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WarFlow Joining a legion

Joining a legion is a must to be effective in this game, because it is structured on a team (group) effort, where your outcome is based upon the mutual play of others – in real time!

So when you choose a legion, please take notice of the following: this is basically what is going on server wide, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose – everyone is buzzing about the same thing (read the legion quotes on their respective tabs to see…).

1. This game is based upon group play, so the other players are depending upon you to not only join, but PLAY – and do so pretty regularly.

2. This is a group fighting game, as well as a strategy game, so you need to not only play, but play pretty aggressively.  Otherwise, you will be “dead weight” in your legion’s battles and strategic moves: meaning, they basically will have to “carry” you.  This is grounds to be dropped, and i see this happening all the time…

3.  Every legion (worth its salt) is trying to GROW.  They do this by sliver donations from its members.  Do yourself a favor: read the various guides on how to use your initial gold, and raise silver in the game; then, use that information to make lots of silver daily so donating you your legion is not a problem.

4. A good legion member is one that max’s out their donation every day.  Warflow places a cap on how much you can donate  – regulated by the level of your Town Center: the higher you level, the more levy you get of silver and the higher your donation rate can be.  ‘Don’t be cheap: donate as much as you can – preferably the max!

5.  The reason for this is every legion is trying to GROW.  They do this by the donations made.  They NEED to grow in order to be STRONG.  If they are not strong, you and your mates will get bullied and get your butts whipped by stronger players and legions.  Period.

6.  There are several levy upgrades that can come through your legion, so you actually can make an investment in your own TC’s progress.  You also get to chose what (tech) you want to donate to, and how much.  This is a great feature of the game, and gives you lots of control!

7. Be wary of legions that have lots of members, but not a lot of active players.  My own legion culls out inactives every day by sending out mail to those that have low rankings, so see if they are still playing.  A strong legion has only so many slots for gamers, so there is no room for loafers!

Think of this whole thing like a free for all shoot out in and old west town.  Various gangs are hold up in different places – but not that far away from on another.  They are all constantly jockeying for strategic position, trying to find and advantage, AND looking for reinforcements (in the form of recruits, we call “boots”) as there is strength in numbers (basic military strategy).

Everyone has guns drawn, and hunkered down trying not to get their head blown off.  The best defense is a good offense: letting your opponents know if they come your way they will meet a rainstorm of bullets!  They need every gun at the ready; you never know when you will be hit with an unexpected assault.  Also, if one of yours gets targeted, it is good to have a good posse at the ready to go seek vengence!   Can’t let you and yours be pushed around…

This means the peeps on your team have to be on their toes, and ready and WILLING to fight at all times!  Having slackers in your midst might as well have an enemy spy doing you in from within.

Again, this is a fighting game.  If you really want to know the attitude you need to bring to this gaming environment, go watch the movie “300.”

Our team attitude is one of peace – when it suits our purposes.  Otherwise, it is best to mock up the stance that your legion is a den of rattlesnakes, and you dare anyone to come anywhere NEAR your domain: they do so at their own peril.  No one wants to get bit!

And just so you know, tactically, a small, well equipped and fierce tactical team can take out a much larger, in-efficient fighting force (ninjas, SWAT, Special Forces, etc.) so smaller – and growing legions could be just as potent as larger, heavier ones.  Something to consider…

Lastly, I value the team camaraderie of my legion.  I joined them because I found members there willing to help me with my game – and not just because they wanted me to join.  They have a sincere passion for wanting to excel, and an excitement about the game that they are willing to share.  That was important to me.  I strongly suggest you factor in the “help factor” in your choice: do they treat you like a minion or a peer?  Are they lording over everything or they trying to help you get to their level too?

That is an important consideration for me regarding long term play.  The game should be fun smacking other legions upside the head, but not getting pushed around by your own mates.

My 2 cents…

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