Black Prophecy Beginner’s Guide

Black Prophecy Beginner’s Guide by mattatsu

Table of contents

1 First Steps
1.1 Graphics – don’t don’t care!
1.2 Controls (settings) – important!
1.3 Login – don’t try when the server is offline!
1.4 Character creation – be my hero!
1.5 Controls (short overview) – BP standard

2 HUD/ Interface
2.1 HUD – Jabba the…
2.2 View – yes there IS a cockpit view :)
2.3 Communication – how to annoy GMs
2.4 Player interaction
2.5 Player details

3 Navigation
3.1 Sector-overview
3.2 Star map – twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder where my missions are

4 Character/ Skills
4.1 Your alter-ego
4.2 Skills – I don’t have ’em
4.3 Tactics

5 Equipment
5.1 Item info
5.2 Your ship
5.3 Slow ship is slow! Equipping your ship…

6 Trading
6.1 We all like shopping
6.2 Huh? I can’t find any lvl8 seeker guns?!

7 Crafting/Modding
7.1 Construction Window
7.2 Blueprints – and crafting them
7.3 Item-modifications – mods that won’t close non-constructive threads :p

8 Weaponskills
8.1 Difference between Mechanical and Energy
8.2 Explosives – what shields???

9 Weaponry
9.1 Types of Weapons
9.2 Their purpose – Imma meleeeeh snipa!
9.3 Weapon listing

10 Defensives
10.1 Shields – additional health care service
10.2 Wings – take these broken wings and learn to fly again …

1 First Steps
1.1 Graphics – don’t don’t care!

The first thing you should do BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE is cheking the settings. The Background in the main menu delivers a good picture of what the game will look like. Using tools like Fraps or AtiTrayTools will help you to find the optimal graphic-setting. Also CTRL+F9 will enable BP’s fps-counter.
You should aim for at least 30fps for kinda-like-smooth-gameplay.

There are four options with the greatest impact on your performance:

  • Texture Quality (especially if you’re low on RAM)
  • Shadows
  • Bloom
  • Range of Detail

For Reference:
Most of the following screenshots were taken at highest options possible with…

    • Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+@ 2188Hz – CPU


  • MSI K9N Neo V3 – Mainboard –
  • WDC Caviar Black
  • (DDR2) 4GB – Kingston Hyper X (KHX6400D2LLK2/2G)
  • MSI R5770 HAWK


Somehow it was still playable but I recommend not to start with highest settings ’cause you’ll miss a lot since you won’t be used to controls.

1.2 Controls (settings) – important!

Since Sensitivity is really self-explanatory I’ll get straight to Mouse-Center-Zone. I really recommend you to set this to 0/left. Mouse-Center-Zone defines an area in which the mouse cursor is moved back to center. After going through the prologue you should try to change the Mouse-Center-Zone value – maybe you’ll like it. Also it is possible to fix your crosshair to the center (which is forced when playing in cockpit-mode).

DPI setting is meant to be the DPI of your mouse, but a higher DPI value like 3600 may feel more smoothly (but slower). It depends on your device and behalf.

ATTENTION! The ships movement is based on its equipment and mass thus maybe making the movement for you feel a bit sluggish.

Also take a look at the key-bindings and take changes if necessary.
Mouse mode = – this huuuuge key at the bottom of your keyboard

Functions you may want to bind/ rebind to a key are:
loot all, detail, Wave Pulse Emitter

1.3 Login – don’t try when the server is offline!
Don’t use your Forum-account! Use your (gamigo) game account. First choose a server you want to play on. Currently they ‘re divided into EU EN and EU DE. There’s a thread in the Announcements-section of the forum giving information about the current server status.

1.4 Character creation – be my hero!
Your first char should start with the prologue. Make sure you’ve set the graphics prior to this step!
After finishing the prologue the first time, any other char will be able to skip the prologue.

1.5 Controls (short overview) – BP standard

  • space – mouse mode
  • v – view mode
  • crtl [hold] – semi-mouse mode
  • shift+alt+r – show labels/ names
  • crtl + F9 – show fps

Ship movement:

  • a / d – strafe left/ right
  • w/ s – accelerate/ brake
  • q/ e – roll left/ right
  • 6/ 7 or mousewheel up/down – cruise control up/ down
  • w/ a/ s/ d – also used for tactics!

Target interaction:

  • t – target (the one closest to you or to your crosshair)
  • ,/ . – previous/ next target
  • r – open loot window (wrack must be targeted)


  • 1 to 4 – weapon groups
  • return – chat (return! enter won’t do)
  • m – starmap
  • u – sector overview

2 HUD/ Interface
2.1 HUD – Jabba the…

Ship’s condition:
You get quite a good overview on what’s going on with your ship. Yeah I know you’re searching for shields… I forgot to put them on for the screenshot and now am really too lazy to edit this or do it again. All values in green circles are the current /max hitpoints of each ship component.

Speed bar indicating … your speed. Use CC (cruise control: < 6> down up or Mousewheel) to set a cruise speed. The little arrow to the bottom of the bar will rise in steps.

Other important stuff:
At the right side of the speed bar there’s a bar called Adrenalin, which is used for tactics and is increased in fight. If you’re inactive or don’t hit/get hit for some time the value of the bar will decrease.

In the lower right there’s the Concentration bar. As long as your concentration is above 0 you’ll get a lot more XP for kills and mission debriefing (except missions from contacts). Your concentration will be refilled 24h after the first point was used. The next 24h again depend on when the first (of your now refilled) points is used. When logging in after 24h it may take some minutes till your concentration is refilled.

At the upper right there’s the 3D-Radar. You’ll see which system/ mission you are in and objects in a range of 2000 (meter or whatever system is used).

Upper icons are from left to right:
Starmap, sector-overview, inventory, depot, missionlog, character info, ship info, clan info, enzyclopedia, options and premium-shop.

Weapon groups (red):
Weapon groups which you can switch by using key to . In mouse-mode you can activate/deactivate weapons for each group by left-clicking. Group S is used for the secondary fire mode – should be right-click.

Communication (yellow):
Chat window with 3 tabs. Every tab can have multiple Channels active.
Team-, Clan-, Friend- and Trade-Invitations are in the upper right corner.
Left icons from top to bottom are:
Player search, communicator, team-list, support.

2.2 View – yes there IS a cockpit view :)
There are 3 views which you can cycle through by pressing . First person with and one without cockpit and a third-person view.

ATTENTION! For sniper-and railguns I recommend using one of the two first-person views.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use those weapons in third-person view. The camera angle will lead to projectiles hitting the target area from below, making it more likely to miss the actual target. The faster you move the lower the camera angle will be.
The weapons “focus”-point depends on the range of your target. Is your target 500rangeunits (whatever they are called) away, your projectiles will cross at 500.
The upper left corner shows you the difference in camera angle when moving and also the different focus point of the weapon depending on the range of your target. It’s irrelevant if you’re pointing at your target or not.

NOTE: There’s no motion prediction in the picture (the little mark telling you where to shoot – deflection mark or whatever it’s called) ’cause all “ray-cast” (Sniper, Rail, Particle, Scatter, Vulcan, Plasmaflamer) weapons will hit the target the moment you press the fire button.

2.3 Communication – how to annoy GMs
There are different ways to communicate in BP. All acts of com. are conducted in the chat window.

Channel – Prefix – Who?
Global chat – none or /global – only players of your faction
Faction chat – /faction – only players of your faction – dunno why it’s still there…
Sector chat – /s or /sector – players in your current sector (only your faction)
Whisper – /w “name” message – the player name
Team – /team – your team
Clan – /clan – your clan
Trade – /trade – Everyone reading trade channel
Command – /a or /command – No com. but was used for commands like “/a show_connection 1”

There’s another way to whisper to people. If you click on a name in the chat window the whisper-prefix + name will be set automatically. Sadly there seems to be no “response” key like you maybe know from some other MMO.

The 3 Tabs are used to divide all channels into 3 groups. This becomes useful when people in Global start a heated discussion about some idiot writing a tutorial.
#1 is used for Sector and Global
#2 is used for Trade and Faction
#3 is used for Team and Clan

You can change the channels shown in any group by right-clicking and setting a checkmark.
Searching for players is quite easy. Searching for clans tho is a bit more difficult since you first need to know/ guess their Clan tag. Check the checkbox with a checker-checkmark type in the tag and check the results (after clicking on search …).
In the communicator you’ll have a little overview on friends, clan members and ppls in your current sector. You can also set your own status to AFK, DND and online.

Team-list is self-explanatory. If you want to use the communicator and the team-list not only in mouse mode you can check the “active/team-list in background” box (purple area) thus making them transparent.

So if you want to annoy GMs which is not nice – search for a GM that’s online and ask what the purpose of the hidden jadd-barann station is – I guess they’ll hang me someday .
No seriously don’t – these guys have already enough work to do (with picking out non-constructive postings krkrkr) – so now i’m dead for sure. =)

2.4 Player interaction
First you need to select the player you wish to interact with. You can use targeting, the sector-overview and communicator/ search and “semi-mousemode-rightclick”. Right-clicking will open a context-menu which will give you different options – impossible ones are greyed-out.

Everything you can do with/to other players is reached over this context-menu.

Invitations have to be answered by targeted player/yourself. There’s a small “chat-bubble” that will pop up at the upper right corner of the chat window. By left-clicking you can accept/deny them.

2.5 Player details
You’re able to view any (online and offline) players avatar and ship configuration. Use the context-menu “details” to open the character window.

3 Navigation
3.1 Sector-overview

The sector-overview gives you a quick overview of every important ship/ object that’s in your current sector. Players are always listed above NPCs. Stations or battleships will most likely line up at the bottom.

NOTE: As Players and NPCs are sorted by name and not by range it’s sometimes hard to find the closest objects.

3.2 Star map – twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder where my missions are
The star map gives you an idea of where you current sector is. Also there are all the sectors, stations and story missions that you are able to jump to. Hover your mouse over one of these in the list to get a short description.

NOTE: I edited the story mission ‘cause there was none on the char left. Also note that clan stations other than your own won’t be shown in “All sectors”, but when you change to “HUB-sectors” all clan-stations will be shown.

There are four types of sectors you can jump to.

  • Stations – no fighting allowed, but you’re able to buy stuff and look for missions
  • Story missions – important missions with cutscenes and stuff
  • Open sectors – some semi-story missions, but mostly PvP
  • Clan stations – special functions for members

NOTE: Opening midfight may cause the game to lag if you’re machine is too slow or you’ve set graphics too high. Also your ship will fly straight forward which will most likely be your death.


4 Character/ Skills
4.1 Your alter-ego

In Mouse-mode, or while docked in station you can open your character sheet.

The sheets provide information about your skills, tactics, medals, achievements and a ranking list for pvp-kills (which is only counting kills from pvp/clan-missions).

4.2 Skills – I don’t have ’em
This is a really important part of your Character. Your skills define what equipment you are able to use. Also one of them determines how many points you can spend for tactics.

NOTE: For every lvl you get up you’ll gain 3 skillpoints and every 5th lvl you’ll get 5 instead of 3. So when reaching lvl 10 you get 31 skillpoints.

It’s as simple as it seems. You assign skillpoints by clicking on [+] or [-]and then hitting “accept”.

Describes the lvl of cockpits you are able to use. Other skills can only be skilled up to the ships’ lvl.

Are 100% absorbed by shields, but do shield dmg.

Projectiles doing only hull-dmg. Reduction through shields depends on target shield-density.

the most important part of the ship if you’re aiming for an agile ship.

Well…ask Kirk, Picard, Luke, or even King Arthur…Energy-shots are fully absorbed and dmg of mechanical projectiles is reduced as long as the shield is up.
NOTE: Shields have the highest mass of all, but prevent your hull from dmg

This skill is needed for stronger wings -> more resistance and more hitpoints.
NOTE: If your wings are shot your weapons will be gone, too

Used by grenade-launchers and rockets/missiles. They have 100% shield penetration but low hull damage.

Determines how many points you are able to spend in tactics. Before setting points take a look at those and figure out how many you’ll need.

ATTENTION! Spend your points CAREFULLY. For now there is NO way to RESET them. Maybe later on in the Premium-Shop.

4.3 Tactics
Tactics are not essential but they’ll help you flee from your enemy or quickly change the situation to your favor. Evasive maneuvers, booster, looping or U-turn can be quite useful in different situations.

NOTE: Some tactics are only available on a higher lvl – sadly you won’t see them until you’re able to use them.

You see those arrows (which won’t blow out the sun)? Tactics are activated with some kind of combo-thingy. The arrows represent w(up) s(down) a(left) d(right). If you change the binding of speed and brake “your arrows” up and down will also change.

For Stop (see pic. above) you’ll have to hit twice – quickly consecutive. Also you need to have 4 Adrenalin in order to carry out the maneuver.
You can also increase the max. amount of Adrenalin you’re able to “store” or the rate with which it is generated in fight.

5 Equipment
5.1 Item info

If you don’t want to get lost in the jungle of digital information you’ll have to learn a bit more about items and their infoscreen. There are three types of items:

  • normal ones – grey/ white frame
  • special ones – green
  • rare ones – something in between yellow and brown
  • crafted ones – yellow

The yellow icons on the right side of the items show you the relative mass of an item. Relative in this case means that they are light, normal and heavy in comparison to other items of the same type. A Snipergun with two weight-icons may be lighter than one with three, but can still be much heavier than an Impulslaser with 3 weight-icons.
If you are not able to equip an item the icon is colored red – this may be because you don’t have the required skills or it’s designed for another faction.

NOTE: rockets will be shown red when there’s no rocket-launcher equipped, even when the skill is provided.

To view the item-info hover your cursor over the item and wait for a sec. until the fade-in-effect is completed. The right info screen is your currently equipped item and the left info is the one you’ve hovered your cursor over.

Stats (item properties) will change their color if they’re different from the current item. Since there can be more than one item to compare (2 wings, 4 weapons, 2 engines) you can switch between them.
Modding-Slots are used for item modifications increasing values like hull, dmg, range, etc. of a modded item.

The Mass also influences on the amount of items you are able to store in your inventory and depot. Say your cockpit has a capacity of 16 and you want to store 4 shields with a mass of 6 each… you won’t be able to since 4×6 is 24 and really not 16.

5.2 Your ship
Durabilities shown in your HUD are the ones from your ship-information. The green bar though only shows the durability of your Cockpit. If your cockpits’ durability is 0 you’re toast. If your wings’ dur. is 0 you won’t be able to fire your weapons anymore (since they are mounted on wings). Engines, well… try to bicycle when there’re no wheels.

NOTE: the damage you take seems to be distributed onto all ship-parts in dependence of their percentage from overall durability. So shooting someones engines is quite difficult :)

Armor values reduce the damage done to your ships’ hull. Damage types are energy, explosives and mechanical.

Shield regeneration will have an influence on the time and amount with which your shield will bandage its wounds… The higher the value the more and faster it will regenerate.

Your acceleration is measured by your thrust and your ships’ mass. Agility is measured by mobility and your ship’s mass. Higher mass means more Panda-like flying – though I’ve never seen one flying around.

5.3 Slow ship is slow! Equipping your ship…
Like you’ve read before every item you are able to equip has a mass. The mass heavily influences your ships flight behavior.

The shield is the heaviest item and thus the biggest influence on your flight characteristics. You’ve to be careful with your weight since you won’t be able to turn around after faster ships. Also you’ll be an easy-to-hit target. You should try out what flight-style fits you most – fast and agile or slow and tough.

When you’re aiming for a fast and agile ship you should buy items with one or two mass-icon-thingys. Your ship will then be fast and agile but weak as shield- and weapon output are reduced.

When aiming for a Tank you should go for heavy shields, wings and heavy weaponry and most likely missiles, too.

To equip an item your first need to be in Hangar (dock to station an click on the hangar-icon). Drag the item from your inventory or depot and drop it at the proper ship-slot. If you’re not trying to fit a wing into an engine-slot the drop will most likely result in your item being equipped.


6 Trading
6.1 We all like shopping

To do some shopping just dock at a station and klick on the trade icon (3rd icon on right bar). The trade window and your inventory will open.

NOTE: Not every station necessarily has a trader available.

The price of any item can be viewed in the item info. Used items will have always a lower sell-value than their price was when you bought them ~about 10%.

All (trade) actions are performed by drag&drop.; To buy an item you just need to have enough Coron and move that item into your inventory. The Coron you’ll have to pay will be shown in red numbers beneath your Coron (in the trade window). Green numbers mean you’ll get Coron. The price of every other item you buy will be added to this number. By SHIFT-clicking you can change the number of items instead of a whole stack (like 4 from 10 rep. bots). Trade is finished by clicking “accept”.

6.2 Huh? I can’t find any lvl8 seeker guns?!
Every Station is designed for a specific lvl thus only providing a certain range of products. A station designed for a playerlvl of 5 will most likely only sell equipment for lvl 3 to 7. Throughout this range of products there are only certain types of weapons available. For example the station Col Esera sells Plasmaguns, which Spire-Station doesn’t. The next station which sells Railguns is Scrap Crow which is available later in the game.

NOTE: The Spire Station and Apo Kata in prologue are different from the ones in the game after finishing / skipping the prologue. Spire-Station is available when reaching lvl 14 which – in the prologue – is the first station you’re able to see.

The thing with items is that you’ll be able to get any item on any lvl by doing missions. You’ll need some luck to get what you’re searching for, but those items (also modifications) are better than the ones you’ll be able to buy.

7 Crafting/Modding
7.1 Construction Window

The construction window is used for crafting, modding, repairing and painting items. Which of those actions is performed will be determined by the items you drag& drop into the interface.

7.2 Blueprints – and crafting them
To craft items you need blueprints, which you can only find when looting wreckage of enemys.

What you’ll also need are resources. Not only Plasma, Gas, Metal, but also other stuff like cockpit-chassis, CBB-Nano-plating, etc..
Some components are available in stations, but some (like small energyfiltre) can only be looted.

The item that you’ll craft is shown in the “result” section. Crafting uses up some concentration. The time needed for the process increases with the itemlvl.

ATTENTION: Crafting CAN! fail and all your the resources will be lost in the process.

NOTE: It seems that currently you’re able to change your blueprints stats by changing the sector. I don’t know if this is a bug or wanted by the devs.

7.3 Item-modifications – mods that won’t close non-constructive threads :p
What are modifications good for? More bling bling for your piew piew. Depending on the modification different item properties will get different improvement.

Modifications can be looted from enemy wreckage or achieved through mission rewards. Using missions will grant you the ones on the lvl of the mission though, whereas loot depends on the enemy’s lvl.

The mod is put into the right slot, which then will change the window into “modify”. You’ll now see what resources you’ll need and what the item properties will look like afterwards.
Yap, you’ll need the skill for the type of item you want to modd…

NOTE: Make sure you’ve something else to do while waiting 25minutes until the mod is finished. There is an item available in the premium shop to shorten the time tho.

As seen in the picture below you’ll need an item with mod-slots. Every mod uses up one of the unlocked mod slots. The ones with a lock can’t be used unless you unlock (cpt. obvious strikes again) them with a Slot-Plus-Item from the Item-Shop (which since the last patch can also be looted from NPCs).

As with every item in the construction window the result will be shown in the result section.

ATTENTION: Modding can fail and when it does the modslot will be destroyed forcing you to use a mod-repair item from the premium-shop – if you want to use the slot again. Materials used by the process will also be destroyed.


8 Weaponskills
Since Explosives are something “special” I’ll separate them from the following discussion and get back to them later. They are not worse, they just need their own discussion.

So here’s a quick overview on the weapons:

+ good hull dmg
+ low mass
+/- shield penetration (depends on enemy’s shield)

+ highest hull dmg
+/- shield dmg (can take shields down, but will do no hull dmg ‘till then)
– high mass


+ shield penetration 100%
+ medium hull dmg
+ rockets/missiles have additional slots
– means additional mass
– sloooooow (but not as slow as plasmaguns…)

8.1 Difference between Mechanical and Energy
First difference is the dmg-type. While mechanical weapons deal kinetic-damage energy weapons do energetic/heat-dmg. Remember that resistance is divided into the three dmg-types (kinetic/energetic/explosive).

The biggest difference is the fact that energy weapons do shield dmg while mechanical do not. While mechanical weapons do hull dmg at any time, energy weapons first have to get down the shield. Without Lightningguns it’ll take some time to get some of the higher shields down.

So why should one even use energy weapons you may ask… because they deal more dmg than their mechanical counterparts. In teamplay this becomes even more important since the hull dmg lost by using Lightningguns will gain a lot more dmg for everyone else on shield-users.

So after seeing the bad parts of energy here’re the ones of mechanical.
The thing about shield penetration is that it can be your friend or foe. The good part is that a shield won’t stop you from doing dmg. The bad part is, the higher the shield-lvl the more dmg is absorbed and there is absolutely no way for a mechanical user to get down the shield (except from taking a lvl 1 Lightninggun with you haha…). In lower lvl it’s not that bad since shields have a density of about 10%, but around lvl 20 it’s already about 40%.

NOTE: Don’t know how it’ll be on lvl 40 tho, but I guess 60~70%.

NOTE: Range of all weapons varies leading different weapons to be using the same range of ranges. For Example: A Plasmagun with a very short range can be equal to a Lightninggun with a very large range (very large/shorts is to be seen relative to the weapons other possible ranges).

8.2 Explosives – effectively killing the enemys’ FPS (not happening anymore)
Explosives are …well explosives: missiles, rockets and grenades.
The damage those weapons are dealing won’t be reduced by shields. Their full dmg will hit the hull regardless of the shields situation. There’s also a dmg radius so even not directly hitting the target will still do dmg.

Rockets/ missiles can be equipped in addition to your wing-mounted weapons. The additional mass added by the rocket launcher and the two missiles will lead to a slower movement.

9 Weaponry
9.1 Types of Weapons

There are two types of Weapons; The ones throwing stones/ projectiles around or the ones called “ray casting” weapons, which well… I’m too lazy to explain that…That’s written in the FAQ-section.

The important thing to know is that ray-casting weapons will hit the target immediately after firing them, while projectiles will have to travel all the way to the target first. The point is that you can dodge projectile weapons but ray-cast will hit you the second they are fired.
Also that’s the reason why there’s no motion prediction for your target when using ray-casting weapons.

9.2 Their purpose – Imma meleeeeh snipa!
Weapons in BP are divided into something like classes. Short range, special, all-rounder and sniper. Explosives are scattered around all four classes.

Scatterguns and Plasmaflamethrower have only very short range (from 100 to 250). Those deal the most dmg of all weapons but you’ll need to get close to your enemy, which isn’t really easy if there’s some lvl 5 boosting going on. You should aim for a fast and agile ship when using those.

Special ones

Lightningguns, Seekerguns and Fusionguns are something special as they all have some functionality which other weapons do not posses.

Sniperguns and Railguns are both ray-cast weapons making it a bit more possible to hit a target with them at a distance of 1000+. There’s no zoom-function so you’ll maybe need some training to hit with these.

Well… everything else. Range from 300 to 800.

9.3 Weapon listing
So here’s a little overview on the currently implemented weapons.

NOTE: All things lsited below are subjective and based on my personal opinion:)

High dmg, ray-cast, low range
Low dmg, medium range, fast firing rate
High dmg, medium range, fastest firing rate, high heat
Something-like-target-seeking, medium dmg, good range
Magnum Cannons
High dmg, high range, medium firing rate, medium heat, heavy
High dmg, highest range, low firing rate, high heat, heavy

Highest dmg, ray-cast, lowest range
Low dmg, medium range, fast firing rate, light
Highest shield dmg, ray-cast, medium range, only shield dmg
High dmg, good firing rate, medium range, medium heat, heavy (up to the haviest), slowest
Particle Beam
High dmg, ray-cast, good range, heavy
Medium dmg, chargable, useless against fast recharging shields, light
High dmg, high range, slow firing rate, high heat (but less than snipergun), heavy

Medium dmg, highest radius, medium range
Plague missiles
Low dmg, short range, multiple fast missiles
Cannibal missile
High dmg, good range, medium speed, useless against fighters
Carnivore missile
Target-seeking, medium dmg, high range
Scavenger missile
Highest explosive dmg, high range, slow

10 Defensives
10.1 Shields – additional health care service

As said before your shield prevents your hull from taking damage. Energy/ heat dmg is fully absorbed until your shield is down. While it’s up it also reduces the dmg done by mechanical weapons for its density value.

The higher the lvl of your shield is the higher is its density value. Important are also the recharge rate which is handy when dealing with energy-users. When your shield is not hit in a certain time it will begin its regeneration. The higher the value the faster this action takes place.

10.2 Wings – take these broken wings and learn to fly again …
Your wings drastically improve your ships’ hitpoints and also it’s resistances against the three dmg types. Since the dmg is distributed onto all ship parts in same percentage your wings cannot be blown off anymore. So there’s no need to be afraid of that anymore and you can also leave wings on a lower lvl.

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