Lucent Heart Difficult Quests Guide

Lucent Heart Difficult Quests Guide by Auralitia

There are a few quests that you will run into that tell you what to do, but not exactly and can lead to be VERRRY frustrating sometimes. Hear is a list of them so far. I dont have any pictures yet. I may upload some later one.


Level 3 Crafting Quest
No matter what craft you are in, this quest might be the same either way, but with different items.

– Go to Hercules Hill(North and South exits of Thereall)
-In the bottom rightside of the map near the bears, you should find animal bones in front of a cave looking object
-Click on the animal bones, and use the igniter item(Looks like a shell or a unicorn horn) in your inventory to set them on fire
-Defeat the bear that runs out
-Move to the next one and repeat.

You need five of the items, so you should set the animal bones on fire 5 times.

This next part requires that you know where you quest inventory is. Open your inventory and at the top, right under your equipped items are two tabs that say “General” and ‘Quest’.
Click on quest and you will now see your quest inventory. You should have the 5 items you needed to gather at this point. If not, verify you are actually in your quest inventory and if needed, set more animal bones on fire.

-Now, head to Ancient Ruins(north of Breezy Prairie).
-Upon entry, go to the right and you should see Thunderclaps.
-Kill Thunderclaps until you get the items in your Quest Inventory.
*NOTE* it will not announce that you have received them, you have to check the inventory or pay attention to the loot queue above your chat and notification.
-Head back to Quincy in Thereall and go to your designated crafting facility.
-Use the tool in there to make the item required for the quest and turn it in.

Lucky Zodiac Amulet Quest – Lvl 19
This one isnt all that hard, but people cant seem to find the Scythe Locusts.

Scythe Locusts are found in Golden Apple Hill and only come out if you use the delicious grain in your General Inventory. It has a corn cob icon.

As to where the Scythe Locusts are, they are found in the same sections as the Locusts (Sheep farm, N26, E16), but are inside of little nests surrounded by what looks like straw huts.

Use the grain and a scythe locust will pop out. Kill it and get your amethyst!


Lucky Coins & Blue Certificates
Lucky coins you get from copper bags. You can use these coins to play a game with the Foreign Gambler. If you win, he will give you a blue certificate. You can trade these in with him for items.

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    Hi! Thanks so much for making this blog!
    Just a question on my part, I already looked at the Tailoring Craft guide, but can you tell me exactly what to do for the Tailoring Level 2 Guide? I've been killing the Thunder Clan Giants but I can't seem to get what I need to complete the quest.

    If it's not too much trouble, I'm also having difficulties with the Nocturnal Lumious Flower Quest.

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