War of Legends Legacy Scrolls Guide

War of Legends Legacy Scrolls Guide by Alchemya

I made this thread because I was quite curious about the 9 legacy scrolls and the famous legends they reward you with. Considering how some of them require rather expensive items it seemed smart to collect a bit of data on this to see if the reward is actually worth the trouble and to know what items you should hold on to.

For info about Nezha, Huang Feihu, and other famous legends, please go to 76-77-19-65603.

Lastly, a general tip: go for the lowest required wildland stated by the task for the best chance of acquiring the item you are after.


Q: How do you get legacy scrolls?
A: You get them by doing searches in wildlands, they occur as special events. I’d suggest doing 1 hour searches.

Q: Does the level of the legend, the amount of troops, or the lvl of the wildland matter when searching?
A: No.

Q: Can I get the same scroll more than once?
A: Yes, but you can only use 1. You can sell the other one for 50k gold.

Q: What class of legend does my legacy scroll lead to?
1, 4, 7 lead to warriors
2, 5, 8 lead to seers
3, 6, 9 lead to monks

Q: Where do I acquire the required item if it’s not task specific?
A. Try the thread called “Wildland Drops” created by True Zhou, 76-77-20-65605.

Legacy I – warrior, 35 ab – 0 jc
Legacy II – seer, 37 ab – 100+ jc
Legacy III – monk, 36 ab – 110/260+ jc
Legacy IV – warrior, 36 ab – 85 jc
Legacy V – seer, 37 ab – 300+ jc
Legacy VI – monk, 37 ab – 390 jc
Legacy VII – warrior, 38 ab – 0 jc
Legacy VIII – seer, 39 ab – 0 jc
Legacy IX – monk, 37 ab – 400 jc

Legacy I

> Task 1: “Silver Secrets”
Acquire 1 Silver Band (invade lvl 3+ wildlands)
Reward: 1 lockbox

> Task 2: “Resonance”
Acquire 1 Silver Torc (invade lvl 3+ wildlands)
Reward: Dian token

Famous legend: Xiao Dian, a lvl 1 warrior with 35 ability.

Total: 0 jc, all is acquired in the game, none of it can be bought.

Legacy II

> Task 1: “Powerful Words”
Acquire 1 azure stone
Reward: 1 fated wind

> Task 2: “Imprisoned”
Acquire one Embossed Band (invade lvl 5+ wildlands)
Reward: 1 journals

> Task 3: “A Legend’s Plea”
Acquire 1 life potion
Reward: 1 Siyu token

Famous legend: Wu Siyu, a lvl 1 seer with 37 ability.

At least 1 coffer -> 50 jc
Life potion -> 50 jc/vouchers

Total: 100 jc or more (about 10 euros or more)

Legacy III

> Task 1: “House Arrest”
Acquire 1 Liberation
Reward: 10,000 Gold

> Task 2: “A Master’s Oath”
Acquire 1 Gold Bead
Reward: 10,000 Gold

> Task 3: “Fealty”
Acquire 1 Wyrm Pearl
Reward: Kuang Token

Famous legend: Kuang Yu, a lvl 1 monk with 36 ability.

Liberation -> 10 jc/vouchers
At least 1 coffer -> 50 jc
At least 1 coffer or jewel box -> 50 jc or 200 jc

Total: 110 – 260 jc, but could be more (11 – 26 euro or more)

Legacy IV

> Task 1: “The Legend Flag”
Acquire 1 legend flag
Reward: 10 horns

> Task 2: “Potential”
Acquire 1 courage plaque
Reward: 1 diagram

> Task 3: “Tutelage”
Acquire 1 haste
Reward: Cai token

Famous legend: Cai Gong, a lvl 1 warrior with 36 ability.

Legend flag -> 5 jc/vouchers
Courage plaque -> 50 jc/vouchers
Haste -> 30 jc/vouchers

Total: 85 jc (8.50 euros)

Legacy V

> Task 1: “The Hermit”
Acquire 1 courage plaque
Reward: 1 fated wind

> Task 2: “Lost in Chaos”
Acquire 1 skill plaque
Reward: 1 azure stone

> Task 3:
Acquire 1 strategy plaque
Reward: 50,000 wood

> Task 4:
Acquire 5 azure stones
Reward: Hu token

Famous legend: Lan Hu, a lvl 1 seer with 37 ability.

Courage plaque -> 50 jc/vouchers
Skill plaque -> 50 jc/vouchers
Strategy plaque -> 50 jc/vouchers
At least 3 coffers -> 150 jc

Total: 300 jc or more (30 euros or more)

Legacy VI

> Task 1: “The Bailiff”
Acquire 1 divine wind
Reward: 1 azure stone

> Task 2: “Pageantry”
Acquire 1 Pageant
Reward: 1 azure stone and 1 sky stone

> Task 3: “Prosperity”
Acquire 1 Chun book
Reward: Lu token

Famous legend: Song Lu, a lvl 1 monk with 37 ability.

Divine wind -> 90 jc
Pageant -> 100 jc/vouchers
Chun book -> 200 jc/vouchers

Total: 390 jc (39 euros)
Note: a chun book can be acquired from a special paradise, floor 6 or 7, it’s rare though.

Legacy VII

> Task 1: “Morning Dew”
Acquire 1 Dew (invade lvl 3 wildlands)
Reward: 5,000 Gold and 10,000 Copper

> Task 2: “Body of Stone”
Acquire 50,000 Stone and 1 Quartz (invade lvl 7 wildlands)
Reward: 50,000 Food

> Task 3: “Undying Flame”
Acquire 15,000 Wood and 1 Omni-fire (invade lvl 7 wildlands)
Reward: Bin Token

Famous legend: Guan Bin, a lvl 1 warrior with 38 ability.

Total: 0 jc, all is acquired in the game, none of it can be bought.

Legacy VIII

> Task 1: “Spirit of Iron”
Acquire an Iron Spirit (invade lvl 2 wildlands)
Reward: enigma box (but gives a puzzle box)

> Task 2: “Spirit of Gold”
Acquire a Gold Bead and 100,000 stone (but it’s really a Gold Spirit, not a Gold Bead) (special paradise, floor 5)
Reward: enigma box and Gold Spirit (but it’s really a puzzle box and a Gold Sword)

> Task 3:
Acquire a Gold Sword and 10,000 gold
Reward: Cheng token (and you get to keep the sword lol)

Famous legend: Long Cheng, a lvl 1 seer with 39 ability.

Total: 0 jc, all is acquired in the game, none of it can be bought.

Legacy IX

> Task 1: “Boon of Heaven”
Acquire 5 solutions and 1 god’s boon
Reward: Wu token

Famous legend: Huang Wu, a lvl 1 monk with 37 ability.

Solutions * 5 -> 100 jc
God’s boon -> 300 jc/vouchers

Total: 400 jc (40 euros)

I was wondering when a thread like this would appear. Here’s Legacy II’s tasks:

Task 1: Powerful Words

While walking through the city street, a wandering merchant asks if you wish to buy an old scroll. Looking carefully at his stock, you do not understand any of the writing. You can feel the power resonating from the scrolls, however, so you offer the merchant your Azure Stone as payment.

Give the merchant an Azure Stone to learn the secret of the scroll.

Reward: 1 Wind of Fate

Task 2: Imprisoned

Sealed within the scroll is a powerful being; a great legend whose naivety belied great potential. The being was captured within the magical seal found in this scroll and can only be released with your help. Increasing your magical power with a Embossed Band will allow you to break the scroll’s seal.

Invade wildland areas of level 5 or higher in search of the Embossed Band.

Reward: 1 Journals

Task 3: A Legend’s Plea

The legend has been released, but long imprisonment has taken its toll. Obtain a Life Potion to restore the legend’s strength.

Bring the old man a Life Potion to restore his vitality.

Reward: 1 Siyu Token

Legacy VIII

Task 2 rewards you with yet another Puzzle box. :(

Task 3 requires the gold spirit you got from task 2 (although it’s called a ‘Gold Sword’ which you get to keep.  It’s a task item that you can’t do anything with though. :( But it does look awesome. :D

Legacy 3 scroll

Task 1

Description – You lead your troops to the location stated within the scroll, which appears to be little more than a hovel. As you approach, the doors open and an elderly man emerges. He informs you that he was once a prominent government minister, but that he has since been stripped of his rank and confined to this meagre dwelling. You believe that there is more to this old man than meets the eye, so you send for a Liberation document which will release him into your service.

Task guide – Provide the necessary Liberation documents to secure the old man’s release.

=>Task objective<=

Liberation x1


Gold x10,000

Task 2

Description – You hand the imperial Liberation document to the local officials, freeing the old man. As an expression of gratitude, he offers his service to your cause. He requests that he be allowed to deal with some business first, however, and promises to meet you in 10 days, keepsake in hand.

Task guide – Give the old man a Gold Bead and agree to meet with him in 10 days.

=>Task objective<=

Gold Bead x1


Gold x10,000

Task 3

Description – As promised, the old man returns in 10 days’ time. It is clear that he will be a loyal follower and you grant him in a boon as a symbol of his fealty.

Task guide – Bring the old man the gift of a Wyrm Pearl.

=>Task objective<=

Wyrm Pearl x1


Kuang Token x1

I got this info from the chinese Wol site. Just a few info of the legend u get.

A total of 9 pieces:
Legacy 1
Ab:35 Warrior

Legacy 2
Ab:37 seer

Legacy 3
Ab:36 monk

Legacy 4
Ab:36 Warrior

Legacy 5
Ab:37 seer

Legacy 6
Ab:37 monk

Legacy 7
Ab:38 Warrior

Legacy 8
Ab:39 seer

Legacy 9
Ab:37 monk

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