Black Prophecy Tips and Tricks

Black Prophecy Tips and Tricks by Spiricore

Shift toggles “target labeling”. It’s easy to hit, making you fly in circles wondering why all those pieces of ship debris disappeared.

You can skip text (like the prologue dialog) by clicking in the area where the text appears. I got so sick of hearing the same dialog (I had crashing issues for awhile) that I just started clicking everywhere. It worked.

Hold Shift and drag items to/from merchants or your inv/storage to bring up a menu that allows you to choose how many of the item you want to use. For example. Shift+dragging repair drones will allow you to buy 10 (or less) at the same time.

Items with gray backgrounds are vendor trash (except repair drones). Items with blue backgrounds are for crafting. Purdy colored stuff are also for crafting/modding.

You can right-click the chat tabs while your mouse is unlocked (spacebar or middle-mousewheel click). The most common use for this is adding the Team chat to tab #1.

Type /team to talk in team chat. This will stay default until you delete it/change it
Type /clan to talk in clan chat.
Type /w nameofperson message to message someone.

If you look at the mission board when docked in a station, you will notice there are two colored boxes for players: gold and gray. You need AT LEAST as many people as there are gold boxes… they gray are just extra. For example, if there are 4 gold boxes, you will need 4 people in your team to start the mission. Otherwise it’ll just sit there forever and you have to cancel.

Friendly fire: Yes, and it’s just as easy to blow someone up (if not easier) than it is to blow up an NPC or member of the opposite faction. Use weapons like the flamethrower and particle beams with care.

Loot: Free-for-all. Be generous and take turns. Pressing “U” will show all the lootable wreckage in the vicinity. You can only loot things within 500m, so left click on one and it’ll show up on your main HUD. Be courteous and split loot evenly. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a rare item by doing so.

It’s been mentioned in other threads, but focus on ONE weapon type. I’ll leave the rest of the skills for someone else to describe and for you to decide, but you have a very limited amount of skill points. Choosing one weapon type along with your ship (cockpit) skill (which is necessary to level ANY other skill) leaves you with only one other thing to upgrade.

Once you finish the prologue and reach level 6, you can make new characters with the ability to skip the prologue and start them at level 6 with their points reset. I think I answer this question 30-40 times a day.

Do NOT go into the Junkyard to do the initial quests after completing the prologue unless you’re a glutton for punishment. It’s an open PvP area and you’ll likely get shot down a few hundred times before you end up rage quitting.

Every time you die you get a penalty debuff that reduces… a lot of things … by 15% for five minutes. They stack. Pay attention to them, and don’t try to engage in combat while you have them.

You only get one ship, and cannot buy others. Upgrade with care, and choose wisely. Mods (attainable through missions and a few stations later on) can help a lot, but take 25 minutes to complete. Make sure your coffee and TiVO are ready to go.

EXPERIMENT! Weapons come in various forms, and have different effects and with different ways of getting the bullet/ball of plasma/flame/rail/whatever to your target. They all behave differently. Some are slow, some seek their target, some are easy mode while others require a good deal of skill. If you decide to go Energy, buy some cheapy energy weapons and figure out what combo you like. If you like Mechanical, do the same. Etc.

More on weapons: Each weapon type has a different effect. Energy kills shields, mechanical kills hulls. If you’re sitting there pelting someone with high shield with a mech weapon you may be shooting for a while. The same applies vice-versa.

There is no zoom feature, making the sniper and railgun extremely difficult to use. I haven’t seen anyone successfully use them, but it only takes one person to prove me wrong.

Pay attention to your ships mass. You can do this by going into mouse mode and clicking on the picture of a ship (I forget the shortcut at the moment). There is a tab on the right side which pulls out and shows you all the stats of your ship. The higher the mass, the overall slower you will be. 15 is a good number for an agile dogfighter; 25 is acceptable for a more heavy-duty frigate. Mileage may vary.

Repairing: It’s easier just to use a drone rather than try and figure out the crafting system. They’re cheap, and always keep 10 on you whenever you go out to fight. F5 to use MKI’s, F6 for MKII’s. They have a cooldown timer, so don’t wait until the last minute to use them. They’re also not very effective with high hull protection.

Shields: They’re heavy in mass, but provide regenerated “health”. If you’re going for a high-mass, heavy-hitting ship be sure to get a good one. If you’re going for an agile dogfighter, focus on your wings and ditch a shield altogether. Your hull “hitpoints” will make up for your lack of a shield. Just don’t get hit by mechanical weapons.

You can only attach missile launchers to hulls that allow them. It will indicate this on the cockpit tooltip.

I already mentioned it, but I should make it a bulletin point. Clicking the mousewheel has the same effect as pressing the spacebar to release or unrelease “mouse mode”.

Clan chat also defaults to chat tab #3. I suggest adding it to #1 or #2, depending on preference. As it currently stands, the chat system is very clunky and it’s easy to miss things.

“G” interacts with objects. For example, if you have to investigate a supply freighter, go into mouse mode, click it, exit mouse mode, get within 150m of it and press the G key. It has the same effect as hitting Space, selecting, clicking the ! icon, waiting, pressing space. It’s all stupidly complex (sorry devs, but it really is) no matter how you go about it, but sometimes hitting G is a lot faster than clicking icons.

To go along with the previous tip, the best way I’ve found to kill two birds with one stone is to use the mousewheel -> speed option mentioned above, followed by entering mouse mode and selecting whatever I need to interact with. Exit mouse mode, and scroll the wheel back down. This saves you a little time, as you decelerate while in mouse mode unless you use this trick.

Tactics are your friends (press C and go to the Tactics tab). For each point into Tactics you add, you’re awarded one point to allocate into one. Two favorites seem to be Boost and U-Turn.

About Concentration


– concentration describes the character’s stamina and ability to learn;
– each character is only “receptive” for a certain amount of time each day, which is displayed in the concentration bar;
– this bar is refilled each day – regardless of the amount consumed on the previous day;
– once the concentration bar reaches zero, the character will only receive the regular amount of XP;
– iif the character is concentrated enough, the character will receive a bonus in addition to the regular XP;
– the chance of success in constructor processes also increases if the character has enough concentration.

Each player has 160 concentration points at the beginning of each day. As long as you have one concentration point, the bonuses will remain active.

The following actions reduce the concentration level:

• Repairing items and removing modifications
• Playing missions
• Sector jumps (will not be added when playing missions)
• Constructing clan stations

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