Fiesta Online Guilds Guide

Fiesta Online Guilds Guide by redassassin

Is known to most MMO’s that there should be the element of guilds to form a stronger pact or bond between sertain players and make them join a special community, could be just friendship, or race or even religion, Guilds are small groups of people joined under one name to work as a team and do special events according to GM(Guild master requests), Guilds in Fiesta are given a special activity as to war another guild or several guilds at the same time, you can choose either to make a warring guild or just an exivisionist.

1. Exivision Guilds:
These group of people work for peace and prefer not to war othe rguilds, these guilds are called non-war guilds, they cannot engage into battle, they seek to help players mainly new to finish quests and or work togetehr to Power level a friend or take things easy and just have fun.

2. War Guilds:
These guilds tend to look for more than helping, but to be ready to kill boredom and to experience the thrill to kill other players PKing( Player Killing) war guilds are one of the feared guilds specially when they are an old guild with 35 strong memebers,war guilds are the mst fun for people who see in their selves strength and potential to PK others, but sooner these memebrs grow tired of this actiity and make new guilds non-war.
War guilds is the only kind of guild that can give you new special war guild titles, if you win 3 guild wars in a row without logging of you get a cool title, please check the titles guide for more information.

* Positions of Guild members and ranks:
Like any other military groups, Guilds are considered Military camps under one flag under the name of their master and will fight for his/her cause, Guilds have ranks as well to show or to destiguish one player from another.

Guild master:
The true power and head of the guild, the founder in most cases the person who runs the guild, this position is the ring leader of the group and the guild will rise or fall depending on the master and on how he guids his guild mates, Guild masters can add new memebrs and the only power who can assign ranks to other memebrs, and or stand down from his/her position.

Admins are the most trusted memebrs to the master, they are the right hand seniors who have the power to either remove or add a memebrs, Admins are mainly people who have great trust and sometimes who were also the contributors of making the guild, they are important pilars, even with one untrustworthy admin could cause the guild to collapse.

Council is just another title that has no power in the guild whatsoever, but
Councils are given to higher rank players who have gone along way and might be promoted to admin, they are always the wise ones and mybe have greater experience and or know allot of good information the guild might benefit from it, or give good ideas to the admins or master on how to deal with problems and or make guild general planners.

They are the highest of soldier rankings elites , they are mainly Tankers or have been a while in the guild or show great potential, this have no power in the guild except fort the title and the respect that he is indeed a Guard, guards are given to curagious players and who show great potential in the future.

What guild is without these essential underlings? Members are verry important specially active memebrs who by them can either make a guild grow strong and popular or fall and be forgoten, they are considered soldiers of the guild and should obey higher ops, and expected to follow every instrucyion their officials tell them.

* How to make a guild?
1. Earn 300 Silver
2. Go To Town NPC “Guild master”
3. Make a guild
4. Name a guild
5. Choose good memebrs
6. Manage guild

* How To make a successful Guild?
“This Guide is how to make a successful Guild,and to do that there must all this elements”
1.Active Memebrs:
” In any Guild to be more successful and fun, there must be more active memebrs to join and participate and help one another, the one who chooses this active memebrs must have a good reputation among other players, knows his/her roales in KQ’s, and also fun to be with which makes him/her irresistable to refuse later when he/she asks for anyone to join his/her guild”
2.Guild Activities:
“Guild Activities maybe new to allot of new guilds here in Fiesta, running this kind of activities are most likely run by good Admins and Councils, The MAster may help too but the Guild Admins gives the Idea, and Councils approve to it and they will be the Money holders and controll finance and gift distribution, some examples of Guild activities will be as follows”

* Guild Activities:
1. Find the GM
“This event is like so, The Guild Master(GM),Goes for hidding,and the Memebrs go out finding him”
2. Check Point Race
“Race from one point to another, using Wooden horses or otehr rides”
3. Tag Your It
“This game is interesting several guild memebrs meet in Abyss and you have to follow one of your guild mates and hit him/her and he/she is it, and starts following you, ofcourse healing is prohibited and will disqualify the memeber, if the person dies he/she is out of the game, max players are 5”
4. Endurance Race
“This game can be a battle between two same level players with no armour or other items, and starts punching one another untill one dies, there can be 7 players hiting each other randomly untill one dies last one is the winner also, this can be held in Scafold execution Grounds, walking (not Running) on the long road that leads to Uruga monsters keep hitting ypou if you survive till the end to the gate of Uruga you win the game”
5. First one gets the Prize
“Players of the same levels are set on bringing 50Saps,or 10 Tender Meats..etc, the first person who brings these Items win”
6. Say your prayers
“This is a death match, and it is a Battle of one on one strong or week, last man standing is the winner”

Guild/ Party Titles:

Partygoer – Switch between 5 different parties in 1 hour.
Life Of The Party
Party Monster
Party Worshipper
Rookie Guild – Win 3 guild wars in a row.
Reputable Guild – Win 6 guild wars in a row.
Revered Guild – Win 9 guild wars in a row.
Matchless Guild – Win 10 guild wars in a row
Guild War Apprentice – Participate in 5 guild wars.
Guild War Participant – Participate in 10 guild wars.
Effort Maker – Participate in 20 guild wars.

Guild Academy:
Q. What is the Guild Academy.

A. This is the place where Players less than LV40 can join any guild academy for training and making leveling up exciting to the fact of great exp, gifts and money the master of that guild academy puts for the lower level characters,even if that player has a Guild he can join a different guild academy which they prefer.
ofcourse better offer more people join and Ranks up the guild.

Advantages of Guild Academies.

1. If a member in the Academy levels up, there will be a temporary guild buff.
2 .If a member in the Academy levels up, Guild Academy point will go up.
3. Assemble Academy point like this for 1 week and check the rank of the guild.
4. For the Guild that raised the Academy best will get a Guild Buff of maximum attack power and defense power 10%!
5. This Guild Buff will be applied separately depending on the rank 10%~5%.
6. This rank will be announced one time every week.

Graduating from The Guild Academy.

Once you join the Academy and reach level 40, you graduate ,when that happens You will be recorded on the Guild Hall of honor when you graduate the Academy.
Your ID recorded on this hall of Honor will remain for all eternity.
One Guild and one Hall of Honor. Imagine your name written on it forever.
Is there anything else worthier than having your name stored in the hall of Honor?

Guild Wars partisipation.

You will not be abble to join in that guild war because only memebrs of that guild can so if you are scared some high level character will kill you dont worry lower level characters wont be able to participate.

Regarding Guild Starage.

Only the Guild Academy master has privilages to this storage and the whoal settings of rewarding system and etc. and once a memebr of that guild puts in an Item in the storage you cannot withdraw it back only Master can.
When you graduate the Academy, your ID will remain forever in the Guild Hall of Honor.
After many tides passing by, and seeing your ID written on the Hall of Honor, you’ll bring back pleasant memories !,

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