BiteFight Clan Ritual Guide

BiteFight Clan Ritual Guide by Hobbz

This guide is divided in 4 parts:
I. Introduction
III. The Rituals
IV. Working Ritual
So let us start about rituals:

Clan rituals influence all clan members of a clan.
The desired ritual is executed by a specially summoned evocator.
The price of a summoning is paid from the clan account.
A summoning takes 10 minutes.
At the end of that time the ritual conditions need to be fulfilled.
The summoner can only be called every 2 hours.

Always remember:
The chance of a succesful ritual is low.
Even, if you fullfil every condition you have a low chance of success!!!

Don´t be upset if it doesn´t work. :P

Member: If you have this amount of members the ritual appear as an option.
Bonus: Differs and is given to the clan members during the duration time.
Duration: Days the bonus is given to your clan members.
Cooldown: Days it takes to summon this ritual again.
Odds: 15-30% So even if you fullfil every condition, the chance of failing is higher.
Cost: The clan does not get the gold back, if the ritual fails.

a) Can I summon different rituals?
Yes, you can. Keep the 2 hour waiting time for the summoner in mind.
You can have all 7 rituals working (or at least in cooldown).

b) What means active?
You are active when you
a) wrote a clanmail and/or attacked someone.

and (NOT OR !!!)

b) you are online (in light green in the member list).

c) Calculation: How many are 75 %? Is there any rounding?
What are 75 % of a clan of 15 members?
If you divide 15 with 4 and multiply it with 3 you get: 11,25
But you always round up => 12

Or in other words: You need at least 75 %
11 member: 73,33 %
12 member: 80,00 %

d) What is PVP-Cooldown?
This is the waiting time, after you attacked a member of the different race.
For Shadowlord it is 5 minutes – for the rest it is 15 minutes.

e) Does a player keep /get the advances when he leaves/joins the clan?
The successful ritual is bound during the duration time to the clan.
If a new member joins the clan, he gets the advantages.
If a member leaves the clan, he loses the advantages.

f) Why cant I summon a ritual?
1) Your clan needs more member.
You need at least 4 member for the ritual of charisma.
If you have 1 to 3 member there will be no rituals to perform.

2) You have not the needed rank option.
Every master and admin has the rank option:
Summon Clan Ritual
If you are a bite newb, you have not the rank option.
If you have a customized rank, it depends on your clan.
Ask your master or admin, if you have this rank option

g) How can I see if a ritual is working?
If you go with your mouse in the “overview” over your pushed skill.
In the clan menu stands the ritual with the pushed skill (example: Dexterity 15 %).
In the battle report under the items (see also picture at end of this guide).

h) We made a successful ritual but it does not work.
You must be successful in two steps:
1.First Step: Your clan must fullfil all condition of the specific ritual.
2.Second Step: Your clan must be lucky. Chance of success is at the most 30 %.

I am sure you were only succesful on the first step.

If you really have a successful ritual (in the clan menu stands the ritual with the pushed skill) and the bonus does not work in fights, please post it on the board.

III. The rituals

Ritual of Force
By summoning this ancient ritual, the strength
of all members of the clan is strengthened. As it is a really old
incantation that was written down in a dead language, there is no
guarantee that it will work. The smallest error during pronunciation,
and the whole ritual will be ruined and will not take any effect.

Member: Minimum 15
Bonus: Force 10-20%
Duration: 7 days
Cooldown: 14 days
Odds: 15%
Cost: 75,000 gold

Other: A minimum of 12 members need to be in PvP-Cooldown. (For PvP-Cooldown see FAQ)

Ritual of Defense

With this ritual an aura around all clan members is generated, which protects them during a fight and increases the defence.

Member: Minimum 16
Bonus: Defense 10-20%
Duration: 7 days
Cooldown: 14 days
Odds: 15%
Cost: 60,000 gold

Other: The actual health of all members, may not be higher than 20,000.

Ritual of Fortune

The summoner gives a blood potion to all members.
But if the members take too long to drink the potion, the ritual will fail.

Member: Minimum 8
Bonus: Dexterity 10-25%
Duration: 3 days
Cooldown: 7 days
Odds: 25%
Cost: 25,000 gold

Other: 75% of the members need to drink a blood potion within 10 minutes.
The blood potion appears in every members inventory. (For calculation of the 75% see FAQ)

Ritual of Endurance
A baleful force is streaming through the clan members,
which allows them to have a higher endurance during battle.
Wounds are also healed faster.
Member: Minimum 10
Bonus: Endurance 5-10%
Duration: 7 days
Cooldown: 14 days
Odds: 20%
Cost: 30,000 gold

Other: More than 75% of the members own a healing potion.
(For calculation of the 75% see FAQ.

What are healing potions?
Small Healing Potion, Medium Healing Potion or 100% Healing Potion.
One of these potions is enough.

Elixirs: defense or strength potion do not count as a healing potion)

Ritual of Charisma
This is a ceremony that increases the charisma
of the clan members. Vicious tongues claim that it is just a kind of
cleaning ritual so that attackers are not directly betrayed by their
body scent.
Member: Minimum 4
Bonus: Charisma 10-15%
Duration: 8 days
Cooldown: 16 days
Odds: 15%
Cost: 15,000 gold

Other: 50% of the members need to be active within the last 10 minutes.
(For calculation of the 50% and “active” see FAQ)

Ritual of the Moon
This ritual is for daemons who receive their
strength from the moon. The effect of this ritual always differs and
cannot be foreseen. But most of the time it advances skills.
Member: Minimum 6
Bonus: 5-20% of a random skill
Duration: 7 days
Cooldown: 21 days
Odds: 25%
Cost: 50,000 gold

The difference between the levels of the members may not be higher than 30.
The actual health of all members, may not be higher than 20,000.

Ritual of Health
As the name already infers, after a successful ceremony
the healing of wounds is improved for the clan members.
Member: Minimum 6
Bonus: Heal 10-20%
Duration: 5 days
Cooldown: 10 days
Odds: 30%
Cost: 20,000 gold

Other: The difference between the levels of the members may not be higher than 50.
30% need to be active within the last 10 minutes. (For calculation of the 30% and “active” see FAQ)

IV. How it might look like, if you are successful:

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