APB Reloaded Advanced Strategy Guide

APB Reloaded Advanced Strategy Guide by Konata

Know Thy Enemy (Or at least where they are)
Many of you will already know this. Probably the biggest asset you can have in APB(And indeed most FPS/TPS games) is knowledge of where the enemy is. Your first priority should be knowing where the enemy is. If you know where they are, even if they know you’re there too, you will not be surprised when they show up, and can get in the best position possible to receive their attack, or to launch your own. If you see an enemy, call it out to your team. The two things I say most often are either “2 enemies my position, NFAS and STAR”, and “3 enemies approaching from the NorthWest”. Good intel is critical to winning.

Listen To Thy Enemy
A lot of gamers do not realize the importance of sound in games like this. Did you know you can hear you enemy in this game often well before they engage you? You can hear footsteps. You can hear them tip over boxes. You can hear them firing. And you can hear it all coming from the direction of exactly where they are. If you’ve never tried this, go in game, find a battle, and just stand in the middle of it, listening to all the sounds. Close your eyes, and start picking out the direction that sounds are coming from. Listen to the sounds of the city, and figure out what is normal “background” sounds, and what is player-caused sound. Then when you actually are in battle, keep your ears open and use what you hear. Also, listen to the enemy team’s VOIP. They will often reveal things that they probably didn’t want you to know. “Crap, I’m almost out of ammo!” “What, you guys spawned 200m away?” “I’ll sit here and try to hold them off.” “The objective is on the ground by the truck.” “I’ll wait for you guys.” “NOW.” “I’m going in.” “I’m almost dead.” “I’m glitching and stuck on this ladder!” “I’m lagging hard!”

All of these statements above reveal something potentially important to you. They give you an idea of the state of the enemy, and what they’re doing(or not doing). Maybe now is a good moment to attack, given what you’ve just heard them say. Based on your circumstances, you might take them up on their offer. =D

Understand Thy Enemy
Once you know where an enemy is, don’t leave it at that. THINK. Why are they doing what they are doing? If they’re not coming straight at your team, or going straight for the next point, there’s a reason for it. Look at the situation and figure it out if you can. Are they trying to flank? Are they retreating to where their team is? Are they injured and looking for a place to recover? Are they out of ammo? Reloading? You can’t always tell, but sometimes they give it away.

Seek To Be Misunderstood
This is job two. Deceive your enemy. Befuddle them at every step. Never be where they think you will be. Always be where they do not expect you to be. This requires thought, and is the single biggest game changer for a player when they finally wake up to this. So many players play like this:

1. I am at point A.
2. I need to do something at point B.
3. Run directly from A to B using the shortest route possible on full sprint.

Even experienced players do this, because there’s a clock ticking, and they feel like they’ve got to rush, so the quickest way is the best way in their opinion. This is not usually the case. The better tactic is from the side or rear. Spend an extra 30 seconds circling to the rear and then jog up to your enemy from behind and take them out. They will often be crouching staring at what direction they think you will approach from because they never thought it out. They are not thinking like you are. They are doomed to die. These players often don’t take 3-dimensions into account. They think the wall next to them is their friend, not realizing that the platform at the top of the wall is where you are going to shoot down on them from. Think in 3 dimensions and go for the high ground. THINK THINK THINK. ALWAYS THINK. ALWAYS TRY TO OUTSMART.

Level The Playing Field
Change your weapon out to match the circumstances. If you’re defending a small hallway, put away that sniper rifle and switch to a weapon that is good at close range fighting(shotgun, OCA). If you’re assaulting a pretty wide open area, a gun with good range and accuracy is what you probably want. You want to give yourself the advantage if possible. If the enemy already has the optimal gun, leveling the playing field is making sure you also have the optimal gun for the encounter. This means being prepared to swap out your weapon quickly. Don’t discount the importance of this. My first purchases with new characters are weapons to handle close and long range encounters, and my next purchase is a vehicle that I can switch weapons from. Once I’ve got these things, the rest is gravy.

The underlying theme here is THOUGHT. If you do more of it, you are more likely to win. Often, your enemy isn’t doing very much of this. Use this to your advantage. Know what’s going on, and make sure your enemy doesn’t. Even with middle-of-the-road shooting skills you can still win if you’ve out-thought your opponent. Good luck!

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