Facebook I AM PLAYR Choices and Decisions Guide

Facebook I AM PLAYR Choices and Decisions Guide

Throughout the game you will have to make choices during video segments that can have a huge impact on the progress of the game. The following is a guide on the best choices to make in each of these cutscenes. Spoiler Alert.

First Party
Definitely go for the party, you get improve your relationship with the team and also meet some girls.

Training Tackle
Choose to go easy on your captain (Danny Deans). You don’t want to hurt your teammate just before a match. Get a little scolding from your coach, just take it like a man.

Injury Secret, Nurse’s Room
Protect your captain and help him keep his secret. You will earn his trust.

Practical Joke (Billy Laidlaw)
Roll with it. You will go to the party with both sleeves torn off in a makeshift sleeveless suit, getting cheers from your friends, getting the attention of a hot girl (Oh turns out her name is Vanessa).

Choosing your agent
Choose Deans Agent (Frank), you will still go to parties don’t worry about it. The next day Jug, one of your teammates will send you a message telling you that he signed with Laidlaw’s agent and that he’s not that good.

Beer with Danny Deans
Of course! Why not? (mm ok it used up 10 energy and I had a hangover during training the next day which ended terribly. But your relationship with Deans improves so there.)

The Hack
Keep Quiet. Don’t tell him anything of course!

A Word of Advice
Tell the nurse Darcy the truth. Be honest about your injuries. You want to get it treated right? Plus this option will also impress the manager and get you some nice praises from him.

Meet Natalia
So you meet this super model who wants to hook up with you and at the same time your girl (Kelly) calls. Choose to call your girl back cause that’s just the right thing to do.

Do Not lend Laidlaw the money cause he’s just gonna blow it all and you ain’t gonna get any of it back. (Your other friend wasn’t bluffing, he had a royal flush while Laidlaw had nothing.)

Text message from unknown
It’s that star manager guy (Joaquin Franks) who was on tv. Let’s just accept his invitation for now and see what he has to say. (Oops I think that was the wrong choice. Should’ve rejected his invitation I guess. My bad.)

Text message from Kelly
Text her back ya, better not make any more silly mistakes.

Captain Plastic
Go after Kelly! That stupid Natalia would make a mess out of your life grrrr..

A word from our sponsors
At this point Nike gives you a choice of 4 really good sneakers for free which gives you a +4 boost in 3 different areas. The choices are as follows.
Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite: +4 Control +4 Curl +4 Dribble
Nike Total90 Laser Elite: +4 Accuracy +4 Curl +4 Power
Nike Tempo Legend Elite: +4 Control +4 Power +4 Tackle
Nike Mecurial Vapor Superfly III: +4 Dribble +4 Power +4 Speed

I chose the Nike Mecurial Vapor Superfly III because I definitely don’t need +4 Curl from the first 2 sneakers and also I don’t need Tackle because the Shin Guards already give me a boost in Tackle.

On top of this you will also get a free Nike Total90 Command shin guard which gives you +2 Tackle.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how to text or call kelly???

  2. 5163 says:

    So this means Laidlaw is an evil person who should not be trusted.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kelly’s real name is Naomi Battrick for anyone wondering

  4. Anonymous says:

    Choose Lyroke horse (Ellie’s horse)

  5. GreenGray says:

    Whose the Hack?

  6. Clement says:

    How to even get a shoe permanently. I have to keep trialling the shoes

  7. Jacob says:

    At Silverstone, when choosing between the Helmet and following Tom, choose to wear the helmet. You’ll escape scot-free while Tom gets fined, while the other option flips the roles. WEAR HELMET.

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