Battlestar Galactica Online Guide to Destroying Other Ships

Battlestar Galactica Online Guide to Destroying Other Strikes, Escorts, and Line Ships by Brock7142

Strikes are the starting craft, each one has it’s own role, but can bet “Crossed” between roles.

Per the Triangle Strike Ships beat Line Ships, Line Ships beat Escort Ships, and Escort Ships beat Strike Ships.

This post will be pretty big, so I hope you like reading, i’ll explain the weakpoints in strategising points/routes of attack on each individual ship. Know that information, can keep you outside of it’s firing radius, exploit the blind spots, and move in for the kill. Regardless of what kind of ship you have. Although Lineships, if you’re in a Lineship and taking a Strike Ship on by yourself, you’re dead. Just jump. don’t bother fighting a strike because you’re going to lose if that Strike knows what he’s doing. Don’t matter if it’s a Viper, Raider, Heavy Raider, Raptor, Marauder, or Rhino. You’re dead.

SO. Let’s start with weakpoints on the Cylon Strike Ships:

Because of the size of the Raider, exploiting it’s blindspots will completely dictate the angles you attack it from. No matter if it has three cannons, or five. Use caution on the angle. I’ve never seen a Raider with five cannons, but when they have four, they are all forward aiming. Take the front of the Raider, and the arc of the points on the wings. make an imaginary circle to the front, and anything outside of that small circle, is outside of it’s arc of fire.

Best way to attack a Cylon Raider, is from the side, or the rear. Preferably at a lower elevation. Because it’s cannons are mounted on top, keeping the low ground, even from the front to front, will make it harder for him to shoot you.

Cylon Heavy Raider:

The Cylon Heavy Raider is large, it’s arc of fire is even shorter than the arc of fire of the Raider, in comparison to the size. take the two front “posts” if you will, anything in that section it can shoot at, since it’s guns are all mounted on top, just like the Raider, keep the lower elevation to decrease weapons capability to shoot you. Any direct assault fromt he sides, or rear is the easiest, and safest. You can destroy a Heavy Raider easily before it really has any real time to react if yout ime your shootings within 400 meters. If the Pilot hasn’t located you on Dradis by the time you’re that close to him, he deserves to be destroyed.

Marauder, I’ve never played as a Marauder, but judging from what I’ve seen, it’s firing Arc, anything within it’s wingspan point to point, and approx 15 degrees outside of the tips, both top and bottom, can be fired at. Taking a Marauder head on, regardless if you’re above or below (especially above) is putting yourself subject to his/her cannons. Let it pass you, ang attack it from the rear sides, or direct rear. ALWAYS avoid going head-on with it at all costs.

Cylon Escorts:

Spectre, Spectre is a Command Ship, but it’s an Escort, it’s weapons seem to shoot from the top through both sides, and then there are two near the front (but not the tip) towards the middle. All of it’s weapons are on the very top, if you can identify top to bottom, stay as low as possible elevation wise at all times. It can shoot targets out to the rear and out to the sides, and the front (essentially creating a 360 degree arc of fire) depending on the angle, it can bring two weapons to bear on you at anytime. Don’t attack it from above if at all possible, again, go to a lower elevation, and it can’t hit you. Watch your angle compared to it, and you can have free-fire on it, and it wont be able to touch you. Watch how it turns etc on you.

The Wraith:
It has a blindspot 100 Meters dead center to the front. from the dead center front, to the tip of each wing, it has a full 90 degree hit radius on both sides to the front. If you’re further than 100 meters, it has a complete 180 degree arc of fire. Again, it’s weapons are mounted ontop, keep a lower elevation as much as possible. if you see one, best way to initiate an attack on it, is directly from the sides, the rear sides, rear, or directly underneath it. You’ll be able to do maximum damage before it can react to you, if you time your attack right, and whether or not the player is checking Dradis often.

The Banshee, it has two cannons to the front, and to the rear, it shares the same frontal blindspot as the Wraith. 100 meters it’s cannons can’t touch you at the front. at the rear, it’s blindspot is 75 meters dead center. It can bring two cannons to bear from the front, and two cannons to each side, and two to the rear. At the rear, it has a blindspot (at least it looked that way earlier today) dead center at 75 meters. Underneath it, there are no weapons. Safest way to attack it with minimal damage like the others, are from a lower elevation.

Line Ships:

Hel directly from the front, it can only bring a max of two cannons onto you based on how it’s turned to you, because if it’s large size, unless you’re in an Escort at long range, or in another Lineship, it has to turn left and right constantly to bring rounds onto you. If you’re directly above it, it can’t hit you. Take the center point of the thickest part of it, and towards the back, there is a 75 degree blindspot it can’t shoot at. Again, at lower elevations, it’s an easy target. It can’t shoot you at lower elevations due to weapon placement. So if you’re in a strike group, break up, have a guy go from as high up as possible and come down on it, while others hit directly from the bottom and another goes as far back to the rear, turns around, free reign at the rear, it can’t get you.

The Fenrir, unlike most Lineships, it has two cannons on the bottom, so if you hit it from the front, being at a lower elevation IS safer, but it’ll still have two cannons to bring on you. Take the middile of the ship, look at the part where it starts to get thick, and anything behind that point, both top, and bottom, is a blind spot. It can’t shoot you past that point. top bottom, or sides. To engage a Fenrir, NEVER attack head on, go off to the sides, get behind the section where it starts to thicken up, turn around, free reign to completely blast it sky high.

The Jormong:
To the Front tip of it, both top, and bottom, don’t matter about angle, it can bring a cannon to shoot you. It has three cannons on each side towards the top. Only blindspot is after you pass it’s front, top cannon, anything between it’s sides it can’t shoot if you’re on top. If you’re on a lower elevation, there are no weapons to shoot you with once you’re pass its tip point. At the rear, it has a blindspot within 150 meters, it’s rear cannons can’t touch you if you’re lined up center with its engines. Anything at a lower elevation, it can’t touch at all. I’ve seen them in action, and players had to rotate ASAP the instant targets started getting across the sides, or below it. Which tells me that’s where a blindspot is the player was trying to defend.

Colonial Ships:

Strike Ships:

Viper: For a point of reference, look where the front tip is, and make an imaginary circle aroun the tip, to the tip of it’s wings. Anything outside of that circile, it can’t shoot. Get Low, or to the sides (angles, or directly to the side, or directly to the rear) and it’s free reign. Skilled Pilot will allow the Viper to pass, and release all it has.

Raptor: if the pilot doesn’t have a gun on the front, bottom tip, lower elevations it can’t touch. draw a horizontal line past the point it’s wings start getting thick, and that is the blindspot it can’t shoot you past that point. Just like an Assault Ship, or a Raider or Heavy Raider, don’t attack head on. However, unlike the Heavy Raider, the Raptor has no blind spot at the front below. which is the trade off between the Heavy Raiders Blindspot, and the Raptors Blind Spot.

Rhino: Top elevation, to the front, there is a blindspot within 100 meters. Unlike the Marauder’s 50 meter blindspot. It has two cannons on the top mounted on the tip of each wing. below it, there are two cannons. So whether higher or lower elevations, attacking it head on is suicide. Past the tip of each wing to the rear, or directly on the side, is free reign. It can’t touch you past that point regardless of elevation. So keep that in-mind when you go toe-to-toe with it.

Escort Ships:

Scythe, blindspot from the front, the part where the tip starts to get thick, to the rear, is a complete blindspot. (above) below it, go from lower elevations. BUT, in the MIDDLE of it on the bottom, there is a cannon. once you past the thickest part, to the rear, it can shoot you. if you’re at a low elevation coming in from the rear, it’s cannon can hit you with ease. when attack from the rear, or the side, keep at a higher elevation. When attacking from the front, keep a lower elevation. It’s tricky, but you will get used to it the more of them you clobber.

Maul. It has a cannon to the front, below, and to the front above. If you’re far enough (outside of 200 meters) the cannons on each wing can hit you, if you’re above, it can bring three cannons to bear on you at once. get in close, if you’re going to engage it, try and get behign the tips of both wingtips, or if you’re atacking from a lower elevation, once you get passed the first cannon, it’s free reign if you’re below it. to the sides, anything past the wings it can’t touch. So plan your attack accordingly.

Glaive, front, top, two cannons to bear down on you. Between the two front, top cannons (to each side of the bridge on the widest points) with a Strike ship within 100 meters to the center, front, it can’t hit you. Once you pass the front part of it, and it starts getting thicker, there are two cannons on each side. It’s front cannons can also shoot off to the side. Don’t attack it from the side unlees you’re at a lower elevation, when I destroyed the last three glaives, they weren’t able to shoot me at lower elevations, and once you pass the thin part of it, it’s cannons can’t touch you, whetner you’re above, or below it. As usually, juicy spot is underneath, it’s free reign. as well as the rear past the thin portion of it.

Line Ships:

Jotunn: This ship is tricky… If you’re above it, it has two cannons in the front to hit it. And two cannons on each wing tip in the rear, one on top, one on bottom of each “wing”. If you fly in the middle of it, (past the front cannons) on top, or bottom, it’s cannons can’t touch you. If you’re above between the rear wings, it can’t touch you, and as long as you stay above or below within the wingspan, it can’t touch you. Or if you’re a the rear it can’t touch you. Those are the weak spots. If you’re flying a Strike, it’s weapons are incredibly inaccurate against you anyway. So don’t worry too much about it’s guns. But do be cautious about flak cannons, they are annoying…

Aesir: When you go up against an Aesir, Remember it has a 270 degree coverage. only thing it’s top cannons cannot cover is the rear, and rear angles. If you’re below it, it has one cannon at the front tip. once you’re past that cannon, it’s free reign from below. From the top, fly towards the top, along the middle section, it can’t shoot you. There is a blindspot between the front cannons, and first set of side cannons. the first set of side cannons only have a 90 degree radius toward the front, sides, and the next set only has 90 degree towards the rear. Between the farthest rear cannons (on the “tips” of the thick part at the rear toward the front) and the next set of cannons towards the front, there is an 180 degree kill zone for both cannons to go on you. So if you attack it from the side, be on as low of an elevation as possible. From the thickest part on the rear to the front/immediate sides, there is a 180 degree fire zone. Stay out of it. Go past the ends, and it can’t shoot you. But keep in mind, if you’re attacking from above, the third set of side cannons can hit you. So stay as much towards the middle as possible, or as far to the rear as possible. Anything underneath it, once past the first cannon ont he bottom, it’s free reign to be destroyed.

Venir: This ship, is crazy LOL. When you go up against a Venir, get within 200 meters between the two tips on each side, and it can’t shoot you. there is a HUGE blind spot bwteen the two “rods”. between the two rods, and the side pieces that stick out, there is a 90 degree killzone for both cannons on each side. (think of an “L” shape on each side of the rods away from the middle)Towards the rear of it, once you pass the first two sets of cannons on either side, there is a cannon on each side that acts as an “L” Shape defence, if you stay in the middle of the ship, or towards the engines, it can’t hit. you. Anything below the ship, and it can’t hit you. But watch for EW attacks, because IDK for certain, but when I went against a Venir, my Heavy Raider literally self-destructed. I got past the two middle spikes, making my way along the middle of it towards the engines, and out of nowhere I go from 500HP to 0 immediately after I was attacked with EW. So IDK if it does or not, but it seems to have an EW weapon that can make ships blow themselves up. So keep that in mind when fighting it. (which is probably to make-up for the lack of weapon coverage)

Hope this helps, any questions for clarification, feel free to ask.

When tackling Line or Escort Ships, it’s always easier if you have another person or more people, because then you can coordinate the attack on the weak points.

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