BiteFight Seals and Gates of the Underworld Guide

BiteFight Seals and Gates of the Underworld Guide by Slypire

What are the seals, how to get them and what do they represent?

First seal is summoned in a ritual. Conditions to summon a Seal ritual are:
The clan cannot own an underworld seal.
At least one underworld seal must be available.
The clan must not be the last ones who opened the gates of the underworld.
6 members have to be active in the last 60 minutes.
The remaining 6 seals clan are won in clan wars.
The clan who loses the war also loses the seal that posses, in case the clan has more than one seal, only one is lost and the rest remain.

How do the seals look and what are they for.

Every seal has a passive, long term effect for all clan members:
Pride: Basic hitchance: -2 (on opponent)
Greed: Endurance: -15 (on opponent)
Lust: Charisma: -15 (on opponent)
Wrath: Defense: -15 (on opponent)
Gluttony: Strength: -15 (on opponent)
Envy: Basic damage: -2 (on opponent)
Sloth: Dexterity: -15 (on opponent)
What are the Gates of Underworld and how to open it?

When clan collects all 7 seals, that clan has 48 hours to summon “gate opening” ritual, in case the ritual is successful the gates of underworld are opened. (Conditions are that 6 members with clan master are active in last 15 minutes, so that means that clan must have at least 6 members to be able to summon a ritual.)
When that happens a global message on the server is sent to inform all users of this event.
Members of the clan who opened the gates gain:
– 500% increased regeneration rate of health points for all members of the clan
– Being member of a clan that has opened the Gates, one will receive 20 AP
– Attacks of members of the clan who’s level is below 66 have a 25% chance of being intercepted by a guardian demon level 66
– each clan member gets 3 HS once (only for those in the clan who opened the gates )
The gate of the Underworld is open for 24 hours. In this 24 hours none on that server can go into vacation mode.
After this 24 hours all clan members of the clan who opened the gate to the Underworld got the passive effects of the seals placed on themselves ( they are weak ) for another 12 hours – and they are not able to go into vacation mode within this 12 hours.

48 hours after the gate to the Underworld was opened all 7 seals are released again.

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