Dragon Nest Alchemist Build and Infinite Combo Guide

Dragon Nest Alchemist Build and Infinite Combo Guide by PH_TapaCake

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I. Introduction
II. Reasons why to choose Alchemist
III. Pros and Cons of Alchemist
IV. Equipment
IV.a. Armor
IV.b. Weapons
IV.c. Heraldries
V. Build (Unfinished)
VI.Combos useful for PVP`s
VI.A. Dodging is your Best Friend!
VI.B. Tips against Classes

I. Introduction

Alchemist is like a walking ray of destruction with her Destructive Elemental and Healing Skills. She is accompanied by Alfredo or her Trusty Slime. She adds devastating status effects to anyone unfortunate enough to face her such as Poison, Burn, etc… Her skills can easily chain combos. At first, She may look Advanced and Complex to play but the longer  you play her she will get easier for you to understand. She uses a Kabala or a Bubblegun which shoots Bubble-like explosives that goes in a straight line, faster shooting speed than the cannon but it explodes after it reaches its maximum distance which is not that far. As a Second Weapon, She uses a Threaded Loop that looks like a gauntlet but she just uses it as a Fashionable Glove. Alchemist uses Bubbles, Bubbles are made by using her Skills and these skills can be used for her Summons and buffs. For Example, Her Slime`s power is based on the number of her Bubbles. But whenever you use skills that uses Bubbles. The Collected Bubbles are deducted. She has a Low-Mid Defense which you can cope eup with the use of Heraldries. She also has a Mid HP pool but she has Powerful Attacks that copes up with this Cons. And haven`t i told you, She`s Cute!!

II. Reasons why to choose Alchemist

Here is the Reasons why I chose Alchemist is because of her Usefulness in Parties and to herself. She uses Status Ailments that makes the opponents begging to die. She can also use a healing Skill that is very useful to whenever in Nests and Dungeons. I hope this Reasons can make you think about why you should choose Alchemist. If you did choose Her, Well, Congratulations! You won`t regret choosing her!

III. Pros and Cons of Alchemist


  • Powerful Attacks that causes Status Ailments to Enemies
  • Healing Skill that makes the Alchemist a supportive role
  • Cute!
  • Has Skills that can quickly chain combos
  • IMO, More essential in Nests and PvP than Other Classes
  • Overpowered??


  • Low-Mid Defense, Average HP but you can cope this with Equips. and Heraldries
  • Not much support unlike Engineers who uses Mechaducks but you can use Slime, Alfredo and Ice Hand!
  • Her gun has a Short Range but you can cope this Practice and Skills
  • Complicated at Beginning but just like Paladins it is actually easy to learn!

IV. Equipment

Alchemist uses a Beret as her Headgear, A Tunic as her main Armor, A cloak as her Gloves, and Round-Toed Shoes.

A. Armor

I recommend getting Epics such as Elf Queen, Cerberus, and Manticore or Apocalypse but if your short on Gold. Rare Equips will Do.

Beret — Get Iron Wall for increase in Defense or Tent for Magic Defense

Tunic — Get HP for Heal when attacked or Get Iron Wall for anoter Boost in Defense

Pants — Get HP again or Iron Wall or if you want to increase attack get Wind

Gloves — I recommend Tent again or better yet Iron Wall or HP

Shoes — Get Wind if you want Damage Boost or if you want more Defense Iron Wall or HP again for Heal Boost

V. Build (Unfinished)

Okay! Lets start at the Academic Skills! And I`ll will tell if its good or not, and if you will still add it or not.


1. Quick Shoot – You shoot three bullets to your enemy. It sometimes hit more than 3 times to fallen Enemies. Very Useful in PVP, A great DPS Skill. You can add it at several levels if you need it. But for now, I recommend it a level 5 so you can learn Magma Punch. 
2. Air Shot – You launch your Oppenent in the Air then Hit him/her with Left Click. Useful for PVE/PVP. It can efficiently hit fallen enemies. Add it maybe up to level 2 or 4
3.Wrench Smahing – Great Special Skill and Funny too!
4.Magnifier Attack – You will burn fallen enemies with a Huge Magnifying Glass. I just use Air Shot becuase of this Attack`s Slow Damaging Time and it can make you Vulnerable to Attacks. But i still use it. Nuff Said
5.Mega Hammer – Not very useful. I recommended not adding it.
6.Napalm Bomb – Mid-Ranged skill. Good for attacking at a few meters away. I would add it to level 3 so you can learn Stun Grenade.
7.Air Bomb – Mid-Air Skill where you throw a hand grenade at your Enemies beneath your feet. I dont usually use this, So dont add it. Buy it if you want to try it or if you have extra SP`s.
8.Dodge – Use your Helicopter-like Gadget to Dodge. Great Distance. Max It. or add it to level 3 or 4
9.Force Out – Push your Enemies away. Great for pushing Mobs away. Add it to level 1
10.Stun Grenade – Throw a Stunning Grenade to Enemies to Stun (Duh..) Add It.
11.Wax – Make the ground slippery. Good for making enemies slip and can be use to increase you and your teammates speed. Add it up to level 2 for Injector.
12.Circle Bomb – Stand up using your Weapon. Very Useful. Add it
13.Summon Alfredo – Great Companion in Dungeons and PVP. Powerful Attack but Slow Speed. I recommend Adding It!
14.Bubble Bubble! – Put your Enemies or Teammates inside a Cute Bubble. Useful against Aggresive Enemies so you can stop them. Add it to level 2
15.Aerial Evasion – When knocked upward. Press [Space] to Counter. Add it. I recommend up to level 3
16.Recall Alfredo – You need to add this if you have Alfredo! After all, It`s Free and 0 SP!
17.Automate – Summon a machine that dispenses Several Items. It`s 0 SP so Add it!
18. Health Booster – Increase HP, Add it so you can cope up with the Academic`s Low-Mid HP Pool. Max it if you have extra SP
19.Mental Fortitude – Inrease MP, Add it to increase MP Pool so you can do more devastation. Max it if you have Extra SP.

V.b.Alchemist Skills

1. Magma Punch – Launch a Punching Fist from the ground. Same power as Paladin Holy Relic, Fast Casting Time, Short Cooldown Time, Alchemist`s Bread-and-Butter. Add it! For now, I recommend leveling it up to level 5
2. Slime – Summon a Cute, Jumping Ball of Slime that unleashes Powerful Attacks and devastating Status Ailments. Add It! Perfect Companion for Dungeons and PvP.

VI. Combos

Making Combos for Alchemist is very easy because of their Skills that has Short Cooldown Time, High Attack Rate, DPS, Range and It Chains Fast that even the enemy will have a hard time countering similar to Acrobats.

Alchemist Combos are like Paladins who uses Dodge Attacks as their Starters.

Alchemist Combo I / TapaCombo! (What i call it Haha)

—Dodge(Poison Charging) –> Magma Punch –> Ice Punch –> Stun Grenade –> Icing Mass –> Bubble Bubble! –> Injector –> Force Out –> Repeat from Start (Infinite? Can someone confirm my Combo if it is Infinite!)

Alchemist Combo II / TapaCombo II! 
–Dodge (Icing Punch) –> Magma Punch –> Injector –> Bubble Bubble! –> Stun Grenade –> Icing Mass –> Dodge (Poison Charging)–> Air Shot (with Pop) –> Quick Shoot –> Wax –> Repeat if Possible


Another Combo
hit air with skill below
Dodge(Poison Charging) –> Magma Punch –> Ice Punch –> Icing Mass 
getting at least 6 buble
wax—->rush —-> poison chas if at—-> poison break
if miss——> magma punch or magma break
poison bottle —>poison break
ice bottle —> poison bottle —–> stun bottle —–> magma break —-> poison break [if critical (poison & magma break) no need repeat for soft class, cause they’re already dead]
then run like shit and wait for cd ( Repeat from Start)


In PvP, Alchemist has great potential against Engineers, Clerics and Etc…


— Practice doing Dodges against different Classes, Dodging is a Big + Points as it serves as your Offense, Defense and Movement. My Combos listed above use Dodge as Starters. Use your Dodge Wisely and Efficiently every dodge counts as an Alchemist. One Mistake might cause disaster to combos because it is risky to go head on to Close-Mid Range Opponents without Dodge Attacks.

VI.b. Tips Against other Classes

Tips Against Engineers –> 

  • Engineers useually summon Alfredo and Ducks in PvP`s, Alfredo is the one you should worry the most because of his high attack rate but he is slow so that means you can quickly run away from him. Duck Gatling Gun is a Harsh Damger but you can prevent from being hit by spinning aroun the Gatling Gun, Duck Gatling has a slow turning speed and it usually lasts for 12 Seconds, Always aim for the Engineer, not her machines, Engineers use there rocket jumps to get away but get in close to her then use Dodge –> Poison Charging or Icing Punch to stop her then continue mashing to a pulp until she is defeated.  Dodging plays a very Vital Role in battles like this one because you will use Dodge for Attacking, Evading and Movement. So Use dodging wisely.

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  1. h says:

    How do you become an alchemist?

  2. Anonymous says:

    wheres IV b. and c.?

  3. Anonymous says:

    alchemist are not a coward.. they have skills and they have the rights to use them.. mercs have their toughness when they use skill, try play around with them with icing mass,dodge and disease, after they finished using their wide area skills.. quickly recover and use magma punch ice punch and whatever combo you have with the requirements of high super armor break skill as the starter.

  4. im nearly give up use alchemist coz de way i fite make my fren said me "COWARDS"but its hard coz idk y i hit them wif stungrenade some1 not stunned by it..+ summore did likewat i know in pvp only weapon n sec. weapon does same wif herald..my question is when fite wif Merc(fvk) characteritshard to fite them..wif superarmor……can teachme more adv. about pvp..++thumbs up for great explaination to nub like me n its work all fcking ass lame dont want pvp for 1moretime when fite wif merc…imscrewed @@"

  5. Anonymous says:

    Haha combo for alchemist is not hard at all… however your ice mass… will stuff up your infinite. Also against SMs, Mages, and Acros all your air comboes are literally never gonna be infinite due to the amount of aerial evasions they have. Also if they catch YOU in a combo you are screwed due to the squishyness and evasionless alch. Hence, it's not as easy as it seems… not at decent pro level, say 5 rank pvp level and above will easily counter this

  6. Anonymous says:

    Actually if u like a sure kill u may depend your skills @ ur bubbles.. as we know u can dodge 2x using poison charging… this is my combo that is sure kill….

    …Dodge….Poison Charging..(Continue pressing the shift so that you can dodge twice)..ice punch..magma punch…Injector..Airshot("Academic skill").then release air shot after using left click..Force Out..ice mass.. Dodge..Magmawall…Mixed infection..stun grenade(to disable the enemy to move)…Magma Wave…Poison Break..final("Death to Enemy and all job classes..")

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