Facebook WarFlow Non-Gold Buyer’s Guide Part 1

Facebook WarFlow Non-Gold Buyers Guide (Part 1) by wilhung53

Since most people are non-Gold buyers, it is important to have a sound strategy for managing our limited resources.

Gold and Silver are interrelated.  I think the S4 promotion where the 1st 3 guys killing PR can earn extra Gold bonus was a great learning experience in how to establish an advantage in the early game.

With some experience in S3, I also found that an early-game advantage can last for an entire game, as long as you are an active player.

Since I do not want to overload people reading my guide, I will cover the following topics in multiple separate parts:
* Rushing buildings
* Maximizing profit from Market, Barn, and Treasury
* Picking your Hero and choosing your Nation
* Strategy for upgrading equipment without using a lot of Gold to rush upgrades
* Strategy for beating challenging NPCs
* Picking the right legion to join

I will start off this 1st part with Rushing buildings in a post right underneath.

Rushing Buildings and Techs

As you know, in this game, you get to upgrade your building first, but then your Builder will have a cooldown time (CD) depending on what the upgrade is and how much you’ve been using the Builders throughout the day.

If you want your Builder to upgrade something else immediately with a CD, then you will pay 1 gold per 10 minutes.  Note that you will pay 1 gold whether you have 1 minute, 5-6 minutes, or 9 minute on your CD.  Therefore, if you’re going to rush, try to click the fast forward button right when the CD timer counts down to 00:09:59 (9 min 59 secs).

Once you get your War Academy when your Town Center (TC) reaches level 11, you can also rush to get rid of the CD for researching a tech.  Same rule as buildings.

Now what’s not obvious is what buildings/techs to rush and when to rush.

At the beginning of the game, you do not need to rush your buildings yet.  All the buildings has very little cooldown time.  Anything building with less than 10 minutes of CD is generally not worth rushing.  EXCEPTION: If there are CDs with exactly multiple of 10s, like 30 min CD, then you can consider rushing because you get the maximum benefit for paying your Gold.

But before long, you’ll notice CDs of 20+ mins, 30+ mins, 1 hour or more.  With only 3 builders, you have to plan ahead.  I recommend you upgrade stuff with low CDs – like House, Treasury, etc. when you are online.  Right before you go to sleep, upgrade Town Center 2-3 times.  This requires having a decent treasury of about 20 – 25K wiggle room, and saving up the Silver beforehand.  I would also save enough to do 8 hr training.  It is worth the cost.

Rushing Town Center, Training Ground, War Academy Techs are definitely good plays.  You put yourself of other players with extra MCUs, stronger Heroes and stronger army.

In terms of Techs, I find Arming, Armoring, and Ranking to be most important in the early going.  Often in the early game with only basic White grade weapons like Copper Spear, each time you upgrade you only get +10 ATK.  So it is easier to upgrade Arming tech to level 10 from your War Academy to get +100 ATK.  Similar reasoning goes for Armoring to increase DEF and Ranking to increase Skill DEF.

Nevertheless, they do NOT replace having equipment.  But they do help you in that you don’t have to upgrade your equipment as much because once you get past 1-X (first 10 upgrades), the price becomes very expensive.

Also, rushing a Market upgrade once you have reached Trading Capacity is another great way of making money.  In fact, I will get into more detail about that next time.

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