Dragon Nest Sub Class Overview

Dragon Nest Sub Class Overview by mythchrist

The pictures are its attributes status, from first line to sixth line, its Attack, Defense, Attack Speed, Attack range, Strength and Magic respectively.

Sharpshooter has powerful long range attack ability, can attack enemies in the longest range among 8 classes.

Acrobat has fastest attack speed among 8 classes, good at close combat.

Paladin has strong physical defense and strength, it is like a tank but still have fast attack speed. Main for close combat, it is a mixed type class in a team.

Priest‘s attack, defense, attack range, strength and magic power almost are the same. Main for magical attack and assist team members. Like all priest in other games.

Swordsman has fastest attack speed in warrior series classes, when he use AuraBlade skill, it will has distant attack range, its a balanced class.

Mercenary has powerful one-off attack and highest physical defense in in warrior series classes, he is a real tank with slow movement.

Mystic‘s magical attack is weaker than elementalist, but he has higher defense than elementalist, main for far distance attack.

Elementalist has highest magical attack power in a fixed far distance. But his physical strength and defense is not good.

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