Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Best Manor Strategy

Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Best Manor Strategy by Eleven

I. Silver Manor Strategy: Hybrid vs Pure

Hybrid: Have one or two line of resources, 1 granary, 1 warehouse, and the left are for residence.
Pure: All plots are for residences.

I’ll go fore Pure, with this consideration:

1. Once you maxed out all residence level (15), you can leave managing that silver manor (see screenshot). You can consentrate your effort on non silver manor after that. While in hybrid, every several days you need to go there, and fill the wagon with unused resources and transport it to another manor or they will became a waste.

2. To max out this strategy, you need to build all your silver manor on +20% silver manors. How to do this without resources line, warehouse and granary?

a. You can use resources gems from several events:
– Historical Campaign (aim for 70+ you will have a basalt gem, and if you can online to do all the HC, you can get until 20 basalt gem in HC / day).
– Battle Royal, depends on your position you will get gem reward / day
– Bullseye on Academy, you have 5 attemps per day to do this event that will reward you several gems.
– Repairing war on city task. I usually follow kingdom & city stimulus task, ask all my available heroes to go with 100 soldiers repairing wall. I usually collect more than 7 prismatic jewels / day with this task.

b. You can transport resources from another manor to pure silver manor. I usually develop my resources / barrack manor side by side with my silver manor, so its easily to transport resources. Once your pure silver maxed out you don’t need to do this again.

General Newbie tips: Without granary and warehouse your manor can only contains 20k resources / each. But don’t be afraid to unload more than that, because you have 30 minutes to manage your resources before its disappeared. Usually I have several wagons on each manor, to contains resources without using warehouse / granary. Wagons can be use for flying / remote warehouse & granary.

3. I usually build 4 pure silver manors, and within one month you should already unlock ultimate 1, ultimate 2, and maxed out offense & defense research for your u1 & u2 troops choice, and also iron fist. After that, I will abandon all my silver manors, and build resources/barracks manors

II. Barracks Strategy: Hybrid vs Pure

Hybrid: Have three line of each resources, 5 barracks / archer range / stables / workshops, 1 warehouse, 1 grannary, 1 training ground. (see screenshot)
Pure: Have 5 of each barracks, archer range, stables, workshops, granary, warehouse, training ground (without resources line).

I’ll go for Hybrid with this consideration:

1. No need to always transport resources before training troops. So it’s easy to maintain.

2. You can only have 5 barracks for the same troops on one manor. So, with hybrid strategy, in the end game for example I will have: 1 capital & 10 resources/barrack hybrid manors. So, I can have 10 * 5 = 50 same type troops barrack. With this strategy, I can really mass out the ultimate type of troops from my choice.

3. Tips:
– It’s best to use this hybrid strategy on 6 6 6 6 manor, so you will have 3 line of 100% bonus resources.
– If you are a gold user, you can always open extra resources slot and adjust it depends on what kind of troops do you want to train.
– I always train my troops 24/7 with 12 hours shift. For example every 8am before I go to works, I train all my troops by opening calculator and adjust the timetable to 12 hours training. 8pm after I go home from works, I will train for another 12 hours training. With this, you can save 12 hours resources for next training, and if the resources are insufficient, I can always open gem that I collect from several events (read #I.2.a)

III. Capital Strategy: Resources & Carrier Wagon’s Produce Manor

For Capital, I build resources on all bonus resources plot, 1 granary, 1 warehouse, 2 stable, and the rest are for residence.

y early game strategy: 1 capital, 4 pure silver manors, 6 hybrid resources / barracks manors.
My mid -> end game strategy: 1 capital, 10 hybrid resources / baracks manors.

So with this type of strategy, I need to build residences on capital so I can still have a decent silver incomes that allow me to do stimulus task, once I abandon all the silver manors.

The two stables will produce 24/7 wagon and distribute it to all my others manor to work as remote / flying warehouse & granary.

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