APB Reloaded Efficient Ramraiding Guide

APB Reloaded Efficient Ramraiding Guide by Soulie

Follow these steps to maximize money earned over time.

1. Find a low population mission district (Financial or Waterfront) and pledge to a contact. You’ll get small amounts of contact standing for items you turn in.

2. Get a VAN or save up $15,000 and buy one (they have 25 cargo slots). If you own the van, no one can steal it or the loot inside.

3. Mark these locations on your maps until you memorize them:

4. Fill your van by smashing storefronts in the area. Also, keep in mind that you can carry 1 medium item and still drive. You can find raidable storefronts my aiming your crosshair at them. An orange indicator will show up on your crosshair if that spot is able to be raided.

5. On the way to your “fence” contact, reach notoriety 4 by killing some pedestrians.

6. When you get to your contact, back the van up as close as you can, like so:

If you stand in close enough to your van to remove items while standing near the contact, the items will turn in instantly, without you having to move an inch! You can stand at the back of your van and spam the “F” key until it’s empty.

7. Once you’ve got a good stash saved up, head to the “Money Laundering” spot on your map at N4 for great payouts.

8. If you’re daring, you can mug pedestrians until you reach Notoriety 5 and get 2.0x payouts. Always be on the lookout for enforcers. They can witness and fight you for all the dirty money you have.

I decided to make this guide, ’cause every day I see new players walking safes down to Double B, from the street. I hope this helps out. Get a good rhythm going and you can save up money fast.

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