Facebook Evony Age 2 Star Level Upgrade Guide

Facebook Evony Age 2 Star Level Upgrade Guide by DarkhoundDave

Average Cost To Upgrade
Average Cost
Star LevelGems UsedSuccess RateDelicate GemsFlawless Gems
11 Delicate0.651.5380
21 Delicate0.64.2310
31 Delicate0.559.510
44 Delicate0.816.5780
54 Delicate0.7526.380
64 Delicate0.740.5470
74 Flawless0.8545.2164.705
84 Flawless0.851.24410.881
94 Flawless0.773.20621.259
104 Flawless0.6122.0142.098
114 Flawless0.55221.83583.814
124 Flawless0.5443.671175.628
134 Flawless0.45985.936399.173
144 Flawless0.452190.97895.939
154 Flawless0.454868.821999.87

note that after level 3 it is cheapest to use 4 Gems each time you are upgrading.

I Chose to recommend using flawless gems at level 7 because the ratio of flawless to delicate is more consistent with drop rates, but feel free to change this slightly as needed. I would suggest saving up 2x as many as needed to upgrade an item to level 15 and then try because this is only an average, your results may vary.


The average upgrade cost per level = (the cost to upgrade to previous level + Gems used) / Success Rate

So if you use 1 delicate gem to upgrade to level 1 then the average cost to get to level 1 is:
1/.65 = 1.538 Delicate Gems

level 2 is:
(1.538+1)/.6 = 4.231 Delicate Gems

Starting at level 4 it gets a little more difficult, you must do the same thing then subtract level 1 cost * fail rate:
(9.51+4)/.8 – (1.538*.2) = 16.578 Delicate Gems
This is to account for not losing the average amount invested on that level down each time you fail

You stop doing this after level 8. Delicate and Flawless Gems must be calculated separately.

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