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Newbie Guide by Happy Li

1.When you enter GO II for the first time, the best place to start is with the storyline quests! The rewards are   impressive and the story explains much of what’s going on in Galaxy Online II.

2.When you begin playing GO II, you must pay close attention to Technology Research. Researching techs can cost a lot of time and resources, so the best way to get a quick start is to focus on one tech and research others later.

3.In GO II, the commander is one of the most important parts of the game because they stand on the vanguard, leading your fleet into battle. So, do you know how to recruit commanders in GO II?
There are 3 methods of recruiting commanders.
1). Regular Recruitment. This method allows you to recruit commanders for free, but only one can be recruited each time. There is also a cool down time. When the cool down is complete, you may recruit another. (Spell Commander, Super Commander and Legendary Commander may all be recruited)

2). Quick Recruitment. Using this method there is no wait. You can recruit commanders again and again without stopping. There’s also no cooldown time, but the cost is 8 Mall Points for each commander recruited. (Spell Commander, Super Commander and Legendary Commander may all be recruited)

3). Commander Card. You must pay 100 Mall Points for one card, but if you are looking for a specific commander, this is definitely the way to go. Spell Commanders, Super Commanders or Legendary Commanders can all be recruited by purchasing the corresponding card.

4.Log in every day to complete daily quests. Completing these quests will earn you points. Both the daily quests and the Fortune Wheel will be updated at 1:00pm every day. After spinning the wheel, you will get an extra lucky draw for free. So don’t forget to give that wheel a spin after logging in!

5.In GO II, you have 2 different kinds of friends: Friends in GO II and friends on Facebook.
For your friends in game, you can help them repair their space station or steal some resources from them.
For your Facebook friends, you can can help them repair their space station or steal their resources, as well as helping them them accelerate the construction of buildings. (Helping friends speed up the construction of buildings won’t consume SP, but you must have at least 1 SP on hand to do it.)

6.Ship design is one of the most fascinating parts of playing GO II. You can create custom ships based on your wants and needs and oversee every aspect of the design personally. However, there are limitations to the amount of space available for ship designs, so make full use of your materials to create the kinds of ships you’ll need!

7.Space Station’s are also very important. These stationscan produce resources, but they are also often the site of major battles, so they must be protected. These stations are also where you go to enter instances, so they are very important. If there  8 friends visit you and repair your station within 24 hours, you’ll get a special gift – a Voucher! (Voucher: XXX)

8.Like most games out there, instances are important in GOII. When you complete an instance, you’ll receive rewards, like treasure boxes. (If the number of rounds in an instance are odd, when you finish the instance, you’ll be returned to the space station immediately, if the rounds are even, you’ll need to return to the instance, and then move on to the next one.)

9.Treasure Boxes: These are the rewards for completing instances. You can get resources, and designs from them. Different level instances will reward different level prizes.

10.Completing quests will earn you points. You can use these points to take part in lucky draws to win big prizes! The points you earn from daily quests will be accumulated, and the more points you collect,the better your rewards will be. (Points won’t be consumed after drawing rewards.) In addition, in our daily quests, you can finish an instance quest and win an extra gift – 5,000 Gold! Please remember to go get the Gold when you complete an instance!

Have fun battling for control of the universe – only in Galaxy Online II!

Basic Concepts and Suggestions for Beginners by Happy Li

Basic Concepts and Suggestions for Beginners72-hour Newbie Protection Period
Each new player enjoys a protection period for 72 hours when they start playing. Make good use of this period to develop your empire.During the protection period, as long as you don’t attack anyone, no one can attack you. If you engage in hostilities and someone successfully conquers you, they will loot 20% of your resources. It is best to refrain from waging war during the protection period so you can avoid an early setback.

Resource Warehouse
Produced resources are stored at the Resource Warehouse. When you see a plane hovering over your Resource Warehouse, it has been filled to capacity. Your resource fields won’t produce resources again until you use some of the stored resources.

There are two ways to increase the capacity of the Resource Warehouse:
Upgrade the Resource Warehouse
Study the Expand Capacity science

Using the Space Station
Your Space Station allows you to collect metal and He3 resources, which are crucial to your empire’s growth and ability to deploy your forces. Your Space Station controls territory that provides metal and He3. Once you cultivate some of this territory, you can collect metal and/or He3 after a certain period of time. Remember to take advantage of this every day.

Note: if your Space Station’s territory is in conflict, you can do either of the following to free it up for use:
Move your planet. If you wish to do this, it is best to use Galaxy Transfer and save your Senior Galaxy Transfer for when you are ready to join a good corps in the future.
Defeat your neighbor whose territory is in conflict with yours. Remember, if you attack anyone during the protection period, you will forfeit the remainder of the protection period and will be open to attacks from other players.

You can also earn Gift Points through your Space Station. If 8 friends have helped repair your Space Station, you can claim 8 Gift Points 24 hours later. Gifts Points are used to purchase Construction Cards, Healing Cards, Revival Cards, Merge Chips, Battle-ending Cards, etc.

Benefits of Joining a Corps
Once you join a corps, your buildings will yield X more resources (X = 5% * the value of your corps’ level). The additional resources quickly add up, having a major impact on your ability to build a competitive empire.

Resources aren’t the only way a corps can help you. The Corps Merging Center in your corps increases your chance to successfully merge Commander Cards by 4% * the value of your Corps Merging Center’s level. You also gain the ability to buy warships from the Corps Mall using corps contribution points. As it levels up, the Corps Mall will offer a greater variety of items.

In addition, the Corps Warehouse provides storage slots equal to 10 * the value of your Corps Warehouse’s level for depositing items.

Note: Senior Galaxy Transfer enables you to move your planet to a specified location. There is a quest that awards you a Senior Galaxy Transfer. Once you have one, it is much easier to gain acceptance into a corps, because most corps want their members to move their planet to a location that allows the members to provide each other with support.

Early Strategies for Building an Empire
Initially you won’t need to spend much time or resources building defensive facilities, but you must take precautions to minimize losses in case you are attacked. Here are three recommendations:
Make sure your Resource Warehouse has as much empty space as possible to store as many resources as possible. Generally speaking, your Resource Warehouse should be ready to store resources produced by your buildings for at least 12 hours before you exit the game and go to bed.
Try to use up your resources before exiting the game.
Disband fleets before exiting the game to avoid losing warships.

To quickly develop your empire early on, it’s best to do the available quests. There are two strategies to consider when doing quests. You can either claim the rewards as soon as you complete each quest, or you can wait to claim the rewards after you have finished multiple quests. Both approaches have advantages. To help you choose which approach will work best for you, here is a rundown of the typical steps you should take for each strategy.

Strategy 1: Claim Quest Rewards Immediately

Step 1: click the Resource Warehouse to harvest resources.

Step 2: send a message to the World channel.

Step 3: build a Technology Center, then click the yellow arrow beside the time indicator and click the “OK” button.

Step 4: study the Concurrent Construction science.

Step 5: click the “$” button at the bottom right and open the Mall. Buy 1 .

Step 6: click the button to the left of the “$” and open your backpack. Then use the found within. By now, your research for Level 1 Concurrent Construction science is almost finished. Once it’s done, you can construct 5 buildings at the same time.

Step 7: upgrade your Civic Center and Space Station. (It will take some time to do these.)

Step 8: build as many buildings as possible for resource production.

Step 9: construct buildings to produce metal and He3 in your Space Station. It’s best to have the same number of buildings producing metal and He3.

Step 10: upgrade the buildings that produce resources. You should upgrade these buildings to about the same level, so you will be less likely to suffer from a shortage of one type of resource compared to another. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your Resource Warehouse. When attempting to upgrade resource production buildings, start by upgrading 1 building of each type to the permitted maximum level. Then continue with building upgrades of your choice. By doing so, you will be able to finish more quests instead of having to wait until each type is ready.

Step 11: study all the sciences in the Logistics Construction Science category to at least Level 1. After that, study the sciences that increase resource output levels. To avoid lost time, check your study progress every 5 minutes.

Step 12: when your Space Station reaches Level 2, build 2 more buildings for production of metal and He3. If any area in your Space Station is red, then it is in conflict with someone.

Step 13: after the Civic Center and Space Station have reached Level 2, attempt to upgrade them to Level 3 as soon as you have enough resources.

Step 14: when a quest asks you to build a defensive facility, it’s best to set up a Comet, since defensive facilities are not very helpful early on.

Step 15: continue to follow the guidance of the Main Quests. When you’ve finished building an Alliance Headquarters, a quest will award you 1 Senior Planet Transfer. Once you have it, you should try to find a corps to join.

Step 16: upgrade the resource production buildings and the Resource Warehouse, and continue to do the Main Quests.

Note: you should upgrade your Resource Warehouse to a level capable of storing the resources produced by your buildings for at least 12 hours.

Strategy 2: Claim Rewards for Multiple Quests at a Time

Step 1: click the Resource Warehouse to harvest resources.

Step 2: send a message to the World channel.
Step 3: build a Technology Center, then click the yellow arrow beside the time indicator and click the “OK” button.

Step 4: study the Concurrent Construction science.

Step 5: click the “$” button at the bottom right and open the Mall. Buy 1 .

Step 6: click the button to the left of the “$” and open your backpack. Then use the found within. By now, your research for Level 1 Concurrent Construction science is almost finished. Once it’s done, you can construct 5 buildings at the same time.

Step 7: build the following buildings and upgrade them to the specified levels. Once you have done so, you can complete a number of quests, including one that awards you a Senior Planet Transfer. Once you have it, you should find a corps to join.

========Main Buildings========
Civic Center Level 2
Resource Warehouse Level 2
Space Station Level 2

Urban Area Level 3
He3 Collector Level 3
Metal Collector Level 3

========City Services========
Alliance Headquarters Level 1
Trade Port Level 1

Shipyard Level 2
Command Center Level 2
Weapons Center Level 2
Recycle Bin Level 1
Radar Level 1


Step8: upgrade the resource production buildings and the Resource Warehouse, and continue to do the Main Quests.

Note: you should upgrade your Resource Warehouse to a level capable of storing the resources produced by your buildings for at least 12 hours.

Newbie Guide – All About Commanders by Enson Wu

1. FunctionsTo create a fleet, you need a commander to…well, command it. In addition to leading the fleet, commander’s attributes, expertise, skill, and rank all have a direct effect on the outcome of battles.

2. Attributes

Each commander has 4 basic attributes and 8 expertise attributes. Basic attributes include Accuracy, Speed, Dodge and Electron.

Accuracy affects how much damage a fleet causes. Upgrading this attribute allows fleets to deal more damage.

Speed is just that, how fast you move in battle. The higher a commander’s Speed, the the better the chance of attacking first in battle. High Speed also increases the rate of a fleet combo attack (which means two attacks by the same fleet on another fleet).

Dodge is just that, the rate at which a commander can effectively dodge an attack or reduce the damage received from one.

Electron is a little less obvious, but no less important. This attribute is crucial for fleets hoping to deliver a knockout blow.

The 8 expertise attributes highlight particular areas that commander excel in. Some may be good in one or two areas, while others will have a broad range of knowledge. These 8 attributes are: Ballistic Weapon Expertise, Directional Weapon Expertise, Missile Expertise, Ship-based Weapon Expertise, Planet Attack Expertise, Frigate Expertise, Cruiser Expertise and Battleship Expertise.

There are 5 levels showing how in depth their knowledge of each expertise goes (highest to lowest) – S, A, B, C, D.

For Weapons, Level S will improve your corps attack power by 30%, Level A will improve it by 10%, while Level B will improve nothing. However, if your weapon is Level C, it will decrease your attack power by 10% and Level D will decrease your attack power by 30!

For Hulls, Level S will decrease damage received by 10% and increase damage dealt by 10%, Level A will decreases damage by 5% and increase damage by 5%, while Level B will add no bonuses. However, if your hull is Level C, the damage received will be increased by 5% and damage dealt will be decreased by 5%. Finally, if your hull is Level D damage received will be increased by 10% and damage dealt will be decreased by 10%.

Also, when looking at possible commander’s for your fleet, its important to keep in mind what fleet that commander will be commanding. If one commander has high missile and frigate expertise, its best to assign that commander to missile equipped frigates, or at the very least to a ship carrying missiles or to a frigate.

3. Different Commander Types

Commanders are divided into 4 types: Common Commander, Spell Commander, Super Commander and Legendary Commander.

Common Commanders: Can be recruited using the simplest and most basic method, from the Command Center. Keep in mind that after recruiting a commander from the Command Center, there is a cooldown time before another can be recruited. Common Commanders’ abilities are generally weaker than other commanders and they have no spells or stars! However, they are not all bad. They cost nothing to recruit and they can be improved with gems.

As for the other 3 commanders available, corresponding cards are required. These commanders include spells and stars and can even be compounded together to create even better commanders. The more stars a commander has, the better their attributes will be!

So, where can someone find these commander cards? They can be won from the Lucky Wheel or through the ‘Draw Commander’ option in the Command Center.

About the ‘Draw Commander’ Function

Go to the Command Center Interface and find the Draw Commander button there.

Click on it to get 3 random commander cards.

If you don’t get what you want, or want to try your luck again, you can press Refresh to give it another go!

After obtaining the card, go to your Bag to find it and use it.

4. How can Spell, Super and Lengdary Commanders be made into cards?

Click on the Change Card and then use a Sealing Card to change the commander into a card. You can then merge them with another card or put them up for auction.

About Commander Compounding

First of all, you need to create a Compounding Center. After this is done, you can merge your cards, compound your gem and socket the gem into a commander!

After merging 2 cards with the same star rating, the output will be a card with 1 more star than the original cards!

If merging 3 cards with the same stars and types (spell, super and legendary) but different names, the output will also be a card with 1 more star than the original cards.

If the compounding success rate is less than 100%, you can use a Merge Chip to increase the rate! If you have a high level Corps Compounding Center, your compounding rate will also be higher than normal!

Ship Design by Josh Jiang

In GO II, one of the most fascinating aspects of the game is the ability to design and create warships.Customizing your own ships can be a lot fun, but it can also be challenging.Here we will be discussing the theory behind designing warships and the best ways to go about creating them.Theory 1: Agility
There are a lot of factors to consider when designing your own ships, but some are more important than others. Agility is one of the most important. If you create a ship that moves too slowly, your fleet will not even be able to catch other ships, let alone engage them in battle – rendering the ship (and design) useless. However, if you focus on speed to the exclusion of all other factors, you may end up with as peed demon that does little else but buzz around other warships, making it little more than an irritant to larger, more well equipped ships.

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding on the right amount fo speed to give a ship is attack range.Generally speaking, the lowest speed requirement for a ship is 2 points. For long range attack ships, only 2 points of movement speed is enough, because they don’t need to catch up to a target before beginning an attack. These kinds of ships include ones with Directional Weapons and Missiles. These ships also tend to be the best ones for challenging instances.
For ships utilizing Ballistic Weapons, up to 3 – 4 movement speed points are needed before they become effective! This means that 3-4 thrusters are needed to provide them with the proper amount of movement, though this can consume a lot of space.
As in most things, balance between whats needed and whats wanted must be maintained because of the space limits.
Theory 2: Attack Power
Attack power is usually the star of the show, and is usually the first thing Captain’s look at – and forgood reason. Consider carefully exactly what role this ship is meant to play and how it will be used. This can help make decisions on what to add to your design easier.
So what you must know before creating ship?

Quality is more important than the quantity!
Rules for designing high quality warships
1). Developing the weapons by Level 3
2). Highest attack power
3). Appropriate space used
4). Appropriate He3 consumption

2.Make full use of ship space
Maintain a balance between attack power and agility. The most successful ships are the ones with the highest attack and perfect speed! Workhard to find the sweet spot between weapon(s) and thruster(s).

3.How to set weapons?
When creating a ship design, try not to make a ship that loses sight of its intended role. Adding several different kinds of weapons may seemlike a good idea, but it can quickly eat up space better utilized for thrusters or more of one weapon type.

Theory 3: Orbital Shields
This may seem like a no-brainer,but don’t neglect shields in your design. No matter how powerful you may think you’re ship design is, when the orange HP hits zero it’s game over!!!

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