Shaiya Light Noble Gear Quests Guide

Shaiya Light Noble Gear Quests Guide by Sw0rDsPin

Note: 1) The quests listed here may not give some of the equipment for the Humans.

2) If you find anything incorrect, please post here and I’ll duly correct it and give you the credit.

3) If you know where to get the Noble items for Humans, then please post here. I’ll update and give you the credit.

4) I’ve given just the basic outline of the quest and have not given a detailed look at where and how you can accomplish your mission.

(1) lvl 13 Noble Weapon
Available at lvl 7’ish
Quest received from Narus Kiron in the Fanselenon Institute. You are required to investigate a missing person who disappeared somewhere near the Singing Tree.

(2) lvl 10 Noble pants
Available at lvl 9’ish
Quest received from Sharine in the Hunter’s Camp. You need to collect Bear skins to complete this quest.

(3) lvl 9 Noble boots
Available at lvl 12’ish
Quest received from Alicia Irwen near Cornwell’s Ruin. You need to kill some zombies.
Side note: This NPC gives you 2 quests.

(4) lvl 11 Noble upper armour.
Available at lvl 12’ish
Quest received from Ernest, very close to the location from where you get the quest # 3 on this list.
Side note: You’re required to collect 5 missing firewood from Goblin sorcerers (Goblin Shamans) at the Rimus Valley. You get the Noble upper armour only if you collect 15 firewoods

(5) lvl 15 Noble gauntlets
Available at lvl 13’ish
Quest received from the Protection Merchant in east side of Keolloseu. You need to kill Vagabond bears.
Side note: This quest becomes available only after you complete the quest given by the Blacksmith named Duke Dephill at the western side of Keolloseu. The quest referred here requires you to collect canines from a different variety of Bears.

Good luck.


Carbofos wrote:
There’s also Noble lvl14 crossbow from Eolith quest.

Yeah, that’s confirmed.

You get it around lvl 14-15. The quest indicator appears between Unicorn Pons and Keolloseu. Eolith is a Leopardess who can be located by the ruins just a few hundred metres north of the quest giver.

If you’re having problems locating Eolith from the group of Leopardesses, press the ~ key to cycle all of the available targets near your location.

Thank you for mentioning it, Carbofos. Smile

Brian18741 wrote:
You get you noble weapon for fighter, def or priest off Mustin in Antaracks Farm. The quest is Stolen Mine pt.1 and pt.2. You need to kill some dwarfs and collect iron ore and then go kill some more.

Around lvl 12 or 13 maybe, can’t remeber 100% Smile  

Oh, yeah, that quest. You need to kill Dwarf Workers who are en-route to the mine from the NPC who gives you the quest and get the ores from them. Once you hand in the ores you collected, you get another quest to kill Dwarf Skilled Masters (who are just outside the mine surrounded by Dwarf Fighters) and Dwarf Miners who are inside the mine itself.

You get the quest around lvl 10’ish.

Thanks for info Brian.

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