Black Prophecy Concentration Guide

Black Prophecy Concentration Guide by Kepha


– concentration describes the character’s stamina and ability to learn;
– each character is only “receptive” for a certain amount of time each day, which is displayed in the concentration bar;
– this bar is refilled each day – regardless of the amount consumed on the previous day;
– once the concentration bar reaches zero, the character will only receive the regular amount of XP;
– iif the character is concentrated enough, the character will receive a bonus in addition to the regular XP;
– the chance of success in constructor processes also increases if the character has enough concentration.

Each player has 160 concentration points at the beginning of each day. As long as you have one concentration point, the bonuses will remain active.

The following actions reduce the concentration level:

• Repairing items and removing modifications
• Playing missions
• Sector jumps (will not be added when playing missions)
• Constructing clan stations

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