therefore preparing you fr everything. Running full ranged protection mods makes you vulnerable to a magmalancer and running full AoE protection mods will make you vulnerable to snipers and turrets.

Healing Priority List

Some targets take priority for healing over others in Merc PvP (from most to least important):
1. Healing Medics – Medics heal medics before anyone else. This is because medics are the most targeted class in the game. If a medic dies then it becomes MUCH easier to kill the rest of the team because they are being healed for significantly less. Medics heal other medics just as well as they can other classes but have the least protection so they last the least amount of time under fire. While that tank assault on point is crucial to gaining point progress, he means nothing if the medics healing him die. A team is only as powerful as its medics, and if the medics are dead then the team is not powerful at all.

2. Tank Assaults – With a tank assault on point the other team will get no progress as long as he stays alive. Their increased points in protection make them easy targets to heal because they get hit for so little but they are important because tanks are the only class that have a guarantee to be on point. Roaming assaults and robos often work off the point, meaning their point presence is limited. If the tank dies there is no guarantee anyone will be standing on point so you’d better keep the tank alive as long as humanly possible.

3. Robos with turrets – Turrets are incredible offhands. They come equipped with 100% accuracy and wickedly high DPS. A turret’s point denial is incredible for giving your team more breathing room and forcing the other team to play much more cautiously. Robos running turrets often also run buffing stations such as power station or sensor which provide big bonuses to your team, so these robos should are a very high priority.

4. Roaming Assaults – Roamers have very high DPS, good mobility, and still are pretty heavily protected. They are highly versatile and are crucial for killing the other team’s medics as such roamers should be healed whenever possible. Just be sure to not run too far away from point with them as they can tend to chase low health targets for large distances just for the kill which is not a good thing.

5. AoE Assaults – A very good source of area DPS and while they are not as effective at killing as roamers, they are very good for burst damage on a team that gets clustered onto point. They will rarely provide point presence though, so they are slightly lower on the charts.

6. Snipercons – Snipers keep other snipers at bay and pick off the other team’s medics and are GREAT at destroying turrets. They do a huge amount of damage and are in general just amazing but they are independent enough that if you can’t get around to healing them right away they can run away with bionics and rest.

7. Meleecons – Their job is to take down turrets, perhaps one of the most noble quests in life. They are very good at their job too, but are prone to chasing low health players around the entire map with bionics just for a kill, the entire time not helping the team. They have bionics and are surprisingly tanky usually so they can survive for quite a while without healing and as such are low on the priority list. If you see one taking out a turret though, you need to go heal them.

8. Robos running full drones – The entire class is designed around team deathmatching and not helping the team. They are a good source of DPS but are more often stealing kills than taking out medics. They will rarely provide any sort of point assistance and are very low on the list as such.

9. Poison Medics – Poison medics tend to be very conservative with their playstyle, rarely ever getting in the line of fire and are very selfish with their healing, only providing it when they need to be able to heal themselves as well. Their entire class is also nullified by a single offhand (Med Station) so they are very low on the list.

10. Nanite Medics – If a medic is running nanite healing then they are not providing any real source of healing for the team and are almost guaranteed to be away from point, and as such are the bottom of the bottom of the list.

This list is very important and it should become instinctual over time. Remember that this does not mean do not heal players who are lower on the healing list, it just means that for whatever reason stated they either are not as important or are less at risk for death and should not be the priority if there is a more important class in just as much need of healing. The lower down the list a player is, the less risk you should take to heal them.


Why do you suggest using agonizer so heavily? Why not pain gun or euthanizer?
Agonizer is the best choice for full healing medics to run because it is the only weapon that can be used to help the team without requiring a large power or time contibution. The Agonizer can be shot a single time on a recon to keep him from stealthing for 7 seconds and reducing his protection and healing received by 5%, or shot at anyone for the nice protection and healing received debuffs. The Euthenizer has higher DPS but medic is not a dps class. To use the euthenizer effectively you need to be shooting consistently for multiple seconds, which is not what a healing medic should be doing. The Pain gun is also a very nice device, being very helpful in helping teammates focus down targets, but in order to be effective it needs to be constantly in use, meaning LOTS of time and power away from healing. Agonizer can be used once or twice and you can switch back to healing and still be contributing to the team.

What offhands/build should I run in Solo PvE? Healing waves aren’t useful when you’re by yourself.
In Solo PvE you need to be running Powervirus and Poison Grenade and one self healing offhand (either regen or healing grenade) regen being the better choice. Agonizer should be your main weapon. You should spec into as many points in rifle skills as possible as your rifle will be your main source of DPS.

Thanks for Reading

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