Lucent Heart Blacksmith Guide

Lucent Heart Blacksmith Guide by neftasg

For the New Updated Blacksmith Guide to Level 12 Click Here Lucent Heart Blacksmith Crafting Quest Guide

A short guide from Blacksmith Lv 1 to 8.
Because I’m not that high-leveled yet ^^

How to level your life skill/crafting
Speak to the NPC in your respective crafting rooms at levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on.

Level 1 Blacksmith– Introduction to Blacksmithing
For Blacksmiths-wannabes, speak to Sean in the Thereall Crafting room, via Quincy.
Note – You can only have ONE life skill.
Requirement: 50 coins

Level 2 Blacksmith– A Sword for Self Defense (Lv10)
Requirement: 5 lumps of pig iron

1) Get the pig iron from the Thunder Clan Giants in Hercules Hill.

2) Check the Quest tab under the inventory to check for the number of ores you’ve gotten.
RIGHT-CLICK the item recipe in your quest tab to be able to craft the item.
(In this case, the recipe should be Short Sword of Self Defense

3) After learning the recipe/pattern and getting the raw material, go back to the crafting room and make them! (Applicable for the following quests)

Level 3 Blacksmith– Shields of Quality (Lv15)
EDIT (Credit to Mentality)
“Wrought Iron is found in Hercules Hill. I just did the quest and confirmed it. Limestone is Giants”
Requirements: 5 lumps of wrought iron (Bear Cave in Hercules Hill)
2 lumps of limestone (Giant’s Camp in Ancient Ruins)

Giant’s Camp in Ancient Ruins
*Thunder Clan Explorer/Trapper (Note:I’m not sure which, most likely Explorers)

Bear Cave in Hercules Hill

*Use the igniter (in the General inventory) when you’re close to the Animal remains.
You should have 50 igniters, I think. You may wish to keep them for future quests, or just throw the excess away.

Level 4 Blacksmith– A Competition (Lv 20)
Requirements: 5 lumps of Brass (Thunder Clan TRAPPER, Ancient Ruins)
5 lumps of Hematite Ore (Cruel Hunters, Ancient Ruins)

Basically they are on the same map:
Thunder Clan Trappers – Before Star Observatory
Spawns only in the DAY
Cruel Hunters – Around the Star Observatory area (before and after the flight of steps)
Spawns in the NIGHT

Level 5 Blacksmith– Swords for a Cause (Lv 25)
Requirements: 20 lumps of limonite ore
10 nuggets impure silver ore

Items can be found in the Melody Valley, Strong Echo Crystal Area.
CREDIT to Mentality –
Mysterious Valley Flower drops limonite ore
Allegro melody drops impure silver ore

Level 6 Blacksmith– Knight Gloves (Lv 30)
*Go to GOLD PORT, Blacksmith crafting room.
(NPC’s at the Poseidon Centre)
Speak to Panetta in the crafting room.
Requirements: 10 lumps of hematite ore (Mics in the Mic Forest, of Blooming Forest)
10 sheets of cotton cloth (Night Witches at Pegasus Field)
10 lumps of brass ore (Gold Hunters at Golden Sand)

Area A: Night Witch + Night Witch (Paired)
Area B: Night Witch + Stunt Clown (Paired)

Level 7 Blacksmith– (Lv 35)
[EDIT 21/5/11]Acquisition: GOLD PORT NPC Panetta

Requirements: (ARGOS BAY)
Square Sail helmsman drops refined limonite ore (you need 5) [AREA A]
Old Quarry sentry drops Linen thread (you need 1) [AREA C]
Quarry recruits drop refined brass (You need 5) [AREA B]

CREDIT to Mentality

Level 8 Blacksmith – (Lv 40)

Requirements: Whispering Grave in the DAYTIME only.
Mechanized Jailer Model 1 – Rivet (Need 10)
Prototype – Bronze Ore (Need 10)
Mutated metal – Siderite ore (Need 10)

CREDIT to Mentality


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