Facebook Evony Age 2 Gifting Guide

Facebook Evony Age 2 Gifting Guide by LadyMuffin

You can accept 20 gifts each day before the system won’t allow you to get any more that day. However, you can save them on your “confirm requests” page for the next day, so no worries. Plus, you can always “ignore” the ones you don’t want (i.e. minor wood/stone packs. Bleh!). If they gave us an unlimited amount, the game play wouldn’t be fair now would it? (Lol, darn :P).
You can also send up to over 100 gifts a day, if you use the following little trick. Add the max # of people to your send list, then take one off. Send, then go back to the Send Gifts screen and send more. Works 2-5 times in a row for me.

If you are on more than one server, make sure you apply the gift to the right server. When sending gifts, the levels you are allowed to send at are based on your rank in the server you’ve logged into last. For example, you are a Furstin on one server and a Knight on another, you must log into the Furstin account to be able to send Furstin gifts on the send screen.

Please note that when giving reinforcement or resource packs, [i]usually[i] you get the pack if it is equal to or less than your rank. However, if it is above your rank, it varies a little. I found if the gifter of the higher pack is in my server/on my ally list, I get what they send regardless of my title on my current server. But if they aren’t in my server/on my ally list, then I get the civi packs (if troops) or minor pcks (if resources). I don’t believe there’s an actual system to it, lol.

Civilian Gifts:

~Minor Food Pack: 2.500 Food
~Minor Gold Pack: 625 Gold
~Minor Iron Pack: 2,500 Iron
~Minor Stone Pack: 2,500 Stone
~Civilian Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Workers
~Minor Wood Pack: 2,500 Lumber
~Minor Exp. Pack: Anabasis (increases hero’s xp by 1000 or 8%)

Knight Gifts:
~Lesser Food Pack: 5k Food
~Lesser Gold Pack: 1,250 Gold
~Lesser Iron Pack: 5k Iron
~Minor Speaker Pack: Gives 1 Speaker
~Lesser Stone Pack: 5k Stone
~Knight Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Warriors
~Lesser Wood Pack: 5k Lumber

Baronet Gifts:
~Medium Food Pack: 10k Food
~Medium Gold Pack: 2.5k Gold
~Medium Iron Pack: 10k Iron
~Minor Lumbering Pack: 1 Arch Saw (+25% lumber production for 24 hrs)
~Minor Speed-Up Pack: 1 Beginner’s Guidelines (One of my fav’s )
~Medium Stone Pack: 10k Stone
~Baronet Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Scouts
~Medium Wood Pack: 10kLumber

Baron Gifts:
~Normal Food Pack: 20k Food
~Normal Gold Pack: 5k Gold
~Normal Iron Pack: 20k Iron
~Minor Mining Pack: Iron Rake (+25% iron production for 24 hours) **EDITED**
~Minor Stone Pack: 20k Stone
~Baron Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Pikemen
~Normal Wood Pack: 20k Lumber

Viscount Gifts:
~Minor Farming Pack: Plowshares (+25% food production for 24 hours)
~Greater Food Pack: 40k Food
~Greater Gold Pack: 10k Gold
~Greater Iron Pack: 40k Iron
~Greater Stone Pack: 40k Stone
~Viscount Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Swordsmen
~Greater Wood Pack: 40k Lumber

Earl Gifts:
~Superior Food Pack: 80k Food
~Superior Gold Pack: 20k Gold
~Superior Iron Pack: 80k Iron
~Superior Stone Pack: 80k Stone
~Earl Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Archers
~Superior Wood Pack: 80k Lumber

Marquis Gifts:
~Major Food Pack: 160k Food
~Major Gold Pack: 40k Gold
~Major Iron Pack: 160k Iron
~Lesser Speaker Pack: Gives 3 Speakers
~Major Stone Pack: 160k Stone
~Marquis Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Calvary
~Major Wood Pack: 160k Lumber

Duke Gifts:
~Super Food Pack: 320k Food
~Super Gold Pack: 80k Gold
~Minor Hero Pack: Gives 2 Hero Hunting
~Super Iron Pack: 320k Iron
~Minor Merchant Pack: Gives 1 Merchant Fleet
~Super Stone Pack: 320k Stone
~Duke Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Cataphracts
~Super Wood pack: 320k Lumber

Furstin Gifts:
~Grand Food Pack: 680k
~Grand Gold Pack: 160k Gold
~Minor Redistribution Pack: Gives Holy Water (amount? Probably 1 or 2)
~Grand Iron Pack: 680k Iron
~Grand Stone Pack: 680k Stone
~Furstin Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Ballista
~Grand Wood Pack: 680k Lumber

Prinzessin Gifts:
~Minor Fortune Pack: Gives 1 Aries Amulet (edited… Thank you AllDayXL, first poster to say so)
~Royal Food Pack: 1360k Food
~Royal Gold Pack: 320k Gold
~Royal Iron Pack: 1360k Iron
~Royal Stone Pack: 1360k Stone
~Prinzessin Reinf. Pack: Gives 10-100 Battering Rams
~Royal Wood Pack: 1360k Wood

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