War of Legends Guide to Minimising Troop Losses

War of Legends Guide to Minimising Troop Losses by Nobodynat

Hi, I am Nobodynat, cookie giver of [Legacy] in Royal Garden Server. I am leaving WoL and so now I give the rest of the community some great Guides.

This guide will basically increase your wildland targets by 400%, really (unless you are already doing this).

We all know one hit archer runs. Its cheap, its effective, you don’t have any losses.

What if you’re out of wilds?

Well, the first thing you might consider is hit lands below your usual targets (i.e. if you normally hit lvl 6 wildys, you hit 5s etc.)

The second thing you might consider is to extend your range of attack. You can have a range of 3×3 screens (2 clicks all round) this gives a good less than 10 min raids. Can consider extending that to 5×5 (this also applies if you run out of efficient suicide attacks… yeah)

The third option is to include the wilds that have archers. What I suggest is while making your list of One Hit KOs (OHKO), note down wilds with ONE set of archers (more archers = more losses). Also note down the order which they go in (or simply if the archer is first or not)

Once you run out of OHKOs, and cant be bothered to extend your range, go for the ones with archers.

Basically, you want to have two legends, your main OHKO and your secondary Strategy pure chariot holder. you want to switch to your strategy pure for archers, and switch to OHKO archers for everything else.

This minimizes your loses, and as a result, you killed off one wildy (in hopes it changes to nonarchers) and killed off your troops (so you can get more food production, so you can build more chariots hopefully).

Because this increases your targets by 400% you can gain more/better items (which accelerates buildings/research), gain more exp (hit higher, more def), and more rep!

Your 4th option would be to hit a higher level wildy than you normally would (you hit 6 normally, you hit a 7)

For this, Id advise sticking with OHKO archers, even thou you might not kill off the chariots on first turn (don’t bother if you cant take out halberds and swords in one hit) their losses on the first turn means that you lose little on the second.

Surprisingly this has as little loss as the archer/chariot combo (where you lose chariots instead), and you’re hitting higher levels, mean you get better exp so your legend can get to OHKO higher level wilds faster.

Enjoy killing off your troops!!!

This guide was meant for people who use archers for wildland invades. They usually have high food consumption. It is always good to lose some troops once in a while. As long as you can sustain it of course.
This is still a relatively early Guide. To be honest, it is similar/branched to another guide I wrote, but I couldn’t be bothered to expand on one guide (lots of text = no one reads).

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