Facebook I AM PLAYR Guide

Facebook I AM PLAYR Guide

What to train?
Train up Power and Accuracy because you’ll need them when you go for that goal. In the beginning you can afford to ignore Curl for now as there will not be many chances to use it. Update: As I progress further into the game, Curl is still rarely used so it is really quite safe to just put all your energy into power and accuracy.

Training is hard!
The training drills later on are hard indeed. Remember to aim higher than where you are shooting to account for the ball drop and shoot when the aiming circle is past its smallest point and begins to enlarge. But don’t wait till it becomes too big.

Remember that not only must you get the ball on target, it must also meet a minimum speed requirement so you need a certain power level in order to get the point. Thus training up your power takes the utmost priority when choosing which skill to train. Also make sure the ball does not touch the ground before hitting the target as that almost always slows down your ball too much and it ends up in a failure.

If you are stuck at a certain drill, you can always go back to a previous drill to level up your skill before attempting it again. You can also try a different area: If you’re stuck in a certain power drill, then level up your accuracy before trying it again.

How much energy to save for match prep?
I spent all my energy in training and none in match prep for the first two matches and I had a chance to score in each of them. Supposedly, spending more energy in match preparation will give you more chances to score but I guess it isn’t really needed in the early parts of the game. Later on you’ll probably need to set aside 5 energy for match preparation.

What do I do in match prep?
You must look at your opponent and match up your skills against his. If he’s got lots of speed you need lots of dribbling, if he’s got high skills in dribbling, you should improve your tackling etc.

The match is starting! What tactic should I use?
Watch the videos and you might be able to find some hints on the best strategy to use. I used the passing tactic for the first match since the talk show guys said that my team had a good defense but is lacking in offense. I guess the best tactic to use would best make use of your strengths and takes advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. Look at your stats and also your opponents stats to decide which tactic to use. I choose the tactic that corresponds to the lowest stat of the opposing team to take advantage of their worst weakness, this ended up in a hat-trick for me.

What should I do with my coins?
You can buy the largest pack of energy drinks with gives you 20 energy for 8 coins which is fantastic. Other than that, I absolutely recommend using it to buy equipment like new shoes. Don’t spend it on speeding up the rest period because its expensive and not really worth it.

Where do I get this Promo Code?
At this moment I have no clue. But I assume you can win promo codes through competitions and the likes.
UPDATE: Our generous friend krayzeejin has shared 4 promo codes with us worth 50 coins each! That means 200 coins! WOW! Here are the codes: ginsters1ginsters2, ginsters3 and r3dbull. Thanks a million krayzeejin!

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    newyeargoals gives you 5 coins happy new year

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    ginsters4 is another one but it's not any good just gives you 4 free trial points on FWD IV Prototype sneakers

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