Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Formations List

Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Formations List by Eleven

FormInfantry PowerInfantry DefenseArcher PowerArcher DefenseCavalry PowerCavalry DefenseMovement speed
The Square0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Awl Form11%7%1%1%15%9%11%
Hook Form3%7%17%11%3%7%6%
Sieve Form10%8%8%10%8%8%5%
Crane-wing Form5%8%8%8%14%8%5%
Diamond Form18%7%7%7%8%3%7%
Crescent Form16%0%16%1%16%0%7%
Arrowhead Form15%3%3%3%20%5%7%
Triad Form3%14%5%14%3%14%4%
Earth-Heaven Form1%17%1%17%1%17%2%
Wild Goose Form4%4%25%12%4%4%6%
Serpent Form7%6%6%3%7%6%24%

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