Battle of the Immortals Berserker Guide

Battle of the Immortals Berzerker Guide by Immortal and GoddessOfWar


Hello guys and thank you for taking your time to reading this guide. It isn’t perfect so if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, let me know by posting a comment down below.

I made this guide after seeing Ralph’s fail guide and Immortals *good* but pvp-oriented guide. You made a very nice guide but it takes a while for everyone to max out all the skills to the point where you are.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter guide so it shouldn’t follow you EVERY step of the way. I made this guide specifically for low to mid level berzerkers that are pve-oriented. I will say a comment every once and a while about pvp but don’t count on it

What is a berzerker?

A berzerker in Battle of the Immortals is usually an easy, rounded out class to play. Having high strength and medium health, we can either play solo or play in a party very efficiently.

Some of our cons is our medium to low physical defence, low magical defence, and bad evasion skills. Don’t let this deter you from playing this class though, our gear covers some of those weaknesses.


Full StrengthHighly Recommended

This build means to put every potential point you receive into strength. I hope that every new and veteran player picks this build. Not only do you gain one physical attack for each point, you also gain some accuracy. With this build you will hit high consistently without missing very much. Not only this, one of your lvl 70 passive skills increases your strength by 50% at lvl 10! To make up for hp and defense, pop on a few gems on your SG.

Full Dexterity

Putting every potential point into dexterity, you hope to make critical hits more often for the price of lower physical attack. There is no difference in accuracy with this build compared to a full strength build because you get the same amount of accuracy putting potential points into either strength or dexterity.

Hybrid (1 point Strength, 1 point Dexterity)

If your still deciding what build you want to take and you still don’t want the full strength build, I guess you could take this “middle road”. But, make your decision quickly and choose one or the other.

Full/part Vitality

Why do this when you can use Diamond of Friggas without sacrificing physical attack? Don’t use this build.

Starting the Game

First of all, before you make your account, use my induction key at the end of my guide if you like to start playing with lots of good gear and other goodies.

Unlike other games where you grind monsters all day to gain experience, you will start doing quests gaining lots of exp and quickly getting to lvl 17-21 in your first hour of playing.

When you get to level 25, pick up the Mount quest from Mistra to receive your first mount and play your first Instance called “Knight’s Jail”. Keep doing this instance along with daily events like Warning of Wisdom (Daily Quiz) to get to level 30.

You can keep questing until lvl 45 or use some of the “Stamp of Promotion” to buy stamp gear at the appropriate knight nearby Mistra’s location. I’ll explain stamp gear and other gear you can/should get in the next section.


Stamp Gear

This armor can be bought using “Stamp of Promotion” gained from doing the instance “Knight’s Jail”. Having every 2 pieces of the set gives a special bonus. Although not as good as Soul Gear, they are cheap, easy to get, are a good alternative to Soul Gear if you can’t afford them.

Blue Gear

Better than green gear/stamp gear, these items have special “blue” bonuses. Even they are better than stamp gear, I advise to only get blue accessories (Pendants, rings, and necklaces) as stamp gear have a set bonus that blue gear does not (Other than Divac’s set which are received from doing several quests after lvl 45)

Soul Gear

No gear at each tier can out-perform the soul gear (Also known as SG) for each tier. This is the ultimate equipment to try to reach for and although expensive (For some some people in certain servers), offer many bonuses. I wouldn’t fortify or add gems to any other gear but SG. SG are possible drops from different Instances like Dragon Emperor (DE), Spector’s Island (SI), Giza, or Lava Heights (LH).

Soul Gear only come at lvl 45, 60, 75, 90, and 100.

All armors, weapons, and other equipment I said come at these levels:

30 (Only comes in Stamp Gear)
45 (Heracles SG)
60 (Heracles SG+)
75 (Ares SG)
90 (Ares SG+)
100 (Kronos)

Socketing Armor and using the right gems.
Adding the right gems to your gear is quite simple. If you look at Berzerker set weapons, you will see that each weapon provides a “Fire attack”, which means that Zerk attacks are based on fire element.
Usually to get 3 open slots in items, you need to upgrade that item to +7, which can be painful sometimes…

– If you have a 3 open slots in weapons, accessories, Rings, amulets e.t.c – Then add Physical attack gem lv3, Fire attack gem lv3-4, and you can choose to add either Lucky strike stones, or Accuracy stones.

– If you have 3 open slots in armor – Always add lv3 HP stones. And again, you have to choose from two gem types. Either add Magical & Physical defense gems, or add Magical defense gem + an element resistance gem.
Zerks have low magical defense, so Magic def gems is a priority.

Each class element damage:

– Fire – Mages, Berzerkers
– Ice – Champions, Mages,
– Holy – Heretics,
– Dark – Slayers, Heretics, Mages

So, if you plan to socket element defense gems in your armor, you must choose one of the above. If Berzerkers are strong against Heretics & Slayers, then their element defense gems should not be added in your armor.
I think that Mages can use all elements, but I’m not 100% sure about it.


LVL 1:

Bash – Active: Its a single attack that deals at least 100% of your physical dmg, plus some bonus dmg (depending what level you upgraded it to). Although some people think its a waste of money to upgrade it, I say different. If you use this skill right (which means all the time with its 6 second cooldown), you will use this skill more than any other skill. That extra few hundred more dmg adds up. Upgrade it once every 10 levels at the very least.

Rage – XP Skill: Imo, this isn’t a very good xp skill (compared to the other class’ xp skills at the same skill lvl) but it should be able to one-hit any normal mobs your fighting (Not counting Instances or Events, sadly). Upgrade this once every 10 levels.

Lvl 10:

Sortie – Active: Our stun skill, its stun length is only half of the champion’s stun skill at the same level. Still, very important for pvp, upgrade it accordingly to how much you would use it. Warning: Doesn’t work very often on instance bosses.

Sever – Active: This skill has a chance to lower your opponent’s PHYSICAL defense buy a certain amount of points. I personally don’t use this skill very often other than bosses and in duels but I know people who use it and say it works very well for them. Mine is only at lvl 8 but you can be the judge on how much you upgrade it to.

Lvl 25:

Savagery – Passive: Your first passive skill, its also one of the best you’ll get. At lvl 10, it raises your critical strike by 10% which is HUGE seeing that we already hit high enough without criticals. If you have the money, upgrade to lvl 10 as soon as you can.

War Roar – Party Buff: Ahh, your one and only party buff. At lvl 10 it increases everyone’s physical attack by 100 in a certain vicinity. If you a more of a party member/pve-er, get this skill to lvl 10 as soon as possible, otherwise leave at at lvl 7 as it isn’t as useful in pvp.

Lunar Slash – Skill: A small AOE skill with a short cooldown, it hits up to 5 targets ahead of you. Upgrade AT LEAST once every 10 lvls.

Lvl 40:

Reap – DoT: Like Sever, I don’t use this skill very often except on bosses and in duels but some people say its a very useful skill. This skill has a chance of removing a certain amount of damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. The amount of damage it can remove isn’t a lot even if upgraded.

Duelist – Passive: All passive skills are good right? No. Not this one, at least not in late game. At lvl 10 this skill only brings your accuracy by 100 and that’s not a lot compared to the accuracy you already have and what you’ll get. In the long run, this skill doesn’t give a big bonus but if you have the money, I guess you could upgrade this skill a bit.

Fury – Self Buff: For 15 seconds this skill increases your freeze and stun resistance by a percentage AND adds accuracy. Although its only for 15 seconds, this skill could turn tides between a fight with you and a slayer or magus. Upgrade this skill if you pvp alot!

Lvl 55:

Bloodlust – Self Buff This buff increases your attack and movement speed by a percentage for 30 seconds at the cost of losing 20% of your physical and magical attack. Even with a 5 minute cooldown, this skill could turn you into berzerker with a slayer’s attack speed and a berzerker’s dmg. Upgrade this skill but not over the top, its pretty expensive.

Terminal Velocity – Active: Essential in pvp where your opponent wants to run away from you, this skill slows their movement speed a certain percentage for a few seconds. Not only does this skill look cool, it maybe enough to chase down your opponent for the kill. I personally haven’t starting upgrading this skill but, it would be wise to do this if you pk.

Lvl 70:

Demolish – Self Buff This buff increases your holy strike chance. Even though we’re not associated with the light element (Heretics are), Holy Strike hits just as much as Lucky Strike and every hit counts I haven’t upgraded this skill either but I use it when ever I have the chance.

Whirlwind – AoE Every 45 seconds you can unleash this beast to up to 10 enemies dealing tons of dmg, upgrading this skill would help out your party big time in instances.

Temper – Passive If you went pure strength, this skill will reward you the most. At lvl 10 this skill increases your strength by 50%! Maxing out this skill we help you a bunch especially in late game with all that strength.

Lvl 85:

Stained Blade (Skill) – Reduces your opponents HP by 10% (at level 1)

Counter (Passive) – Has a chance to counter your enemy attacks and dealing damage equal to 100% of your STR.


Cold steel – Aquired from 20 Cold Steel skill books. Increases your Fire elemental damage.

Recomended skill upgrades,

Now that you know what each skill does, you are ready to learn how to upgrade skills properly. Though, there is a little problem with Berzerkers and Skills. Zerks have a low amount of Mana, and if all skills are high level, then be sure to use MP food/potions very often. This Mana problem can even cause trouble in PvP.

– Bash: Some people say that this skill is not worth the coins & EXP to upgrade, but guess what… when this baby at lvl8 hits 3-4k crits to mobs & 1-2k crits in PVP, you wont regret upgrading this skill.
Recommendation: Till you hit 70+, get this skill to Lv:8-10

– Rage: Probably the worst XP skill of all classes. Has a very short range, and low damage (compared to other class XP skills)
Recommendation: Shouldn’t upgrade higher than Lv.6 till level 70+

– Sortie: Ah, the main trump card for Berzerker. Too bad that you can’t stun instance bosses with this. (has like a 0.01% chance to stun instance bosses)
Recommendation: Lv:10 is a must if you’re PVPing.

– Sever: This skill can change the outcome of a duel pretty quick, if you are lucky. At lvl10, has a 23% chance to reduce your opponents defense by 280 for 8 seconds. In a duel you can make Heretics and Mages defenseless, and that will give you a huge advantage.
Recommendation: Lv:10 is a must

– Savagery: This skill plays a huge role in your PvP life. Berzerker critical strikes sure do hurt and can cause pain.
Recommendation: Upgrade to Lv:10 as fast as you can,

– War Roar: Lv:10 WR increases your Physical attack by 100. Though, sometimes people buff their enemies with this buff, thus making them stronger. So always pay attention to what you’re doing, and where you’re buffing up. This skill might not seem “THAT” important to some, and they just leave it at lvl6-7.
Recommendation: Lv:10 is a must after lvl75+

– Lunar Slash: Ah, the mini AOE skill with a decent damage. This skill can be useful in mass PvP events, like Glacier Wars or Ancient Ruins .
Recommendation: Don’t upgrade higher than Lv:7 if you are a 1v1 duel person. If you like mass PvP events, then Lv:8-10 is a must.

– Reap: Very useful in PK.. if someone tries to run away, you can Reap them, thus they will get damaged every 5 sec, and they wont be able to summon mounts/pets while hiding from you.
Recommendation: Lv:5-6 max.

– Duelist: Accuracy is critical to Berzerker. Our attack speed is low, and missing few times in a PvP/Duel can be lethal to you.
Recommendation: Lv:10

– Fury: This skill can save your life in mass-PvP events, and duels with Mages, Zerks, Champs. Mages tend to ice/freeze you and run away. This skill can make you ignore those pitiful icing attempts.
Recommendation: Lv:7-10 till lvl80+

– Bloodlust: A risky skill to use, due to that defense reducing part… but then again, when this skill is Lv:7, it can beat the candy out of Heretics fast. Herc’s wont be able to keep up with healing that DPS.
Recommendation: Lv:6-10.

– Terminal Velocity/SKYPIKE: Always helps you when Mages try to run away from you.
Recommendation: EDIT: Lv10 is a must (that’s if you’re fighting against slayers/mages/heretics and players who like to run away )

– Demolish: Holy strike damage is a bit lower than critical strike DMG. But hey, dealing more damage is fun right?
Recommendation: Lv:10 for sure,

– Whirlwind: The awesome AOE skill which hits 30+k crits to mobs at Lv:10. But, the Mana requirement is just ridiculous… but then again, in massive PvP events, this skill can help you do damage to the whole enemy team. hehe
Recommendation: Lv:3-10 (Lv:10 is OP,)

– Temper: A reason for a pure Strenght Berzerker build.
Recommendation: Lv:10 is a must

– Stained Blade: This skill is very effective against champions. Level 2 skill can do up to 7k damage to lv90+ champ.
Recommendation: It’s pointless in having this skill past lv5 at 95+, due to the fact that most of your opponents will have more than 40k HP.

– Counter: Has like 1% chance on countering your opponents attack.. Every counter is a critical hit.
So, this is another reason why Zerks should put all stats into STR.

Now that you have upgraded your skills properly, you must not forget that skills must be used with a strategy and order.. simple 21463451 spam will just make your skill upgrades worthless.
As for these skill strategies, you must find them on your own, and adapt your own skill spamming strategies.

In example:
If you face a mage, then using Fury – Bloodlust – Sortie – Sever – Reap – Bash(any other available skill) – TV/SKYPIKE after mage starts to run – Repeat would be the best strategy…
Why ? Because Fury will save you from freezes + increasing your accuracy, bloodlust will increase your running speed & attacking speed, stun will just stun, Sever might reduce he’s defence, reap will do damage overtime, and bash(any other available skill) will increase your DPS – Skypike will be needed when mage wakes up from stun and starts to run… If everything worked as planed, then mage running will be pointless, as you won’t be freezable for a short while and your running speed will be increased.
You can even use Fury after the Mage recovers from stun, do as you like.


I’d say, that Zerks should roll with INT or DEX type pets. As pet normal damage in PVP is quite low, DEX pet should cover that up with criticals. Though, INT pets can be useful if you fight against those classes which have low magical defense. Another good pet to get would be a Vitality pet (for Hp transfer in PvP).

Or, choose STR type pet… due to the fact, that you can increase physical attack to your pet by 100 (AND NO, FORTIFYING DOESN’T PROVIDE EXTRA PHY ATT FROM YOUR BUFF… YOUR BUFF WILL ALWAYS INCREASE PETS STR BY 100 AT LV10 WR .. NO LESS, NO MORE.)

In the long run, getting a cheap illusion dragon to work with or any zodiac pet would be a great choice for a pet.

Remember, Growth>Quality If its a Gen. 2 pet or if your not melding the pet. Otherwise, Quality>Growth. No one wants to meld with your pet if its “Great”.


Thank you for reading my guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or constructive criticism, let me know by replying to this topic.

I am personally not very lucky with SG drops (I have only gotten 2 drops of SG EVER in this game (Prom. Staff and Thanatos Belt) so I have crappy equipment myself. Don’t go hard on yourself if you can’t find to many pieces of SG, this game is made most on luck.

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