Facebook Galaxy Online II Science Research Guide

Facebook Galaxy Online II Science Research Guide by Alin Musat

I figure many fresh players get discouraged when they check the science research section for the first time so I’m going to try lend a hand.
There are two strategies that i found would be good for starter players and both start the same, than continue their own paths, I’m going to use 1 post for the first half and another one for each divergent path.

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Character Id=Zural(81805)
Server= S7. Centaurus

First Half(General)

As the game suggests you must first start with “Logistics”, its the first tab that opens when you click on “Science Research”, and it looks like this:

First things first, this is a must do, follow the quest and get Concurrent Construction, from the top left part of the selection.

You can notice that the first few levels on each research costs and takes less time than the rest, so getting High Yield Mining, High Yield Chemistry and High Yield Investing to level 4 or 5 should be fairily easy, and this allows you to get 4% or 5%(depending on how high you went) more resources that you normally would.The 3 “High Yield” can be found on the bottom row.

Next you may notice that buildings get graduately expensive and cost more, there are some research options that can help with that, you will find them on the top row, along with “Concurrent Construction”, they are called “Quality Materials” and “Construction Boost”. Their effects are reducing resources and time taken to build, getting them both up to level 4 can be done within a day.

Next the player wants to get to try shipbuilding, for this there’s the middle row in the Logistics tab, it has “Ship Building Boost”, that decreseas the time needed to build a ship(or speeds up shipbuilding speed, whatever you prefer) , “Ship Building Logistics” , research that decreases costs of shipbuilding and “Sync Shipbuilding”, which adds another slot for shipbuilding. So far I would advice you get only shipbuilding logistics up to level 4-5, since resources would still be scarse, and the other options somewhat increase costs over time.

To Sum Everything Up Step By Step:
1x”Concurrent Construction”
4x”High Yield Mining”
4x”High Yield Chemistry”
4x”High Yield Investing”
4x”Quality Materials”
4x”Construction Boost”
4x”Ship Building Logistics”

Second Half (Resource Based or Pacifist)

Since this part is also about resources I think you can guess what we’re going to upgrade.

Yes, indeed Logistics, from here on its not hard, just long.(yes that sounded strange to me as well)
First up, take a look in the bottom row on the far right, you’ll find “Expand Capacity”, get 2-3 levels in this for starters so you have more space to gather your resources in.

Next up, you should start upgrading the bottom row, the 3 “High Yield” options to be exact, go up to level 7 for starters , its a real hassle afterwards.

After completing level 7 for the 3 “High Yield” options, direct your atention to “Quality Materials” and “Ship Building Logistics”, again up to about level 7, as the time and money used starts getting annoying at that point.

Now nobody can call you a newbie, and a week should have passed already *wink*.
Side Note:The Second Half(Shipbuilding) might be helpful at this point.

Second Half (Shipbuilding)

Alright, now to start it up, i’d like to mention that all weapons are good, but I chose Ballistics and Directional because they are the best on He3 ratio and of couse that makes them good in instances.

To start things off I’d like to present the “Ship Defence Science” Tab:

Out of here we’ll need the first research option, “Ship Defence Tech”, found in the far left, it takes under 5 minutes and 10k gold to get it up to max, which is level 2 and provides quite a nice boost.

Next up, lets check the weapons department I choose Ballistics and Directional and I’m going to explain the main need when using them getting an atack to hit more than 1 square, Directional hits collumn and Ballistic hits row.

Lets start with the Ballistic Science Tab:

If you would oblige as to check the bottom you’d see “Ballistic Scattering”, that is the actuall tech you are looking for to get your ships hitting the entire row in front, on the way you will need “Ballistics” which increases damage by up to 10%, “Ballistic Malice” which increases critical hit rate by up to 5%, “Steady Control Tech”, which decreases space occupied by ballistic weapons and “Precise Ballistics” which increases the hit rate of ballistic weapons.

So far so good, you now have a weapon that deals more base damage, has higher crit, takes less space and is more precise, make it do scatter damage(damaging entire row) and add the fact that it hits every round it is in range and you got urself an awesome instance weapon for beginners.

Lets move on to Directional Science Tab:

Same idea as with Ballistics we need to get the weapon do damage more than one enemy, how to do that, get “Pierce” which can be found on the top row, second slot from the left. In order to get it you need to walk the same research path shown in the pic(yes I am a Directional weapons fan).
So, follow it with me, “Optics”, damage increase, than “Directional Malice”, critical chance increase, than “Directional Accuracy”, hit rate increase, “Eagle Eye”, steering power increase, “Energy Penetration”, hit rate increase and 5% chance to go penetrate shields, than we end up at “Pierce”.

The big difference between Directional and Ballistics is that Directional has increased range but can only atack once every 2 rounds, with increased power compared to Ballistics of course.

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