Global Agenda Pro Recon Guide

Global Agenda Pro Recon Guide by chasmatic

Throughout my rere PvP adventures I have learned many things about how this spec works and why most players are bad at it. This guide will attempt to help to average rere get more kills and ultimately, contribute more to their team. It will focus strictly on PvP matches and will assume that your opponent is not terrible.

Undoubtedly, the rere is imo the best 1v1 deathmatching class in the game. Why? Well, bionics is the main factor. If you die in a straight-up 1v1 fight against any class when you have bionics up, you did something wrong. Bionics is god-mode, use it wisely.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to flee if your health gets low. Bionics allows you to escape 99% of situations. In a bit, I will explain in depth how to 1v1 each class. But first, I will outline the optimal load-out that has worked wonders for me in PvP.

The spec that I currently use is 7/3/3.

This spec is designed for use with TS and focuses on strong 1v1 deathmatching capability. I would recommend this build if you prefer to play more aggressively and have good smg tracking.

Range damage wtf? Personally, I find myself using my SMG more than my swords. Why? Most good players will simply jetpack away from you after the second melee hit. Therefore, you are left with your smg to finish them off. Essentially, melee will only take you so far against good players. This is where your smg aim comes into play, which I will focus specifically on later.

You can choose to opt for the melee damage instead of the range, if you are not confident in your smg tracking/aim or find yourself meleeing more than shooting.

The alternative spec is 5/7/1

In the above, you sacrifice survivability for damage. This build I would recommend to use with stealth, since you lose significant amounts of bionics uptime and overall protection. I would recommend this build if you prefer to be more sneaky and stealthier with your actions. Also, use this build if your smg aim is not on par and you find yourself using your duel daggers more often than your smg.

You can also opt for the stealth restealth instead of athletics.


Dual daggers is the obvious choice vs the ghost sword, no argument here.

Standard Rogue SMG vs Raven SMG: The raven smg is strongly recommended. One could argue that the range loss is not worth the small dps increase. My response would be: use bionics to get closer to your target. In my experience, I have had no range related issues and thus, the extra dps is worth it.

TS vs Stealth: TS with 7/3/3, stealth with 5/7/1.

Combat jetpack > Handsfree > Regular: However, if you are struggling to control the combat jetpack’s mechanics when combined with bionics, you may be better off sticking to the regular jetpack.


1. Bionics: No argument.

2. Vulture Vision: Ah, the infamous vulture vision has finally found a place in my heart. This offhand is simply amazing for reres. The 10% extra damage (15% w/ stim boost) applies to both your melee and range damages. In addition, it highlights low-health targets so you can steal them from your teammates. On top of all that, with the 7/3/3 spec and epic cooldown mods, it is up 24/7.

3. Standard Mines: I prefer standard simply because they rape and the spike damage is clutch for reres. You can run poison if you prefer, but I would recommend standard. More on mines later.

Alt. Melee stim: It is a toss up between VV and this. Both are good, but I would recommend VV if you have it.

Shatter bomb vs Recon Boost: Shatter bomb all the way. It is great for area denial, taking out heavily turreted robo nests and the odd scrub kill every now and then.

Armor mods: Primarily, you want health mods. Secondly, you should have some AOE protection.


I would like to spend a little time going over aim, otherwise known as tracking. This is a predominant factor that separates the good reres from the bad. Yes, this applies to every other class as well, but in my experience, it is more apparent in reres cause most have terrible aim.

Hardware wise, there are several guides on how you can eliminate any external factors that can affect/limit your aimming capabilities: Mouse Optimization Guide. Also, make sure you have a good gaming mouse and mousepad (steelseries, razer, puretrak etc).

Ensure that mouse smoothing is turned off in game (unless you know what it does and prefer it on) and that you have disabled windows acceleration.

If you still find your aim is lacking, lower your in game sensitivity till you find yourself hitting more shots. The final thing is simply practice, practice, practice. Gain confidence in your smg aim and you will see your kill tally rise significantly. Don’t get discouraged if your aim is not spectacular. Having bionics on and attempting to track jetpacking targets is no easy task.


In this section, I will go over specific strategies that I have learned through my PvP adventures as a rere. It will assume that your target is skilled and will relate more so towards the 7/3/3 aggressive spec I listed earlier.


Turret Robos

There are two instances that determine how I initially approach a robo nest. If the turret that the robo has up is an immediate threat to your team (meaning it is killing things) go after the turret first. You should be able to out-dps the heals of any robo healing it with either spec, just be mindful of your own health. Make sure whenever you are backstabbing a turret, that you are strafing (moving side-to-side) at the same time to avoid enemy fire. After the turret dies, kill the medcrate (if there is one) and then the robo. The common mistake for most reres is to let the robo live, in which case he will put simply put up another turret.

If the turret is not an immediate threat to your team, kill the medcrate first if there is one. Then focus on killing the robo, which is often distracted by his turret. If he pulls out his shotgun or rifle, kill his turret, then go back to fighting him.

In either case, if the robo begins to block your melee attacks, simply switch to your rifle and finish off either the turret or the robo. Always assume the robo will be prepared to block your attacks, anticipation is key. The moment you see him switch to his melee, get your rifle out.

As a brief side note, if the nest contains several turrets guarding each other, it is wise to save up for your shatter bomb and use it there.


The most dangerous thing when facing a drobo is his drones themselves. Why? Well they’re aimbots, especially the harrier that can consistently hit you even with bionics on. The simple solution is to kill the drone with your dual daggers, then focus on the robo.

If it is a hornet that is in the air, it is possible to strafe its shots and ignore it. Don’t bother shooting it down with your rifle, just hastily kill the robo. If the drobo pops a lockdown drone, simply bring the fight out of its range or quickly dispatch of it with your smg or daggers, if it is on ground-level of course.

A technique which that works particularly well against drobos (as well as most of the other classes) is known as weapon juggling. This involves forcing the robo to switch to his melee to block your attacks. Anticipate this switch and you can have your rifle out before his shield even comes up, giving you valuable time to hit a near-stationary target. When the robo switches back to his shotty or rifle, get back in melee range and switch back to your daggers and hit him till you see him switch. Again, anticipation is key as you don’t want to eat any unnecessary reflect damage.



Arguably, 1v1ing a good magmalance is one of the rere’s hardest match-ups. Why? Because good ones won’t let you melee them. Thus, you need to rely on your smg. However, crafty use of your jetpack can help you avoid any damage at all. The moment you think the assault will fire his rocket, simply super jump with bionics to avoid any damage. This works because all magmalances will shoot the ground beneath you and 99% of them cannot airshot effectively.

Bad magmalances won’t use their jetpack against you, so feel free to get in there face and destroy them with your dual daggers whilst they eat their own damage. If you come upon a good magmalance that can jetpack and fire effectively, use the jumping technique I mentioned earlier. Good smg aim is key to winning this 1v1.

Roaming/Tank (IC or minigun)

The technique I use to deathmatch roamers and tanks is known as circle strafing. It involves exactly what is implies, running circles around the assault whilst melee’ing him. Even the best assaults cannot perfectly track you with bionics on and you will kill him before he kills you, if you are doing it right that is. If by chance he switches to his melee to block, simply resort back to the weapon juggling technique I mentioned earlier in the robo section.



You should never lose to a sniper 1v1. Sniper being my main, the most annoying thing a rere can do is super jump with bionics to avoid my shots. Next to that is strafing. Just remember one thing, never run in a straight line when fighting a sniper. Sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many rere’s I kill because of it.

Other reres

In all honestly, don’t bother with them. Chances are, he has bionics up as well, so hitting each other is difficult and is a waste of time. I simply run away from them.



Ok, well obviously a healing medic will not fight back, but rather attempt to dodge you (good ones anyhow). This is where that smg aim is necessary, because good medics will use their jetpack to avoid you. You should be able to get two solid backstabs on a medic before he jetpacks away, in which it up to your smg to finish him off. I will admit, they are not the easiest to kill, especially with when the have regen up. You need to hit nearly every single shot to kill a medic with regen up, which is no easy task. Persistence is key however.

If you are having trouble killing medics with regen, simply choose another target until the medic’s regen is on cooldown. Just don’t forget about him.

Poison Medics

Poison medics are the other hard class for rere’s to 1v1, especially if they are carrying neut wave. You should be able to avoid any nades that they throw at you, so the only poison offhand you have to worry about is poison aura. If by chance your bionics gets neutralized, it is wise to back off unless you are confident that you can kill him without it. Just be mindful of your health and any poison ticks that are on you.


Mines work wonders and you should be looking to spam them whenever possible and logical. Even in 1v1’s, lay down a mine or two and try to force your target into it. Spam them onto the point, around corners, down hallways, near friendly robo nests and where ever you think the enemy will travel.

Also get in the habit of stacking mines whenever possible for insta-gibs. For example, at the start of a payload round whilst on defence, stack 3 mines outside any of the opening doors and pray someone walks into them. Just make sure to hide them well.

Fleeing and Survival

As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, don’t be afraid to flee. Never put yourself in a situation where you feel you may die, even with bionics up. This includes narrow hallways and heavily guarded turret nests. Note where friendly medcrates are and heal up whenever appropriate.

Also, only request heals from medics when they are not busy or not in a firefight. As a rere, you are a low priority target and is it better for you to simply self-heal then annoy medics. When they are not busy, stand relatively still to receive heals, don’t make the medic have to track you running around mach speed with bionics, cause some cannot.

In conclusion, there are 3 aspects that will make you a better rere mentioned throughout this guide.

The first is aim. Without it, you cannot get you significant kills because good players will not let you melee them to death. Buy a gaming mouse and mousepad if you don’t already have one and practice, practice, practice. Remember, try lowering your sensitivity if you find that you are still missing shots.

The second is game-sense and awareness. Without it, you lack judgment and often wind up dead, despite having bionics on. Avoid tunnel-visioning on single targets and try to observe the battle as a whole. Always be aware of your health and how much damage you are taking and who is dealing it. Learn when to back-out.

The last is technique and persistence. The offensive capabilities of bionics and rere’s in general are endless. Whether circle strafing or weapon juggling, the rere has one the greatest offensive and player killing capacities. Persistence means chasing and following targets till they’re dead. Bionics gives you overwhelming harassment potential.

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