APB Reloaded Basic Tips to Help You Win

APB Reloaded Basic Tips to Help You Win by BobTheCop

Hello, i’m Afro/McFlint that criminal/enforcer on Patriot EU!

So people always whisper me what to do against this weapon, and this n-tec is overpowered and this OCA kills to quick bla bla. No gun is op, the way you use it is op.

Some basic tips and tricks to make you a better player!

Corners… I’d like to call corners a strategic point in every mission, you don’t know who or what’s behind it so you check before you run past it. This is a third person game, and therefor you can look around corners! Use the V button to switch shoulders for every corner, it always gives more view to the corresponding corner.

So once you got your corner secured you can either cover it or move on to the next corner till you know the mission area is clear so you can either do the mission or defend the enemies mission objective.

Point of this text above, corners are dangerous ya’ll and they can be very dangerous for your enemies if you use it!

The minimap is a good tool for everybody! Enemies that shoot are displayed on it but also enemies that are driving nearby are displayed on it. Using this to your advantage means you can pick a corner where you are 100% certain they will come, because if they get out the car the red triangle dissapears! Now you can cover that angle where they got out, if it takes to long for them to come they might be running around to flank so you can pull back a little for a wider angle that you can cover.

So to use this minimap to your advantage, multiple people in one car, passengers get out at different entry points to mission objective, the dot only dissapears if they driver gets out!

You got 3 peeps of your group at their flank but they are covering both sides, start shooting at the enemy or at the objective, you will draw the attention of the enemy and your group can flank them!

Flushing enemies out or stopping them from aiming at you! Grenades are the awnser, are you pinned down? Or shot by that damn HVR guy around the corner and you need to regenerate but he’s still aiming and your objective is right there!? Well, chuck a ‘nade! He will move from the nade which gives you time to shoot back or take another position.

But them grenades take to long to go boom.. Well you can always cook them, by holding them down, the basic grenade, stun grenade and concussion grenade all got times, so whenever a car is coming and you got them juicy concussion grenades you can insta kill almost any car if you hit it right. Play with your grenades by cooking them so you know the fuse time.

Sometimes when you are doomed to die by that shotgun guy that is on the other side of the vending machine and you got your trusty HVR and Colby RSA or ACA with ya there’s no chance of winning unless he can’t aim for shiz you can cook that concussion grenade and take him with you! Usually enemies run if they hear the beeping noise or change their position, but if you switch to another weapon whilst the grenade cooks you keep the nade and no kaboom in your pocket aswell!

I’m outnumbered or, I just can’t beat these dudes but you still want to win? Most objectives like picking up stuff or ramming doors, searching doors and windows and what not can be blocked with cars. Best way to do this is with your own car. This buys you time. If it’s an pickup item you can block it with a random car of the street so they might have to move that car first, or waste their grenades on it.

The mikro and the vaquero are two cars that are fragile, fast and mobile. Their specialty? Almost no reduction on speed with VIP or last item mission in there! Use these cars to drive to your favorit camp spot or to just drive over that pesky financial highway all the time! Due to the mobility you can squeeze trough tight corners whilst maybe that phat van or nulander pioneer can’t! (Mikro is the criminal equilevant of the vaquero(Little Jeep), which is enforcer only.)

Everyone has the same hitbox whether you are a phat gangsta’ or some skinny girl in a skirt. So eventough you might not see their heads pop out the cover they are crouched behind you might be able to hit them, but you need an accurate gun for this.

Assigning your team to different duties. Let’s say you are a group of 4 buddies who just start playing get everyone to cover a role. For example: 1 sniper, 1 n-tec for overall greatness, shotgun/OCA/Colby SMG for close range and one guy with a LMG, preferably the ALIG to take down them cars. This is a great setup for every mission but you can always just all roll n-tec for awesomeness right?

The magical TAB button. Everytime you get opposition or are called to stop a halt to some evildoers you can check the TAB menu and click every enemy so you know what weapons you are up against. For example: All stars new group etc, you are better with the HVR on long or OBEYA whatever you favor or with any SMG/Shotgun from up close. This way you can outgun their team! Always check that tab menu!

Leaning is nice to give the enemies less parts of you to shoot at. You lean by going into marksman mode (right click by default) and then use the buttons Q and E. Q being lean left and E being lean right. This way you can lean at corners or cover so you are covered better.

That’s all the tips I got currently for you peeps over there, but most important have fun playing!

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