Fiesta Online Troubleshooting Guide

Fiesta Online Troubleshooting Guide by The-Sakura

Well, reading many errors on the forum I realized that I have encountered virtually all of them, and found a way around them.

The First thing I want to say is that if you find yourself getting extremely mad and/or Frustrated, you really should just take a quick 5 minute break to calm down before trying to tackle the problem again.
It does wonders.

Please remember, I am not a mind reader, nor am I at your computer. I can’t see what you have, the only information I have is what you tell me. The more details, the better.

If you need some help, and a GM/CSR is not replying to your messages, try sending me one. I will then send you a message back with what I did for this problem (or I never found it, not too likely) and I will post your problem and the solution I found under here, so that people can over time use this as a general reference guide.

Also, with Outspark’s new friend system, you can pop me a friend request, and if you see me online, feel free to IM me with your problem.

If I can’t help you with your problem, and you solve it, PLEASE message me the solution so I can post your problem and your solution here.

To find stuff, use the find option- look down a bit to read about it.

Contacting a CSR:
The Customer support reps. also known as the CSR, are the people who’s jobs it is to deal with your problems. I can filter through most of them, lightening their workload, however, if I can’t deal with an issue, I’ll usually refer you to a CSR. You can contact them by clicking on Support -> FAQ -> Contact a CSR, then give them ALL your details.

Note: In-game problems and sparkcash issues are in the next post- Jump down there if you are having one of those problems.

Useful Links:

Patch Problems:
For having issues with patch, manually install them from here.

Launcher Patch Problems:
Issues with the Launcher patch.

The Game:
If you need to re-install, here is the link.

Password Problems:
Go here if your username/password is incorrect (Error 401)

Game Bugs:
A list of known bugs, go there to check the status of bugs before reporting them.

Reporting bugs:
Hand-in-hand with the one above, if your bug is not listed, report it!

E-Mail Verification:
Everything you need to know about that tricky e-mail you aren’t getting!

X-trap guide: Since I don’t know a lot about X-trap, here’s someone that does!

You need to be an admin!:…=administrator

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In-game problems:

“Connection to the servers has failed” The most common error found. Formerly known as a urlopean error, what’s happening is your anti-virus or firewall is preventing access to Fiesta. I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve seen this error crop up, it’s happened again and again and again. Make sure that Fiesta is on your firewall exception list, that the correct ports are open, and that your anti-virus “knows” to let Fiesta through. You may need to re-teach your anti-virus each time Fiesta patches. Pain.

Help! I can’t move!
If you immediately freeze when you log on, and all your other character can move, your guild has bugged. You can’t really do anything when this happens, so sit tight and play on another character while a GM fixes the problem.
More Information can be found in the following link:

If you believe your guild has been affected by this issue, visit the following link:

I can’t use my skills!- Well, not being able to interact with your hot keys can be an issue (I’m a mage XD!) and a source of great irritation. I find going to select character screen, and selecting my character again works, and all is fixed.

Re-logging is a good general tip for any and all in-game bug problems. If this still does not work, please then send me a help message.

My chat box moved, and I can’t get it back-

Try this….. press “esc”. Then from the men choose “game settings”. Disable all the check boxes & re enable it. That ought do the trick

Thank you for the person who told me this! To prevent this problem in the future, click on the little lock when you log-in, it prevents you from moving it.

Buffer Overflow problem: If shortly after logging in, you are disconnected with no warning with the error message “Buffer Overflow”, and this continuously happens, Try to warp out of the field you are on with a scroll. If that fails, try to walk to a portal and get out (May take some time) 3rd solution is to wait until they fix the problem with the map (it is a sever issue)
See For detailed information.



Issues regarding Sparkcash should be sent to a CSR, using the Contact a CSR function. You do this by clicking on Support, then FAQ, then contact a CSR.


Originally Posted by Shahared
Ok, since there are allot of new players who are having OpenGL problems and need to know what to do, and there are GMs who would like to help but have no clue what you have on your computer here is my guide to discovering what kind of graphics adapter you own and other data that GM’s and CSRs may need to know about your system.

Assuming you own windows (the supported Operating System)…
Press and hold the windows or system key (A key with the windows logo on it on most standard keyboards) and press ‘R’. This will open your ‘Run Command’ prompt. Now in the text box type: “msinfo32.exe” (without quotes) and press enter. This will open your system information window. Do not worry, you can not mess anything up from this window, it simply shows you your systems specifications and information about its basic construction and settings. On the left hand will be a window with ‘System Summary’ at the top and below will be words with ‘+’ signs next to them that say ‘Hardware Resources, Components, Software Environment and Internet Settings’. Click the plus in front of ‘Components’ to expand that category. Beneath it you will find a section with the name ‘Display’. Click on the name ‘Display’ to see a list of your display properties in the right hand corner. Once you are on this screen, you can press the ‘Ctrl’ key and ‘A’ key together (or select edit and then ‘select all’ from the drop down menu above) to select all the text, then press the ‘Ctrl’ key and C together (or select edit and then copy from the drop down menus) to copy the info, then you can paste it into a reply window on this forum when posting a problem about your display or when asked about other system info by a GM or CSR. (Ctrl+V is the shortcut for pasting btw)

Hope that will help some of you, and feel free to look at some of the other information in that window so you can become accustomed to your systems setup and also find info if your asked for it by someone helping you with a computer problem.

*quick edit* Ok people the most common problem seems to be not only that you can’t find out what card you have, but that you need to download the drivers. So if you have used the above methods to find out your card make, now please go to that cards website and download current drivers. Heres a list of common ones ripped off right from Outsparks own webpage….can’t believe I have to post this again here

GeForce, Riva TNT Series Graphic Cards

[ NVIDIA / Drivers Download page ]
Radeon, All-in-Wonder, Rage Series Graphic Cards

[ ATI / Drivers Download page ]

Intel Series Graphic Cards

[ INTEL / Drivers Download page ]

Matrox Series Graphic Cards

[ MATROX / Drivers Download page ]

SiS Series Graphic Cards

[ SIS / Drivers Download page ]
*edit 2* This post is to help you find your card and update your drivers. Please use the above links once finding the name of your card and google it if you can not find your card in the above links. If you need help finding out what kind of card you have feel free to post, but I do not have the time to continue personally responding to everyones request to find drivers for them (some people only needed to follow one of the above links). I made this post to help people who can not play due to outdated drivers find what card they own and update the drivers/software themselves. If you can not find your card in the above links post and I will try to track it down, but some of you have some old and rare graphics cards. Also, if you have already updated your drivers and can still not play then you need to make a thread (after reading the stickies of course) in the troubleshooting forum and pray that a GM or CSR can help you as I do not have the knowledge needed to do so. Good luck everyone.

*edit 3* Some of you own laptops that have integrated cards with drivers written by the manufacturer of your lappy (Hp, Dell, Acer etc.) So if downloading a driver from the developer of your card is not working, google the manufacturer of you laptop and go to their sites support section and look up drivers for the model number of your laptop…Hope that helps all you mobile users.

*edit4* It has been brought to my attention that some of you have not checked to see if your card is within the minimum system requirements to run this game before posting in troubleshooting, so here is a link: SotS Minimum Requirements
Please see that you meet the minimum specs before posting in this thread.

*edit5* Please check your information for what card you own, and use the search function (found at the top of the page) to look and see if I have posted a location to get drivers for it already. An example is the fact that I am writing what are essentially repeat replies to Intel card owners and the likes who haven’t bothered to go to the Intel site and type in the model number of their card. Also, if you own a Geforce it’s created by Nvidia, if you own a Radeon it is made by ATI. This edit is basically being made because there are many of you who could be looking up the drivers yourself once you have the information. I provided links to these manufacturers above already, if you can do so please try to use these links and only post if you have a problem or can not figure out how to download the correct drivers. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you Shar for allowing me to use this!

Originally Posted by Cretz
As of now, all games are designed to run on the 32-bit version of Windows XP or Vista and we do not officially support any other Operating System. However, if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows or Windows 2003, then I have a list of steps that may help:

1. Right click the game icon (Fiesta)
2. Select Properties
3. Select the Compatibility Tab
4. Select Windows XP
5. Click Apply
6. Reattempt to run the game with the Outspark Launcher

Another recommendation that I have is to uninstall and reinstall the entire game into the default folder path. Your operating system may be having trouble emulating the game in its native 32-bit platform and can only do so with it properly installed in the default directory. Here is how to reinstall Fiesta:

1. Click Start
2. Go to Settings (If using Class Start Menu)
3. Click Control Panel
4. Double Click the “Add or Remove Programs” icon
5. Scroll down the list until you find “Fiesta”
6. Click “Change/Remove”

Once you have finished uninstalling the game client, you will need to re-download it.

Finally, this, from Cretz. When you’ve tried everything above, and it is still not working, this is what is most likely wrong.


Database of Log-in problems:

It appears that your Fiesta Game Client may have been corrupted during either the download or the while installing. You will most likely need to reinstall the client in order to make your game work properly. Here are the instructions below:

1. Click Start
2. Go to Settings (If using Classic Start Menu)
3. Click Control Panel
4. Double Click the “Add or Remove Programs” icon
5. Scroll down the list until you find “Fiesta”
6. Click “Change/Remove”

After all of this, you need to reinstall the game. Look up for that.

Unable to connect patch server: -You are being blocked somewhere along the line by firewall, anti-virus, or router settings.

Firewalls can block the port Fiesta uses
Anti-virus blocks the program from accessing the internet
Router can block internet activity at the digression of the person who owns it.
Any one of them is powerful enough to stop connection, and generate that message.
One last possibility- if you already have the patches for the game, simply hit ok and ok on the next one that shows up, and you could be able to enter your username and password as normal, and log in normally. It has happened to me, got on fine and bug-less.

Note: You may have some other message, such as – Manually get the patch if this is the case, then follow the directions above for logging in.

Originally Posted by Cretz
The 401 error means that your SparkID and password combination were incorrect. If you believe that you are inputting your correct information and yet you are still unable to log in, I would like to let you know that you can reset your password by following these steps:

1. Go to
2. Type in either your Username (for the account) or your email address
3. You will receive an email in you inbox that will instruct you further

:From CRS Cretz’s thread on the 401 error. Also known as the username/Password incorrect problem.

Error Message 412: If you have gotten this error message, it means that you are attempting to run an old version of Fiesta. While some of you (even me) have tried to simply go and play the game without checking for patches, it can become a problem. First try closing the launcher, then re-opening it to have the launcher automatically search for updates. If this fails, go and manually install the patches ( ), and try again. If this still fails, send me a message please.

Fiesta At school:
Some of you may have tried to access Fiesta at school (First of all, you SHOULD be studying >.<) and have found it hasn’t worked for you. The reason for this is one that is unfortunately not possible to get around: The schools firewall is blocking you. Schools block various ports that carry various pieces of data, and the port the Fiesta uses is one of the ones that is blocked. Either that, or it thinks Fiesta is a virus, and blocks it. (Most likely a port issue) (I found the solution, but you should be studying! Not playing!) Alright, So I was a bit lazy with this one. This is the missing apps.config solution, and the reason it is in a link form instead of me quoting the solution is it is fairly long and involved, and would be best if you went there to read it.
Once again, sorry that I can’t copy it over here.

Strange Error: “¿¡•¯” – Some of you, when trying to play Fiesta for the first time, may encounter this error. It appears as if this errors occurs when your graphics card is unable to support Fiesta- If this is the case, please check what card you have, and what the system requirements for Fiesta are. Also, this is caused by not having the most recent DirectX drivers- download them, and try again.

500 : Unknown Error : Corrupt XML returned from server. One possible solution is to uninstall and reinstall the game. This seems to work for some people, try it and contact me if it does not work please.

Charecters are blue: Patch problem. Try the manual patch

Originally Posted by Serric
For Explorer, open your browser, click on TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS. From there you should see boxes for DELETE COOKIES, CLEAR HISTORY, etc. depending on your version. Don’t bother looking for a single cookie – delete them all. They are merely snapshots of places you’ve been, intended to make the pages previously visited load faster. But they do take up space and can cause issues, so I would wipe them all out.

Thank you Serric on another reason why logging on may not work. Odd, but deleting your cookies does seem to work on the occasion.

Originally Posted by GM_Steam
Attention OUTSPARK Users.

Recently, OUTSPARK has placed a regional restriction for players in some areas of the world due to the existence of a version of the game for their regional market.

The error you may receive if you are within one of the restricted regions is either, depending on your region:
Error 403: This version of Fiesta is not available for use in your region. Please visit to download a local copy.
Error 403:
This version of Fiesta is not available for use in your region. Please visit to download a local copy.

This restriction is not an attempt to discriminate on the restricted users, but to inform the users of their own localized service. This regional restriction is only in effect for certain global regions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the affected users.

Thank you [GM]Steam on this!
This is the error for out of service area Error message- If you get this error, then please follow the directions about to fix.
If you do not understand the language it is in, I can’t really help with that- Sorry!

Originally Posted by CSR_Cretz
Hey Sakura,

Nice job rocking the Troubleshooting section. Regarding the Validation issue, it’s a known issue right now that we’re addressing privately via email and PM. Some users who are not getting verified automatically require being manually verified.

Please have them contact support@outspark with the following:

Email Address for the Registered Acct:

It’s an issue that can only be resolved internally… and although we really appreciate you trying to help them, it may be steering them in the wrong direction. Thanks!


A private message Cretz sent to me, regarding why some of you are not receiving validation e-mails.
Follow up:The error seems to be fixed

This spot I am going to now use for player-submitted solutions- If you find a solution, message me or post here- thanks!

Submitted by: LordTech:

Please follow these steps first:

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to the menu Tools -> Internet Options
3) Then select the Advanced Tab
4) Scroll down to the Multimedia section in the Settings list
5) Turn off “Always use ClearType for HTML”
6) Click the OK button and close Internet Explorer

If you are still encountering the issue, you may have to also disable ClearType by other means:

1) Right click on your desktop and choose “Properties” to open the Display Properties window.
2) Select the “Appearances” Tab.
3) Click the “Effects…” button.
4) In the second drop-down list labeled “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts”, select Standard (instead of ClearType).
5) Click the “OK” button, and then the “Apply” button in the Display Properties window.
6) Restart Fiesta.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Originally Posted by GM_Silkypico View Post
This error happened directly after tonight’s patch for the Easter Update.

Resolution: Re-install Fiesta game client

Click on the launcher as normal, automatically update and re-try. Your issue should be solved.

Click the image to open in full size.

Stolen from Silky =D

>fixed a bit, hope you don’t mind<

A few add ons- Refresh rate is determined by your moniter- Silky again

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14 Responses

  1. weiss says:

    every time i try to download fiesta on my compter stops downlading ?

  2. Kay says:

    I try to play on Windows 10, latest version. The game loads up like it should, i log in, join the world with any character, BUT as soon as i am logged into the world i have about 10 seconds until my whole pc freezes and only a hardreset helps. I have not found any help here or anywhere else on the internet please help.

  3. Kevin says:

    Screen Resolution
    patch unknown
    cannot rollback

  4. Player101 says:


    I already installed and updated the game and then when i launched it and the game starts a notif bar will appear saying “Movermain.shn Initerror” then “Game Data Initialize Failed” Please Help me ASAP.

  5. muneesh says:

    hey if u guys find a solving then plz send it on my gmail id if u can

  6. muneesh says:

    and i am using window 7 for playing the fiesta

  7. muneesh says:

    hi guys
    i have a error when i download the latest game called fiesta online form fiesta pagel’s invasion and after the patching when i run it an error comes when the fiesta is on its first stage (now loading )
    this error is “HairInfo.shn InitError!!” and after this “Game Data Initialize fail ” error.
    plz tell me what to do with this.

  8. confused says:

    when I log into store there no charge option to buy spark cash how do I get that icon back

  9. Hello Can someone tell me what my problem is-

    when I start the game the launcher comes up normally but when the loading screen comes up after I sign in an error message comes up saying

    Application Initialize Error

    BelongTypeInfo.shn Init Error


    then another one comes up saying

    Application Initialize Error

    Game Data Initialize Fail


    then when I click OK or X out the game closes entirely I don’t want to try to redownload because it took a very long time which is weird and I cant download the North American version even though thats the version with my old profiles and when I download from the website it never finishes installing or whatever. Help Plzzz.

  10. egecan says:

    i don’t see my chat in fiesta online chat program closed help me

  11. egecan says:

    yardım edin ne yazdığımı göremiyorum chat ekranı birden kapandı fiesta online’^da bug oldu

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am encountering a login problem. About a year ago, I was logging with my mail and everything was fine, I was allowed to type in the whole email.
    Now, when I’m trying to log in, the game doesn’t allow me to write my email, probably because it has reached the maximum letter capacity.
    I am very confused, because a while ago I was able to log in to the game without any ”too long email” problems.
    Any help??

  13. Anonymous says:

    i need help fixing the graphics of my fiesta online. i can't see my character and the monsters. they're only in plain colors. my computer has the requirements to play fiesta online.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i need help with getting rid of this 403 problem it says this site is closed for maintenance or you have not been invited to play yet

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