Shaiya GRB Maps Guide

Shaiya GRB Maps Guide by of_adam

Hey all. Just thought I’d post a GRB analysis and review, thought it would be better to let everyone know how it works and I think the best way to do it.

First, this is the MOST important thing to understand. Grindspots
a ‘grindspot’ is designated as an area that can be cleared and returned to starting position before or just as repawn occurs (the farmer must be ready to pull as the mobs respawn). The size of the area is dependent on the speed the mobs are killed as well as the running speed of the killer. GRB works most effectively when grindspots are maintained by as fewer people as needed and the areas should be decided on by the grinders within the zone. Never pull mobs in another farmer’s grind spot and never run through a grind spot while the farmer is pulling, doing this ruins respawn, removes the farmer’s pattern and slows the rate of killing.

The objective: Take down Silvanus, Sirvana, Pantera and Eiphilos as quickly as possible, in whatever order. The quickest is for 30 players to take Silvanus then Sirvana, in that order, while 70’s take Pantera then Eiphilos (once the portal opens), and finally Widow.

Theory: The ideal GRB tactics. In OS, about 5-10 people are needed to take down Silvanus including a tank (def or priest), healers (at least 3) and preferably ranged killers (mages and archers) once Silvanus is killed the group moves to Sirvana in the 1-15 zone (Zone 3). If no assistance is needed in 60 zone, the 30 group can stay within the 15 zone and continue killing mobs (if there are Ubers in the group they can also try the 30 mobs (pirates and elf guards).

While the 30 toons are in the 1-30 arena, the high level group moves along the 60 zone to kill Pantera. If the guild is big enough or strong enough, I suggest stationing the 60 zone farmers to their grind spots as soon as they enter so that Pantera is killed by a bare minimum of players (enough to kill old willow and then keep the 1-30 arena mob free, however, this should be balanced by time as the sooner Pantera and Eiphilos fall the sooner the highlevels get into the 1-30 arena where the big grind points are.

As soon as the highlevels start grinding the 1-30 arena, level 30 toons should switch to high level toons to take up any gaps in the mobs.

Kailion can be taken by the 30 players once Sil and Sir are down or, better, left for zone 1 highlevel grinders.

Portal 1 opens after Pantera Dies,

Portal 2 after Silvanus and Sirvana are killed. (any order will do)
Portal 3 opens after Eiphilos dies (it is the same portal that you enter by)

Once you go through a portal you CAN NOT go back to where you came from, this is why it is important to assign farmers to grindspots before GRB starts.

Zone 1 16-30 zone. Melee mobs (pirates). Fire ele (need water weaps). 2-4 High level killers. Should contain a max of 4 grind spots.

Zone 2 16-30 zone. Ranged and Melee mobs. (elf archers and guards) no debuffs or eles. Need 4-6 High level Ranged killers (archers/mages/battle priests)

Zone 3 1-15 zone. Melee mobs (vegetable mobs. ie flowers and sprites) no eles but do use root debuff so carry LOTS of dispel pots or a dispel spamming priest. Max 2 high level killers needed (1 should be more than enough)

Zone 431-(60) 70 zone. Melee mobs (orc warriors and Shaman) no eles but do have a slow debuff. Can’t remember the potion you need but you should carry all with you at lvl 70 anyway. Zone can be kept clean by 4-6 AoE killers.

Zone 5 & 6 31-(60) 70 zone Ranged and Melee ( Orc warriors and archers) no eles or debuffs. 2-4 Ranged killers working in pairs for each zone.

1-15 mobs are worth 11 points
16-30 mobs are worth 9 points
31-(60) 70 mobs are worth 7 points

a small guild can accumlate around 12-15 thousand points just by grinding 1-15 zone with level 30 toons

Hope that helps some

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