Facebook WarFlow Honor Use Guide

Facebook WarFlow Honor Use Guide  by sarah ap

There are a few ways to spend your hard earned Honors.
1. Tech Upgrade
2. Hero – Enhance
3. Hero – Improve
4. Boosting during LW, MW and RW
(Let me know if I missed anything)

1. Tech Upgrade                                          MIN: 1.45M Honors
At TC Level 90, you will need about 1.30M Honors to upgrade all techs (even less useful one) except formation techs.

You will also be required to spend additional 60k for each formation you are using. Most player invest into 2 formations.

2. Hero – Enhance                                          MIN: 1.85M Honors
Assuming that each time you re-incarnate your hero, you gained 7 levels (the minimum is 6 and maximum is 9 with ample TC Level), you will be re-incarnate your hero at Level 51, Level 58, Level 65, etc.

Most of the top players will likely be getting 2nd Training Ground (TC Level 85) with their hero at Level 65 or higher (after 2 or 3 re-incarnations).

Level 51: 1.57M Exp = 65k honor
Level 58: 2.14M Exp = 89k honor
Level 65: 2.96M Exp = 123k honor
Level 72: 4.22M Exp = 176k honor (or 88k with 2nd TG)

Therefore to get a level 72 hero, you will have to spend about 365k honor per hero.

3. Hero – Improve                                          MIN: 400k Honors
Assuming that you only improve your hero at TC Level 100, you will need to pay 400 Honors for each “Improve” attempt. If you can get the max improvement of stat +120 within 200 tries, you will be paying a total of 80k Honors per hero.

Multiply by 5 heroes, you will be spending about 400k Honors in hero improvement.

If you can afford it, you can use Gold instead of Honors to improve your hero. This will reduce the need to farm for more Honors.

4. Boosting during LW, MW and RW               MIN: (Boosting is Optional)

You will need to farm for 3.70M Honors in order to achieve the following:

– Max Tech at TC Level 90
– 2 Formation Tech
– 5 heroes, each at Level 72 (after 3 re-incarnations each)
– 5 heroes, each with good stat improvement
– (More honors will be required if you boost a lot during LW/MW/RW)

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