Shaiya Assassins – Everything you need to know

Shaiya Assassins – Everything you need to know by c0dedzer0

Assassins, one of the scariest class you will ever face. A combination of hard-hit, quickness, and evasion. No other class puts out as much stat points as a sin. No other class can dodge arrows/axes/magic better than a sin. Your worse enemy is yourself.

The Terms:
STR – Strength (attack power)
DEX – Dexterity (evasion/accuracy)
REC – Recreation (Defense/HP)
LUC – Luck (critical-evasion/chance/power)
ATK – Attack power
LVL – level
HP – Hit points (red bar)
SP – Skill points (yellow bar)
DEF – defense power
NM – Normal Mode
HM – Hard Mode (3x more exp – lvl50 NM req)
UM – Ultimate Mode (3x more exp – lvl50 HM req)
AoE – Area of Effect (Dealing Damage in a set radius)
DoT – Damge over Time (Dealing Damage in a certain amount of time)
Lapis – A stone that adds stat points to your gear

Assassin’s Path
So you decided to play an Assassin. Tsk Tsk, this does not start well for you. Prepare to be challenged, Sins do NOT have any AoE skills, or Range for that matter. Your battles are face to face, Up-close and personal. No AoE party wants you, Almost all parties never wants you. You walk alone, and the only hopes of ever partying is with another like yourself, or with some oracles. Hunter and Assassin can work great, but not entirely. You will have difficulties leveling in terms of effeciency (killing 1 mob at a time.) Be warned.
(Note: This isn’t to scare you or to talk smack about this class, its merely to get you prepared on the harsh and cold reality, I should know, i’ve played ALL modes as a sin.)

The Modes:
(Note: Assassins gain +1dex per lvl)
Normal mode – A good class to start your adventure and learning process. Easy mode does not really teach you as much as Normal mode does. If you ever plan on playing a sin in Ultimate mode, you might as well start now. 5-stat/3-skill points each lvl.
Hard mode – For those who never played sins in NM – they get to try out the scarier part of a sin. Better build flexibility, better skills available. 7-stat/4-skill points each lvl, more HP/SP, HM skills unlocked.
Ultimate mode – Playing as a sin, this is what i like to call, the Real Easy Mode. You haven’t played a sin, until you have played a UM sin. Everything you’ve ever worked for, every waking time you’ve ever spent, comes down to this. +9-stat/5-skill points each lvl. More HP/SP, HM+UM skills unlocked.

The Build:
(Note: I won’t cover what stat points to put, i merely describe the build type)
STR sin – A STR sin in this guide means your build is focused on having a good atk power. I dont mean pure STR, i mean versatility. Investing your stat points 50-70% in STR will net you a good atk power, and a good evasion. In example for NM build: 3str/2dex, the most common used at this mode. A very balanced build.
DEX sin – A DEX sin in this guide means your build is mainly focused on your evasion, opposite from STR build, you will imbalance your build by having an average atk power, and a great evasion/accuracy. In example for HM build: 4dex/3str, having 5dex per level will certainly give you an advantage in your evasion/accuracy. A good build for PvP having supportive STR gears.
REC sin – A REC sin in this guide means your build is a mixture of having REC for a bit more HP/DEF. A Combination of DEX and REC can be a great survivability in Open fields. In example for UM build: 4str/3rec/2dex, a balance between your attack power, evasion/accuracy, and HP/DEF when you fail to evade.
LUC sin – A LUC sin in this guide means your build focuses on pure luck. Relying on your critical as your attack power. A very weak and hard build to start off with as a low lvl. You will need atleast 450luc to actually make this build a worth while. This can be achieved by having a re-stat on later levels. (Personal note: Althought this build sounds awesome to some, it requires a VERY VERY balanced points in able to see a good result. This means you will have to sacrifice all points to LUC, have supportive DEX, and STR all at the same time. I do not recommend this build.)
Invincible sin – Coming soon… (still testing Wink)

The Skill style:
(Note: Yet again, i will not cover specific skills to choose from, merely a playstyle. Bear in mind that Having DUO skill styles will require alot of POINTS, and even more for triple combos. So choose wisely, as even UM can only provide you soo much. Having Dual Combo in NM is possible, but plan ahead, and know what skills are required.)
For a complete list of Skills > List by meeeps
The Damage Dealer – The damage dealer playstyle consist of the Damage Chain: Fatal hit > Tetanus > Aggravation > Slasher. A very deadly chain that consist of a pause, – defense, and a rain of pain. A Great combination of dealing damage quick. Having Fatal Hit lvl1 at all times can be great as your opening pause for its quick refresh.
The Stunlocker – The stunlock playstyle, one of THE MOST ANNOYING class you will ever face. Fatal hit > Halt Kick > Stun Crash > Fantom Assault. A very good chain to keep your opponent immobalized until it is dead. Having Fatal Hit lvl2 at all times would be recommended, so you can spam another halt kick after a crash/fantom.
The Dotter – The Damage overtime dealer consist of: Fatal Hit > Drag Down > Venom Crash > Gruesome Attack. A combination of poison that eats HP overtime and a deadly finish of % damage on HP. Having lvl1 fatal hit is good for this chain.
The Quick Pain – Combination of Dot + Damage chain. You unleash the DoT chain first, then finish off with Damage. All the styles below including this one will require Fatal Hit lvl3.
The Stun Killer – Combination of Stun + Damage chain. A Quick way to have an advantage in the means of Damage, having them stunned first, then finishing them off with pain.
The Sleeper – Combination of DoT + Stun chain. A surefire of DoT and having them stunlocked while you watch the poison do your work.
Master of all – Having to be versatile and quick with all of your given skills, this will require ALOT of skillpoints and only recommended for UM players with quick hands in timing.

The inevitable Skills
There are things that you want, and there are things that you NEED. Thus making it inevitable to pass up on the skill that you should level. Here is the list of the must:
(Note: Always max these out whenever you get the chance. If you dont have enough points to either pick between the skills, the ones in BOLD text are in priority)
* The ones bolded are priority *
The Passive
Muscle Training
Rouge Weapon Powerup
– Relax Body
Evasion Ascent
– Backpack upgrade
Rouge weapon Mastery
The Basic
(Note: Fatal hit is required, although not required to be maxed, this is based on your playstyle of chain skills)
– Fatal Hit
The Combat
(Note: While these skills are not required to be leveled up, they are chosen to be beneficiary for you in the long run)
– Stealth
– Magic Defy (UM skill)
– Flash Attack (UM Skill)
The Specials
Potential Nible

The Weapon of Choice
The Reverse Sword – Its a mini-sword/dagger that is wielded behind the hands of an Assassin. ATK-speed is a bit fast. The line between Normal and Fast. Reverse swords have a bit more critical status on them. And their attacking power have a big gap between your minimum and maximum hit, this means your damage is a bit more unstable per hit.
The Dual Claw – Its a dual wielded claw. ATK-speed is a bit fast. No different from Reverse Sword, except claws have less gap on the minimum to maximum hit, making your damage per hit more stable. Dual claws focuses more on STR/power status.
The Dagger – Its a dagger, unlike the reverse sword, the dagger is carried to the front. ATK-speed is fast. This weapon is faster than the 2 weapons above. It may sound better at first, but note that later on along the level, Daggers do not have masteries, thus losing advantage on the ATK-speed. The other 2 above have 2 masteries making their ATK-speed from a bit fast > fast > very fast. Daggers also have a bit less attack power that the other 2.
The lvl25 Epic Dual Claw – Its a dual claw with 20dex/10luc I forgot the stats, anyways… its a great weapon to start off with to 25. Great bonus, great damage. Stick with it till 35+ after that, please get rid of it and get another weapon and lapis it.
The lvl45 Epic Dual Claw (Fire Stat) – A great weapon to have, ITS in no way in h3ll crappy. It must not have stats, but it is great and outdamages any non-elemental weapons. You can keep this weapon all the way till the end to have another elemental arsenal in your inventory.
(Note: Stay away from daggers, they are mainly used by casters for its quick spell casting. Not meant for sins as they do not get masteries from daggers.)

The Gears
The Low budget – This should be for starting out NM sins. Get every quests that rewards you slotted gears. Don’t look for anything fancy during lvl1-24, your okay with what you got, When you get to 25 try to farm some lv2s in 20-30 dungeon. START lapising those empty gears, IT really helps even if its lvl1 lapis. Do the same for higher levels. If you plan on playing HM or UM sin, remember to always save your EARLY gears for the next char you make.
Steadily Financed – You either have a NM/HM Farmer that you can farm with, or gold just grows on trees for you. Either way, when your in this status, you must be HM+. If your HM, never settle for anything less, For example, always try to get those Dread gears (4 slots) and Lapis away with lvl3s-4s. Work with what you got and then some. REMEBER to never settle for less than DREAD gears, that 1 slot makes a huge difference. At lv50+ You should start getting those Legends, and try to get some lv5s on them.
PIMP status – Heavy APer, almost unlimited gold stockpile…. Dreads is the only way to go, your still okay with lv3s-lv4 lapis, but once you get to lvl 43+ Start on those Legend gears, and avoid, i mean AVOID lapising lv3s on them. 50+ is even more specific. 50+ LEGENDS should never be lapised with anything less than lv3s, UM should only settle for lv5 lapis and legend gears. If you can’t then your not on pimp status.

The Massacre in a nutshell
1-15 – This place would be a good spot to farm those kills for extra stat points. You are in a big disadvantage though, Remember that you have no range, and no AoE. 1-15 is all about having range. With soo much nossers in this area, its hard to get close to an enemy. Always look for a party, never wander alone.
20-30 – The Ultimate party leader, Its usually assassins that gets party lead in 20-30s, because of their ability to stealth almost everytime. Once again though, you are at a disadvantage here, mostly agaisn’t wars. Given that warriors/fighters get almost their full skills below lvl30. You do play an important role in this map.
1-60 – *Shivers* This is where Sins truely shine. The latter levels gets you all the best part of being a sin. Evasion plays an important role on this map and so do you. Specially when you get that Slasher skill, it is one of the scariest attacks sins have ever come up with.

Knowing the balance of Elemental
Assassins have a Epic weapon at lvl45. I have heard alot of people saying its crappy because it does not have stats. WRONGGGGGGG! I would gladly trade any non ele weapon with stats for a Ele weapon. Reason why:
Elemental weapon adds 25% damage to non-ele and MORE to whatever its weak agaisn’t. Ofcourse its 90% inefective whatever its weak agaisn’t.

Order of Elementals
> Strong Agaisnt || * Normal Damage || ^ Weak Agains’t

This works for PvE and PvP manner.
Although for Armor elemental stat, it only works in PvP manner.
Having a Elemental Armor gives you 25% Defense all around, and Bonus defense on top of 25% on elemetal its weak agains’t. This does not work agains’t PvE, it just gives you 25% MORE def no matter what mob hits you.
(Note: LV45 EPIC Quest gives you a Fire Elemental Weapon, GET THIS. It will be important later on.)

Beyond the 50 mark
(Note: Grab your lv45 EPIC WEAPON, Fire status is better than the weapon you will ever have without elemental status)
For a leveling guide in 1-50 > Guide by Killer595
(This guide is aimed for lv50 HM/UM only, you can with a NM too but why? go make yourself a HM)
So you reached the lv50 huh? Well what next? If your deciding to level up some, you best hit Lanharr.
Lanharr(48-55) – Use your epic Weapon, you will do alot more damage than a non elemental weapon. Boars and Antelopes are awesome here, Make sure you duo with a Healer. Get another Sin with you if you want. At 52+ You might want to take those Wolves, Spiders, Bisons. Oracle is prefered here, Spiders Uses venom, Wolves CRITS ALOT, i mean ALOT. Your rec build will pay of on these levels if you went rec build. Bisons have debuff on your def. = You can level here up to 54 if you so choose. 54 or so, move up to Earth Bears. Oracle would be recommended, they stun and they are nasty. You can also try the mines, not much nasty debuffs agaisn’t those dwarfs and they are good spot. What sucks about lanharr is that you get NO DROPS whatsoever, only gold and misc items.
Aurizen Ruin (50-54) – Never once set foot here to level, BUT i know every mobs here since i farm LV5 lapis here ^^. Never go for those commanders, they drop the lvl5s but they are to be handled with oracles and 55+ atleast to be effecient. Kobolds are ok to solo, but have some stun scrolls/dispel pots on you. They also have a DoT skill so having being stunned, and DoTed = NOT VERY pretty. Don’t USE your EPIC weapon for Kobolds, its just plain STUPID. Kobold > Water, Epic > Fire. You don’t beat water with fire. Trolls are pretty easy, your dex should cover you here, they do have slow but can be easily solved with slow scrolls and dispel pots. Reach 51-54 here if you so choose, even 55 but that’s way too little for you now. Use your epic weapon agaisn’t anything except Kobolds. They also drop Dread gears here, awesome for farming them.
(Note: New maps, MOBS here are always in PAIRS, so you must also be in pairs in able to hunt efficiently)
Desert Map (53-57) – This place is awesome to level to up to 57, its also awesome with oracles. You dont want to wander here alone, your just asking to die. Start off with Wind Status scorpions, Ofcourse use your epic weapon. Fire > Wind, common sense to always use your epic agaisn’t winds. You can move up to scorpions deeper up by Desert map 2 portal. If you do come across Water mobs, and you must kill it, Switch weapons to a Non-ele or another ele weapon. Dual Dex, Luc lapis drops here.
Forest Map (53-57) – Likewise, always wander with an oracle. Starting off with Dinos, pick the ones that is not Water elemental. Chase off Earth ele Dinos. If under any circumstances you must kill Water mobs, switch off with a non-ele or another elemental. at 54 or 55, Move to Giant Turtles and Lizards. They are NON-ELE mobs, your epic will come in great use here. That’s all the spots you want to know is Turtles and Lizards. They are great to level on till 57. They also drop dual craft, wise, mystic lapis. If for any reason you want to move spots or its too hard, try the Earth mob Trolls. Once again your dex will pay off agains’t these mobs, they seem to have low dex, they are also good till 57.
HARDCORE: Desert Dungeon 2 (DD2 – 57-60)
Having past beyond this means, you are some hardcore man, or your gears are awesome. HM/UM are recommended and have an Elemental weapon here. Always have an oracle with you, unless you are that hardcore. Water/Wind mobs wander here, so that epic weapon will come in handy. Also having another ele weapon will be of great benefit to you. Plants and scorpions for Fire weapon, Another weapon for water mobs. Temple is a good spot if you have Earth weapon, you can rotate the whole temple and kill all 4 bosses on each corner (i’ve killed them a billion times, they dont drop crap!~ good for exp.) This map is full of NASTY debuffs, including AOE+DOT combined. Debuffs that’s slowing your speed+atkspeed+defense+lowering stats to -50+killing you slowly. That my friend are the most hardcore debuffs you will ever see in your entire shaiya life, hence why its soo hardcore and not for everyone to be dealing with. Soloing At 57 they give out 30k EXP with charm+exp stone, 58 they give out 24k, 59 they give out 20k. THIS is your last spot from 57 to 60. No other map will give you more exp output solo/duo.

The Discussion on LUC
Click on Image to view the video.
Click here to watch Video
On this video, I have dumped all my str to LUC. Take a look at the damage output on luc builds. Notice that your dmg ranges from 46 – 900…. VERY VERY RANDOM
Having LUC build IS not bad at all. It just matters on howmuch stat points you can dump to balance out your dmg/evasion/crit chance. Unlike Hunters which gets a dmg bonus from LUC, Sins rely on their critical dmg from their STR. The less STR you have, the less dmg you will do. Having to balance your Statpoints at lower levels with less lapised gears/pvp-stats, the more harder it is to balance your stat points and may cause you to compromise either your dmg/evasion/crit.

This is where i discuss the ULTIMATE cheat of all Assassins for 1min. Big coup, as it says on its description is not as it works. Either the skill is BUGGED, or the Description is. When you activate big coup, it DOES not ignore a character’s DEX, NO NO NO! IT DOES NOT. I have dueled ALOT of chars that used Big coup on me and they still missed in occasion. What Big Coup does is it gives you added bonus of DEX. Maybe 200dex BONUS, i dont know how much, but it does from my studies. So by using this during battle/duel/pve, it UPs your Evasion and Accuracy dramatically. Depending on your dex, there’s a possible chance you will have 95% accuracy+evasion all together.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the best build for an assasin? *add excuse of being lazy, uncreative, scared of testing and finding out the true meaning of what gaming is and literally bag yourself into a bandwagon and join everyone else so that you can “pwn” as much as they do HERE*
A: THERE is no such called as BEST build. People share their so called “best build” with you and i can only write soo much in telling you the pros and cons of it all. Use search button on following a “build” guide and use your common sense. Play the game and never be scared of experimenting. There are billion possible ways of making a build, and each one has its pros and cons.
Q: Stealth, Transform, or Disguise? What is all the fuss about?
A: Stealth = a 1 minute skill that makes you disappear from the naked eye of your enemy. Transform depending on the level, turns you into an animal that makes you invalid/ignored by Mobs, but can be attacked by another player if they are not stupid enough. Disguise, while some say would be the best skill in totally blending with your enemy has its pros and cons. When used, you turn into the same “look” as your counter class, and somehow makes you unnoticeable from your enemies. Having a guild that is well known or well noticed while on disguise will have surely compromised everything else.

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