Facebook Dynasty Saga Mentors List

Facebook Dynasty Saga Mentors List

Each mentor can be used 100 times except Zhang Xingcai who can only be used 16 times.

MentorsCost (VIP4 and above by Gold)Required LvlDetails
Lu Zhi400 Charisma or 40 Gold20Increase base EXP gained from Instant Progress by a small margin (10%)
Zheng Xuan1000 Charisma or 100 Gold40Increase base EXP gained from Instant Progress by a large margin (20%)
Sima Hui400 Charisma or 40 Gold20Have a small chance of increasing EXP gained from a Training Epiphany by 50%
Huang Chengyan800 Charisma or 80 Gold40Have a large chance of increasing EXP gained from a Training Epiphany by 50%
Pang De1000 Charisma or 100 Gold50Increase Training Epiphany trigger rate by a small margin (5%)
Zuo Ci2400 Charisma or 240 Gold60Increase Training Epiphany trigger rate by a large margin (25%)
Nan Hua200 Charisma or 20 Gold50Reduce Instant Progress CD by 2 minutes
Yu Ji300 Charisma or 30 Gold60Reduce Instant Progress CD by 3 minutes
Huang Yueying800 Charisma or 80 Gold20Have a small chance of being refunded 1 Instant Progress Token
Wu Guotai1600 Charisma or 160 Gold40Have a large chance of being refunded 1 Instant Progress Token
Zhang Chunhua1600 Charisma or 160 Gold50Have a chance to be refunded 2 Instant Progress Tokens
Zhen Mi1000 Charisma or 100 Gold60Have a chance to use Instant Progress twice in a row
Ma Yunlu50 Charisma or 5 Gold20Increase Charisma received by small margin (+2 Charisma)
Guan Feng150 Charisma or 10 Gold50Increase Charisma received by large margin (+3 Charisma)
Lu Lingqi200 Charisma or 20 Gold40Have a chance to double Charisma received (20% Chance)
Zhang Xingcai200 Charisma or 20 Gold60Reduce amount of Charisma needed to attract a Mentor (10% discount, however the price displayed will be the same)

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11 Responses

  1. Malduk says:

    From ~350 IP triggers, I got ~14% success rate on Zhen Mi. And no, it doesnt consume second (third, forth…) IP when it triggers. Biggest chain I had was 3 triggers in a single click (1 token used, 4 tokens worth of bonuses applied).

  2. but do you have to use 2 progress tokens when zhen mi triggers double IP?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another update, from my testing it looks like you have a 10% chance to get double IP from Zhen Mi.

    Note here that you basically get a free IP use (with possible mentor bonuses etc!) without incurring the cd, so she's pretty great to have :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have found an interesting fact, I hired Pang De only and he did not trigger any epiphanies for 60-70 tokens straight, then I hired sima hui and epiphanies started occurring. I thought i was merely unlucky but then pang de expired, and sima hui remained, and epiphanies still trigger. When I have Pang De+Sima hui I get 200% exp,(120k) however with only sima hui I get 90k. When I used huang chengyan+zuo ci together I got 160k(250%) so I think the ones that makes epiphanies happen are sima hui and huang chengyan so zuoci and pang de won't work on their own.

  5. thank you i have updated the table with your information! =D

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the updates, blackrabbit!

    Ma Yunlu gives flat +2 to charisma, and Guan Feng gives flat +3 to charisma earned (they always give it, nothing random about these and it's not +10% and +20%)


    with no mentors: 10-20
    with Ma Yunlu: 12-22
    with Guan Feng: 13-23
    with Ma Yunlu & Guan Feng: 15-25

    Lu Lingqi seems to give ~20% chance at getting double charisma, so if you have all the bottom three, you can expect anywhere from, 15-25 or if you get double 30-50.

    On average, you can expect to get ((15+25)/2)*0.8+((30+50)/2)*0.2 = +24 charisma per IP with the three bottom mentors.

  7. thank you for the feedback i have added in some of the percentage boosts that have been discovered. not all of them have been proven though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    But what I'd like to know, for example, is what % chance to get epiphany, and what % chance boost does Pang De etc give… without this knowledge, who knows wether or not they are worth it…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Would be nice to get % associated for various mentors. For example Lu Zhi increases xp by 10%, Zheng Xuan by 20% so if you get them both you will get 130% what you would normally get for using instant progress…

  10. no need to be vip to use mentors, but only vip can buy them with gold

  11. Anonymous says:

    need being vip to use mentor??

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