Battlestar Galactica Online Escorts Guide

Battlestar Galactica Online Escorts Guide by ChristopherXen

Welcome to level 10. By now you have no doubt seen your facitons abandon base and spoken to Chief Tyrol of Number Eight. You have no doubt gone through and looked at all the Escorts and Lines and thought long and hard about which one to get. Allow me a few minutes to help put together some things to consider about escorts.

Escorts bear a variety of roles. They are a superior mining ship, a excellent and cost effective NPCer, they are superb hunter-killers, and outstanding in group defence. The roles of the escorts vary from person to person, they are more survivable in pvp, and 2-3 can, with some thought and skill, take on a line. This class of ship, no matter if you are a Strike or Line Pilot, will greatly benefit you as its increased fire power and cost is low enough that it will be your money and tylium maker.

Like Line ships and Strikes, each escort comes with its own type, Assault (Tank), Interceptor (Super fast), and Command (The perfect mixture of both plus power and computers). The most important thing is to examine your style of play, and these ships are ideal as a stepping stone into a Line ship. Gotta learn too crawl before you learn to walk. As you cater your skills to be that PvP strike god(goddess), or be that which lurkes in the nightmares of the enemy fleet in your Line, you will find the escorts you fly allow you to develope and integrate alot of your play style.

The Assault and Interceptor classes will cost you 600,000 tylium upfront, and 45k cubits to upgrade them. The Command ship is 60.000 cubits, and is considered fully upgraded off the show room floor.

The Assualts : Wraith / Maul

These pitbulls feature the ruggedness to get you through either some muderous npc spawns, or carry you through some thick PvP combat. Ideally suited for guns due to a slightly lower powerstore, they are the light tanks of the fleet, and often found to be the workhorse of both factions. With 4(5 advanced) armor slots, you can custom tailor your tanking style easily with significant hit points for its size. They do carry a drawback as they can occassionally be outmanuvered by some crafty strikes and other escorts, and while they offer a decent speed, do not expect to chase down pesky raiders or vipers. It should be noted that if you are Line bound, this is a good warm up ship.

The Interceptors : Banshee/Scythe

These highly agile speed demons are very comfortable in raiding parties and wolfpacks. They find thier home chasing down targets, and can even in the end game rival mid grade strikes for speed. While they do require significan practice NPCing, they are very adept in PvP. With 4-5 Engine slots you can tailor these speed demons to be agile, nimble, and FAST. If getting in and out and running down other players is your thing, then the Interceptor is the choice for you. It is a plus as well if your skills are tailored for being a professional strike, as manuverability, speed, and avoidance do help ALOT. These ships are super strike killers, but do keep in mind that going toe to toe with heavier Escorts and Lines, do require a form of skill and finesse. Its not a broadsword, its a rapier, and it is deadly when handled elegently.

The Command Ships : Spectre / Glaive

For 60,000 cubits, this versitile prowler can be yours. Often finding thier way into hardworking hands, these ships offer a sweet mixture of armor, speed, and manuverability. With 5 computer slots stock you have the ability to use the Electronic Warfare and Electronic Support combined with the Capacitor back ups to always keep those missiles and guns alive. These ships are a great addition to a fleet as they do have the ability to top out at around 75+ m/s mid to endgame. Thier sensor range offers the ability to sniff out and hunt down miners hiding in asteroid belts, as well as give the fleet a heads up as it approaches its objective. But do NOT let the nerdage of computers fool you, these craft do have the armor to stick it out with other escorts and strikes, and are manuverable enough to crawl up on a Line’s Blindspot. Between power, armor, and speed these babies are the perfect hunter killers in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Important is to consider the appropriate mix of weapons for your new moneymaker and life taker. I never recommend mixing with them, though im sure many pilots will swear by it. Here’s why. These weapons take some power, but remember, you need to fly one specific way to make your set up work. With 1.6 if you get into a scrape with some strikes, your missiles wont be able to help your guns. In turn if you are a missile boat you need to stay far away from your target. as one gun on a side, prolly wont save you. At this point you need to consider your skills prior to going into weapons, as well as what you will use the ship for. Guns are superb all around, and missiles, are best for NPCs and situations that you will not have something dashing up on you.

Weapons :
GP Missiles, or General Purpose Launchers, are effective for fleet engagements where your trying to pick strikes off a line or your buddies. They are harder for a strike to dodge as they are alot more manuverable than the long range. BECAREFUL where you release these. Strikes may not be able to out run the missile, but they can out range it, meaning if you release your payload to soon on a fleeing strike, your missiles will probably run out of gas before they reach thier target. A good rule of thumb is know your max range and 2/3 to 3/4 of that range is the ideal release zone, where the missile will have the fuel to catch up to the opponent.

Long range Missiles. Are the perfect NPC weapon at times, but very decent in taking out strikes or picking on other escorts and lines. The only real drawback is the manuverability. It is not uncommon to see escorts dodge these out and gun them down. Remember, if a escort can dodge this and Starbuck or Scar wannabe can too.

Short Range Cannons. Rapid fire cannons, almost nuff said. These cannons are super for NPCing as they tear thier targets to shreds, for pvp you will be able to rip up lines fairly quickly and easily, but remember your an escort, so while helping or takinging on lines is your role as an escort, fighting strikes may leave you at a disadvantage because to shred them in PvP, the strike must be lacking in the brain department, very unlucky, or a mix of the above. Think of these as Uzi’s

GP or General purpose cannons offer a high rate of fire, not as high as the short, but they can reach out and touch someone better than the short range. They are the assault rifle of the escort cannons. GREAT for npcing and fighting other escorts and lines.

Long range Cannons. Best association to these is a Heavy Machine Gun. They do very well in pvp with a nice range of just over 1000m, They can pick off strikes trying to run, or allow you to safely make strafing runs on a station. For PvP this is the cannon for you. It also does semi decently with PvE.

I hope this guide helps you make your selection. Remember there are a few vital things to consider with every tool. What will you use it for? Is this going to be your miner/NPCer? Will this be for ganking and running down? Will it before fleet support? In the end upgrading a Escort is never a horrible idea, especially considering that it can quickly kill for low cost.

NOTE: Any useful additions or modifications I will add. Input and conversation is welcome.

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2 Responses

  1. Serious logic flaw you have there... says:

    You say short range canons are bad vs strike class, not true.
    Strikes are faster than escorts, they will close in on you very fast, so your long range cannons will not kill them (not even seriously damage them) before they get in close to you.
    Strike = avoidance, so more shots per second (read short range – rapid fire guns) will have a better chance of hitting them (per second) when they attack you (Just use a RCS slide and shred strikes to pieces).
    Also when you go in a turning battle (>500m, your short range guns [upgraded] will be in optimal range) with an enemy escort, guess who will win?The guy firing once in 1.8 seconds or the guy firing once in 1.2 seconds….
    Long range guns are good if you plan to fly your escort like it is a line (which it ain’t). They are only good when someone is trying to run away from you, which isn’t that much of a problem. First you must fight them, and survive in order to shoot at someone running away….
    Be careful though, having all short range will drain your power quick (best IMHO is to combine them with gp cannons)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice guide,man. I hope this helps for when I get an Escort. I'm thinking about getting the Glaive. It would be nice if you could add recommended skills, like you did in your Line ship guide.

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