Facebook Evony Age 2 Historical Cities Capturing Guide

Facebook Evony Age 2 Historical Cities Capturing Guide by Woldere

1. Preparation

1.1. Heroes.

Get a good Historical Hero to level 145-150. High attack, leadership and intelligence is very important, but it can also be done with a mediocre historical attack hero. You simply need the 50 extra levels and the extra leadership. If you are really unable to get a Historical Hero, a LVL100 Queen/King would be your next option. Level the hero up by LVL5 farming and Minor XP package from FaceBook mainly. LVL10 farming is an option, but will slow down the building of your army.

Get your gear researches and star levels up. Do not stop training ballistae/transporters to farm LVL5s for gems, until you have 8-9 farming missions per city.

Next to your best hero, preferably get 2 more good heroes. The other 7 should be decent attack heroes. Switch these 7 heroes to wisemen’s set. This will decrease losses on your loyalty waves, as you don’t need the firepower anymore and high intelligence increases the life of your troops.

1.2. City

You only need 1 city on 1 mile from the Historical City. You can have a 2nd or 3rd city close as well, but this is not needed.

1.3. Troops

You will need about 600K-1M warriors and 600K-1M archers, depending on how good your hero is. You also need 10K swordmen/pikemen.
Your losses should be in range of 200-300K warriors and 350-500K archers.

1.4. Scouting

Scout for a Cavalry / Swordmen / Rams defending combination. Note that the odds of getting this, is 8,33% per day.

2. Attacking concepts

2.1 In this guide, I assume every military technology is at level 10.

2.2. The main issue in figuring out how to attack Historical Cities, is figuring out how to achieve tradefire with the defending archers. This means you have to come up with a layering, that will assure that the defending archers and your attacking archers start attacking eachother in the same round. After the archers are cleared, it’s just brute force and simple layering.

2.3. You should be doing all spearheads with your best hero. Travel time is 1m30s – 2m30s, depending on your Hero speed (mount speed). No return travel time.
The advantages to this are huge. You get the highest attack/intelligence/leadership for all units in all important waves and you can evaluate, quickly, in between spearheads. If something goes wrong, you can re-adjust the composition of your next attack. Defending troops regeneration is not a big issue

2.4. Troop regeneration. Defending troops and wall defenses regenerate 1/3600 per second.

2.5. Hero speed. Try to make sure that all your heroes have the same speed, but at the same time try to get high hero speed. LVL5 speed with all LVL50+ heroes is good, LVL7 speed with all lvl70+ heroes etc.



Warbombing has 1 main purpose: making sure your layering survives long enough to actually layer. The secondary purpose is bringing down cavalry to the point where you kill them in 3 rounds. It’s hard to actually calculate how many defending cavalry you want to keep, because troops in Historical Cities seem to have way higher defense and/or life than normal NPC troops. Your best bet is probably to estimate it. If you want the defending cavalry to go down a lot, you can use 100K warriors to kill about 15K-20K of them.

In general, to get traps/logs/trebuchets down, send about 40 waves of 3K warriors. Expect about 5K traps / 1500 logs / 2500 trebuchets left. You can mix in some archers/swordmen/pikemen in the late stage of warbombing, to clear more cavalry. Don’t worry about the warrior loss, you will get 160K-200K free warriors per day after capturing the LVL12 City.

Wave 1

Pikemen 1250
Swordmen 1250
Warriors 1250
Archers 121250 (96250 without War Ensign)

Cavalry doesn’t really do anything here. Scouts do spread trap damage, but are not needed.

Evaluate to see if you cleared all the archers and some of the swordmen. If you did not kill all the archers (and you will one-shot the cavalry on the next hit), attack with a naked archer wave: 125K or 100K archers only, no layering. This will again assure archer tradefire. Example: Attack from McBeefy. Ignore the layering of 1 unit. I have also tested this naked archer wave on scale and on a LVL12. It works for compass 10.

Wave 2

Pikemen 1000-1500
Swordmen 1000-1500
Warriors 1000-1500
Archers 121250 (96250 without War Ensign)

The size of your layering depends on your warbombing in between spearheads. It may not even be needed if you’re fast enough, you could take bigger layering and not warbomb either. To be safe, you could send 9x 2K warriors right before this spearhead.

Wave 3

Basically the same wave as wave 3, but now you will get an extra round on the warriors because you will one-shot the swordmen.

Wave 4

Same concept

Pikemen 1000-1500
Swordmen 1000-1500
Warriors 1000-1500
Archers 121250 (96250 without War Ensign)


The first couple of waves after you break through, should be spearheaded with a decent amount of archers, 80K archers 20K warriors for example. After that, a combo of 40K-40K to 15-15K should be enough. On return waves, again spearhead the first wave.

Because inevitably, people will get impatient in waiting for the 1 in 12 shot on the perfect combination, it’s good to also look at other combinations.

Attacking against pikemen

I have concluded that it’s impossible to hit defending archers on your first spearhead, when there are defending pikemen. I have literally experimented with every layering possible, it cannot be done.
Against 3 round cav, but also it’s not possible against 2 round cav. So your only option is to get the cavalry down so you will 1-shot them.

Ignore the cavalry and scouts in this wave again. Simple wave with warrior/swordmen/pikemen to clear the maximum number of cavalry and pikemen.

When you get the defending cavalry and pikemen down to 1 hit, this should be your layering:

1000-2500 warriors
1000-2500 swordmen
120.000 archers

Attacking against ballistae or catapults

This can be done, but expect higher losses. The ballistae/pults will target your archers when you are getting free shots on the foot troops. Since your archers are standing still, the defending ballistae/pults will get multiple free shots on them. This is simply a very bad situation.

Attacking against cataphracts

A very bad situation also. They are so hard to kill, you will need very heavy clearing waves. I haven’t even tested this, so I don’t know how it works out after you have killed them. I would simply stay away from them, until someone comes up with a strategy against phracts.

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