APB Reloaded Tips and Advice

APB Reloaded Tips and Advice by JesterCK

Team weapon load-outs:

If possible try to load out your team so as you have a tactical advantage, if your objective is in a tight alley in financial district massing short range weaponry is fine. However generally speaking a mixture of Medium / Long range weaponry and short range weaponry flankers is a superior weapon set. An example would be 1-2 submachine guns/Shotguns, one assault rifle, and one sniper.


Notify your team of enemies in the vicinity of the team: 2 NW, 1 S, ETC. Also let your teammates know if you’ve died and how. “I’m down – 2 subs south” etc. Your entire team can get wiped out by a single flanker if they don’t realize you’ve died.

Creating plans / tactics during mission play. Johnny / Bobby draw their fire long range, Sammy flank from South, Billy flank from NE.

Game Tactics and Suggestions:

Be sure to check the mission description at each progressive level as the objective can change from a timed mission to lives or simple objectives to one with a timer and limited lives to accomplish said goal, before you know it you’ve lost the mission and don’t know why.

When a mission switches to lives, make sure you verbally inform your team that it is the case, it’s almost GUARANTEED someone doesn’t realize that the objectives have switched to lives.

When the enemy has taken control of a defensible position, assault as a coordinated group else die a hell of a lot and still lose the mission.

If half or more of the team dies and your enemy have control of the area, wait to regroup & create a quick assault plan before you head back into the fire zone. Don’t and you are against skilled enemies you will die over and over, single file.

Combat Tactics:

Always use cover, cover is the key to living and succeeding in APB. Move using cover, fight using cover.

Scenario: I am using a sub machine gun, a sniper in the street at max range is picking team members off, stopping my teammate from capturing the objective. I will charge the sniper using what ever cover I can find to put something between him and myself until I get in my weapon range.

I have successfully used mail boxes, cars, signs, barrels, anything you can find to stop / deflect bullets. This will do two things, give your teammate time to capture while you distract the enemy, and get you closer to your kill zone.

Create tactical positions at objectives:

Fight in positions that you can assist each other without having to change positions.

Example: If I am using a sub I will pick a corner to wait for enemies that my teammates have line of sight out of, they can help me kill the enemy and call out enemy presence if I don’t see them. Same goes the other way around If I have the Rifle I’ll over-watch a position that I can watch my position and turn around and help a teammate kill his opponent.

Adapt to the enemies tactics:

If the enemy are using subs and owning you position yourselves in crossfire over watch positions, to allow double teams on enemies.

If the enemy is in over-watch positions and you have mostly short range weapons or only use short range have one of your long range teammates draw their attention while teammates sneak into range and coordinate shredding them.

These are just a few things that you can do to help prolong your life, and your fun, in San Paro.

________________________________________________________________________Jester’s Shotgun Tactics


I have found it better if you move the mouse as little as possible, instead strafing left and right to help keep your crosshair on the target. Also using marksman mode (AKA Aiming down the sights/ADS) does VERY little to affect the spread of the shotgun and it slows you down, so I *personally* don’t do it.


Wait at a corner. When an enemy approaches, call it out as soon as you notice them (See Communication above). When the enemy gets within 10 meters of you, pop out just enough to get a shot off and pop back behind cover just long enough to ready the next shell. This tactic usually makes enemies think you’re either retreating or reloading, and they will continue moving towards you. Pop back out and shoot again. Repeat until the enemy dies or retreats. If the enemy retreats and you have scored at least two good shots on them, you may consider pursuing them to finish them off, but be wary of other enemies that may be laying in wait.


Try to avoid open areas when advancing towards an objective. Corner pop when possible. If the enemy/enemies are distracted by your teammates, get as close as you can before opening fire. It’s risky, but it’s the most effective considering the short range of the shotguns. If the enemy has noticed you, corner pop without shooting to try to get them to waste ammo. If you see them start reloading, light them up.

Combination Attack:

Throw a grenade before shooting them to make the kill as quickly as possible. I personally use this tactic with great success against distracted enemies and enemies in tight locations. I prefer the Percussion grenades for this tactic, since it detonates on impact.

The JG is superior to the NFAS in most situations, even though it fires much slower and reloads sooner, its spread is tighter and its damage is higher. But there are certain situations where the NFAS is more useful: Defending a hallway from multiple attackers and Assaulting a small, tight location where the enemies don’t have much room to move.

Personal Recommendation: Take the JG. Stock it will kill an enemy in 3 shots if they’re very close, 2 if they’re point-blank.

________________________________________________________________________Jester’s Sniper Tactics


Try to position yourself far enough away from the action that the enemies don’t want to bother trying to shoot at you, but in a good enough position that you can see them long enough to get a couple of shots off. Rooftops and bridges across an open area/down the street from the objective are the best places. Positioning yourself between their respawn points and the objective is ideal, but takes some practice to know where they are going to be coming from.

Pistol Switching:

With the HVR, after you land one hit, you can usually switch to a pistol and 1-2 shots will finish the enemy off if your pistol packs enough punch. However, in closer range situations, I have found it best to hit them with the pistol first before switching to your sniper rifle. If you hit them with the sniper rifle first, they are likely to panic and get to cover before you have the chance to hit them with your pistol, so my advice is to use the pistol first so they won’t instantly run away.


Try not to move as much as possible. Any movement throws off your shot. If you swap to your sniper after a pistol hit, crouch and marksman before taking your shot.


Many times I have tag-teamed enemies with someone using an Obeya. Let them hit the enemy before you take your shot, and the enemy goes down before he realizes what is happening. It takes more coordination, but the result is the equivalent of Pistol Switching at range and works very well when you are defending a VIP from an elevated position.

The HVR shoots much slower than the DMR, but deals SIGNIFICANTLY more damage. I recommend the HVR.


More Gameplay Tips and Tricks for New Players by Coreldan

This is just something that is very obvious for many, but something that might take time to learn for new players. We’er playing a game where a lot of people have hundreds of hours of experience while there will be a huge flow of new players once the game is opened. Here are some tips that might help the journey of a new player, since you often end up grouping up or end up as back up for more experienced people who may get frustrated if you don’t know “simple things”.

I won’t really go into stuff like what weapons, cars or upgrades to use, these are more of a general gameplay tips to not get totally pwned in the game. Also explains some of the pretty common phenomenom in the game that might feel weird to a new player.


Let’s start with movement. APB is pretty unique due to the way the character and camera handles. When you arn’t firing your weapon (or 5s after that) the camera spins around the character freely. This has quite a big impact on how the game plays.

Panning around corners without exposing yourself is extremely easy due to this. When you are attacking you can try looking around corners without exposing yourself, but chances are the defender is doing just the same. If possible, this is how you should attempt to defend. It naturally depends on your weapon (most effective with actual CQB weapons), but you should try to look down at doorways and other passages the enemy is likely trying to use to get to the objective. Once the you see the enemy coming and he’s at a suitable range, pop out of the corner and get a drop on him. This is probably one major reason for wallhack accusations and whatnot. Just remember that you can be seen even if you can’t see anyone.

Other common source of hackusations comes from the snapping the character can do. If your character is looking at another way while the camera is panned the other way, you can still aim and the fraction you fire your weapon, your character will instantly snap to the direction of the crosshair. So just cos someone did a sudden 180 degree snap at you doesn’t mean they cheat, they might’ve been looking at you all the time. Especially good to remember when tryin to sneak up on people.

Sort of related to this is the fact that hitboxes are standard size for everyone. So chances are that even if you’re character is completely hidden, your hitbox won’t be. This often occus as being shot through walls or through other obstacles, so ensure that you are well behind the wall and remember that low obstacles most likely arn’t safe. You can also be shot if you are behind a car, since the ride height usually gives enough slack to aim under it. Tires don’t block bullets either. Out of mission vehicles don’t block bullets either. NPC vehicles do, if they are driven by the NPC, a player in your mission or if they are empty. Even if someone is visually hidden, you can try scanning the area around with your crosshair to see if the crosshair turns red. If it does, their hitbox is visible and can be hit, so try to take some potshots at them

Weapons can be reloaded while sprinting, but the system seems to have a tendency to bug at times and I’ve found it work the best when you start the reloading before you start sprinting. Some weapons such as the JG are pretty prone to this bug and often stop reloading midsprint for no apparent reason.

Sprinting does not make you show up on the radar. Only firing your weapon (and for a short period afterwards) and driving a car make you visible on the radar, except for if you are Prestige/Notoriety 5 and naturally in missions where people are given “legal wallhacks” by showing your location in the HUD.

Something that makes a big difference between a good player and a not-so-good player is teability to utilize the shoulder switch feature. It is bound to V by default and chances the camera and weapon to another shoulder. This simple button will save you from a lot of bullets from hitting the wall you are peeking around. The character will automatically perform the same thing if you are leaning, but leaning requires marksmanship mode, which is not optimal for many, especially the CQB weapons out there. I’ve personally bound it to Mouse 5 and chances are I press that button more than I actually press LMB to shoot! Remember that unlike in many games,in APB the rounds go off at the end of the barrel, not from your forehead, meaning many shots that would seem to be clean shots judging from the crosshair, might hit the wall.

How to work in a team

In APB putting the mission and the team ahead of your own personal success is important. Nobody gives a crap if you had 20-2 if you lost the mission. If there are no lives, don’t be afraid to die if it means you manage to drop the item off meanwhile. Many people automatically sort of know to act the way I sort of try to tell here, but many newer players don’t always realize it.

It’s about simple things. Let’s look at a few scenarios:

1) You’re playing in a team of 4. The driver parks outside the objective while the 3 guys run out to get it. When the objective has been completed, the three guys run back at the car. Something that saves time is that the first players to get back to the car should run around it and go to the passenger seats on the other side. It pisses me off greatly so see people run into the first available seat, while we waste precious seconds waiting for the last guy to run around, when you could’ve done that. So save the closest spot for the one who’s last to arrive.

2) Sometimes in a real tight situation you need to get an item out for example out from the heat of battle. You manage to grab some 2 door off the streets but your friend spawned near and also jumped into it. You’re approaching the teammate with the item. What you should do is probably jump out of the car yourself, the guy with the item (or if he’s the VIP) is a lot more important than one life for you. Optionally with good coordination you can save time and stop so that the carrier can pop the item in the trunk and off you go.

3) You just had a tight fight at the objective and it got completed. Don’t stay there fighting and farming kills for no reason, get to the next objective fast! There are exceptions for this though: Sometimes when I see that couple of my teammates already started heading towards the next place, I can try and see whether I can slow down and keep my enemies stuck at the last objective. Often in groups people tend to think that they should go get that easy lone guy, which is great for making them waste time to buy more time for your teammates. Other good exception for this is, if the enemy got an item from the objective and now all you have is a drop-off marker. If you see the item is in the ground, you know that they will have to pick it up to have something to drop off. Sometimes it’s more efficient to guard the dropped item, instead of rushing to the drop off as some drop offs are nearly instant and are in places that can be basically rushed and dropped before the defense can really even react.

4) Another scenario comes into mind. It was placed in Waterfront at the warehouse areas We had to jack this car from a very open area and the warehouse right near had perfect roof access and before we knew, it was occupied by the enemy sniper who basically kept us so pinned down that we couldn’t get to the objective. I went up there but the situation still favored the sniper. I would’ve most likely died myself if I tried to go and kill him. Instead I kept taking cover and firing a few rounds at him every time he tried to get back to defending the car below. Over the duration of what was probably 5 minutes, I got zero kills but keeping the enemy sniper pinned and unable to act gave my teammates enough time to secure the car and head off.

Some more random teamplay tips. Communication is everything. Call out targets, the radar is pretty good for this: “One coming from North East” “Two coming in a car from west”. If you get killed, it’s helpful to say where were you, what weapon was the enemy using as well as if he’s wounded if you managed to land some hits as well. When there’s several objectives to raid for example, calling out targets as in “I’ll go for A” is important so you don’t have 4 guys sitting at one objective while the other 3 objectives remain untouched. In tight situations calling out how much is the objective done is important too “A is halfway through” or if you were fe. raiding a door and it was just a fraction from being finished, it’s good to let people know so they just need to tap it to push it to the next stage. It’s also good to call out if you managed to take someone out as well as to inform the area seems clear.

Try sporting a variety of weapons. Usually the best teams have all ranges covered. A CQB weapon, a midrange weapon and a long range weapon. Often the situation warrants for a different weapon. If you need to defend extremely tight indoors area, having a HVR may not be the best for that, unless you can find a vantage point outside to watch the door, for example but you get the point. MSU and Field Supplier are extremely good, remember to use them. You can also change your loadout at mailboxes, car spawns, contacts and the Joker ammo vending machines.


Driving is a major part in APB and easily makes or breaks a mission. If barely possible, try to let the good driver drive the car in a tight situation, but there are times where you simply can’t waste any extra seconds and you just have to drive it yourself. Also the one who has a primary that can’t be fired out of the vehicle is a good candidate for a driver as well as the VIP or item carrier who didn’t have time to put the item in the trunk.

Mind how you park the car, there’s just about zero reason to drive/park the car head on to a wall. When you’re in a hurry to get out, you’re wasting lots of time having to reverse and turn. I often do an emergency break to get the car sideways, you can hop out of the vehicle while it’s still moving and turning and it’ll keep moving. Knowing the car you drive helps pulling this off and it saves a great amount of time in the pinch when you can start driving directly forwards.

If your teammate is carrying a heavy objective and you arn’t in huge danger, try to stop the car so that he can easily put it in the trunk, this frees his hands to fire weapons outside the car. You will eventually learn when it’s a good idea to put items in the trunk and when it’s the best idea to just go. Putting it in the trunk gives your team more firepower, but holding it in your hand gives speed as you don’t have to put it in the trunk as well as you can get out of the car and directly go to the drop off point. I’ve won many missions just cos my driver managed to stop the car right outside the drop off and I had the item in my hand, meaning I just had to get out of the car and I was already on the spot. While suicidal, most likely, it’s easier to push the mission to the next stage when you dont have to go pick up the item from the trunk while you’re being shot.

If you’re driving to the objectives and you got a car full of people, for the love of God dont stop and get out yourself at the closest objective. Hopefully someone has called that they take that objective or then u just slow down at the objective and wait for someone to jump out. Then you drive the next guy to the next objective, etc, until you’re at the furthest objective yourself if needed. After that you go pick up the first guy who is probably ready by now. This naturally sort of depends how far in the objectives are from the roads. Remember, success = teamwork. In many situations it’s good to keep the car ready instead of going to fool around at the objective yourself. Turn the car and maybe reverse it as close to the objective if you can.

If you are chasing the other teams cars for example in an item hold or VIP, 9 times out of 10 it’s most likely a bad idea to try chasing them like a dog. Cars don’t have enough variety in their stats and you will end up relying that they mess up and crash or you won’t catch them. If the chase starts/stays close enough, with certain amount of firepower in your car you can also chase them. What you should do is open your map and try to predict where they might drive and cut em off. Most people will foolishly just follow the big roads and drive full speed. You are most prone to being cut off when you do this. Take surprising turns as possible when being chased to avoid driving into an ambush. Don’t circle around the same area too much and try not to advance to the direction your enemies are. Complaining that all these chase mission suck cos its impossible to catch people is not a valid complaint if all you did was chase them instead of attempting to cut them off. If you are being chased, it’s good to at least try to drive through some gas stations to get even a bit of repairing in. It can be fatal to actually stop to get the full repair cycle off, instead try to drive through several gas stations.

Often it’s also better to simply spawn a new car instead of trying to repair almost a completely broken vehicle. The difference between winning and losing a mission can be seconds in APB. Just yesterday I lost two missions I would’ve won if the mission timer would’ve lasted couple of seconds longer.

I hope some of this is helpful. I may expand this to cover more areas of the game, but here’s something that popped in my mind while on a train home


Misc Tips and Tricks for New Players by Goshee

What this is: This guide contains short lists of useful information that you may not know or understand when you first start playing the game. They are simply things i wish i knew when i started playing.

What this is not: This is not a tactical gameplay guide, a money making guide or a design guide

So without further ado, here is a list of useful tips & tricks to help you through your first few days as a new blood in San Paro.

Firstly, I can see a lot of questions regarding downloading the game client


– If you haven’t already, I suggest you make your game account now using the Register link in the upper right corner of the page

– To download the game client you must first download Gamers First Live

– To do this simply visit www.gamersfirst.com

– Click the big green button “Get Free Games” then follow the instructions given

– After downloading & installing Gamers First Live you are now ready to begin downloading the APB: Reloaded client

– Run Gamers First Live and find APB: Reloaded within the given list of games and click INSTALL

– You will then begin to download the core data of the game to a location of your choice on your PC

– After the download is complete, run the setup file and the install wizard will guide you through the rest

– After the game is successfully installed you will no doubt need to update your client with the automatic patching system, simply run the APB launcher and hit start on the client to begin.

*Note* Patching can take anywhere between a few seconds to several hours depending on the size of the patch and the amount of traffic present

– After the patching is complete you are now ready to begin playing the game!


– APB: Reloaded is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) first person shooter (FPS) game owned by the K2 Network

– APB is an abbreviation for All Points Bulletin

– In real life, an all-points bulletin is a broadcast issued from one US law enforcement agency to another. It typically contains information about a wanted suspect who is to be arrested or a person of interest, for whom law enforcement officers are to look. They are usually dangerous or missing persons.

– APB once belonged to a company named Real Time Worlds (RTW) Which declared bankruptcy late last year

– The K2 Network stepped in at the last minute (like a knight in shining armour) to save the game, buying all intellectual property rights over the material.

– The K2 Network has since been working on the game, understanding that it was previously rushed into release and so have gone back making heavy improvements to the way things work.

– APB: Reloaded Is currently in closed beta, with open beta around the corner. Release is expected to be sometime early this year.

– APB: Reloaded has been relaunched with a “Free2Play” model. The game will require no base fee or subscription cost. However, a premium pack will be available for those who wish to attain its benefits. Details of what this pack will contain have yet to be announced.


– Click on the advanced mode button to adjust a greater scale of prominent features for your character

– Upon shifting your characters physical appearance you will often have a slider positioned in a frame located around your character

For Example:

Height has a vertical slider (Y-Axis)
Age markings has a horizontal slider (X-Axis)
Weight & Muscularity have both (X & Y Axis) to cover more dimensions at once

– Using the swatches on the right of the screen it is possible to change a character’s hair colour (hair, facial, body) either individually or simultaneously.


– The ‘F’ key is your interaction key, use this to talk to contacts, spawn vehicles, enter vehicles, view mail, open doors, climb ladders, assault civilians, spray a wall, hijack a car, arrest criminals… You name it the F key interacts with it…

– Tap CTRL to crouch, tap it again to stand up

– Tap and hold SHIFT to sprint, this doesn’t last forever however. Some weapons won’t allow you to sprint such as High Velocity Rifles or RPG’s

– You can change district at any time by hitting Escape and selecting change district

– To find a random group hit ‘U’ and click the LFG tick box in the lower right corner of the new window

– To receive missions/alert (either solo or in a group) hit K to “ready up”, when the majority of your team has hit K be prepared for a mission to begin

– When a member of the opposing faction hits level 5 prestige/notoriety you have the ability to shoot and kill them for a reward. However, they can also return fire on you without you even opening fire so be careful!

– You can view the current statistics of your current or most recent match by pressing and holding the tab key


– To resupply ammo and grenades, visit a joker ammo vending machine (found in factional safe zones, various other locations and the social district) and hit ‘T’. Wait for all cycles of the interaction bar to complete before leaving to make sure you are carrying the max amount possible.

– To swap your primary and/or secondary weapon or add/swap grenades visit a Joker Ammo vending machine and click ‘I’ to access your inventory/locker. From here you can change what you are carrying.

– This game does have friendly fire enabled, when you are aiming at an ally your reticule will turn green. When you are aiming at an enemy, it will turn red.

– Tapping ‘R’ will reload your active weapon, if you are out of ammo seek a Joker Ammunition vending machine to replenish

– When aiming down the sight you can change the shoulder view of your camera. If the camera was looking over my right shoulder and I hit ‘Q’ then the camera would shift to my left shoulder, making it easier to see round corners on the left of me. If I hit ‘Q’ a second time I would lean harshly to the left. The same applies for the ‘E’ key. You can also achieve this by pressing ‘V’ which is more instant and doesn’t require you to aim down your sights.

– Left mouse click is shoot, hold right mouse click down to zoom in/down sight, release to fire from hip

– Scrolling the mouse wheel cycles through active weapons

– Clicking in the mouse wheel cocks a grenade (don’t hold it for too long or it will blow up in your hand!) Release to throw


– Hitting space bar activates the vehicle’s hand break allowing for tight maneuvers in delicate places

– When you are the passenger of a vehicle you can press A or D to lean out of the window and raise your firearm to begin shooting (Be careful this makes you an easier target). If you take too much damage simply press the key again to resume your normal position.

– When driving a car, clicking the left mouse button will sound its horn, often causing nearby pedestrians to flee (useful for those enforcers who can’t sleep with a guilty conscience)

– When driving a car with a siren (such as that of an ambulance) tapping the right mouse button will activate the siren, tapping it again will terminate it.

– If you hop into a car and don’t enjoy the music hit ‘P’ to open the music player and find something of your preference


– To ram-raid (criminal only) take a vehicle, scout through the streets of your district, mousing over shop windows as you drive past. When your cross hair is outlined in orange, this is an indication that a ram-raid is possible. Simply drive into the window for it to smash, get out of the vehicle, pick up the goods (F) and place them in the boot of your car (F). Then drive back to a safe house and begin unloading your goods and deliver them to a contact.

(large vans hold the most cargo but are slow, beware that even other criminals can steal your vehicle if it does not belong to you and can then take the goods back to their contact for a reward)

– When you steal a car you can turn it in for cash! Simply drive it to the vehicle drop off zone and reap the benefits. Try not to damage it too much or the price you get for it will be lowered significantly


– To arrest a criminal (enforcer only) You must have firstly stunned the criminal using a Less Than Lethal weapon (LTL). A criminal will fall to his/her knees upon being stunned, quickly run to the criminal and press ‘F’ whilst standing near him to begin handcuffing. (The stun is only temporary so make sure you are fast!)

The arrested criminal can be set free by his ally so keep an eye out or try using them as bait!


– Typing ‘/’ before a command will allow you to perform an emote. For example typing ‘/dance’ without the apostrophe’s will make your character do a smooth little jig

– You unlock more emotes as you level in rank

– Typing ‘/’ before a single letter will swap you between chat channels

/g – group
/s – say
/d – district
/w [name] – whisper


Additional Tips & Tricks for New Players by fldash

Camera: The third-person camera is your best friend. Use it to look around corners over fences and walls all without exposing yourself to anyone that might be there. Mastering this is paramount to being a good player in APB. You can use the 0 (zero, not ‘oh’) on your keyboard to adjust your camera out slightly as well, useful for looking over walls without having to jump. Also be aware that you can rotate the camera to view behind your character. Useful when performing an objective, all you have to do is hit mouse button to start firing which snaps your character (this is probably the leading cause of ‘hackusations’).

Aiming Reticule: Use default key ‘V’ to change which side of your character the reticule is located. This will help you get better views around corners using the camera. This is automatically adjusted if you use targeting mode and use Q or E to lean, but you can adjust it on the fly as well. I actually have this mapped to mouse wheel up because it’s so important to do quickly.

Radar: Use it. It extends out to roughly 75m. Any opposing player in a car or that is shooting a non-silenced weapon appears on your radar. This is another key piece to becoming good at APB. Knowing how to surprise enemies on your radar and knowing that when you are in a car or firing your weapon you appear on your enemies radar is very important.

Sometimes it’s best to ditch your vehicle 100m out from an objective so you aren’t telegraphing to any enemies at the point where you are coming from. You can also trick them but driving around the objective and having passengers get out at different points so that they think you are coming from one side when you are really coming from multiple sides.

Weapons: At the beginning of every match check out the opposing teams weapons. This will help you avoid any surprises. If they have long range rifles, you know they will look want to keep their distance, if they have short-range submachine or shotguns, you know they want to fight in close combat. Assault rifles are pretty much jack of all trades and the LMGs will take out vehicles many times faster than you get get out of them…

Mouse Sensitivity: Adjust it. By default, I think the marksmen mode mouse sensitivity is too low and it makes it difficult to follow opponents or cars at medium range.

VOIP: Use it, but understand that enemies as well as other players can hear you over it if they are within range. This means is that you can taunt your enemy, confuse them by giving ‘fake’ orders to your team in an attempt to trick them, but also give away your teams tactics by openly discussing when near an opposing player.

Tactics & Teamwork: Will almost always win you more missions than you lose. Suppress and flank enemies. Use high ground to your advantage. Engage enemies at optimum range for your weapon (don’t fire at someone 60m away with your submachine gun giving away your position).

Game Volume: This game has seriously jacked up sound. You need to adjust master volume all the way up, and all the VOIP channels all the way up to have a chance of hearing VOIP at a comfortable level. There isn’t separate sliders for VOIP and game sounds. Master controls them all.

Keep Cool: This game has a seriously high rage factor. Probably because your importance to your team matters. In 4v4 standard group mission, nearly every kill and death can determine the outcome of a mission. If you are having a bad run, just be patient. The more you rage, the worse you will play.

Ask: Ask questions. Of your enemies and of your teammates.

Game Performance: Open up ABPMachineOptions.ini inside your C:Program FilesGamersFirstAPB ReloadedAPBGameConfig directory (default location). Set everything to false but bloom. Setting bloom to false makes the game too dark.

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