War of Legends Gold and Resource Maximizing Guide

War of Legends Gold and Resource Maximizing Guide by Nobodynat

Hi, I am Nobodynat, cookie giver of [Legacy] in Royal Garden Server. I am leaving WoL and so now I give the rest of the community some great Guides.

Ok, I know you *think* you know whats the best blah blah but bear with me… MORE MATHS!!! +micro


If you cant follow it, dont bother, I dont think its very clear either, but I know it works

Please skip to where you see maths if you want crazy amounts of gold… more than your tactic, trust me ;]

Ok, resources first, as its shorter and less mathsy.

1) The Obvious – Build/upgrade Outskirts
Research cultivation, mining, digging, logging.

2) The Not so Obvious (applies to food only)
Send all troops from main/sub to another city (the further the better)
What this does- Troops are not eating food in ANY city, this gives you a temporary boost in food production as you no longer feed those in your city. For some reason, the troops dont eat resources from the other city.
This is best if you have insane food production and cities are far from each other.
I.e. If you have 100k food production, and it takes 10 minutes to get from one to another, thats an extra 16.6k you produced.
Flaw- this uses money to send troops. Best used for high money, low food
-This will be covered in another guide-

3) Market (really?) – applies to gold/resources
Cant be bothered, you know what i mean.

4) Raiding
Technically your not making this so I didn’t want to put it here, but some ppl might complain (applies to gold too)

Gold! – The main topic

1) The Obvious
build more villages
Research Alchemy

2) Taxes
Ok, this is what the main Guide is about. I was going to make this as a stand alone guide, but meh. (after finishing the guide, It should have been a stand alone)

This ignores payment to Legends, obviously the higher the better anyway.

The following Relates to PERFECT MICROMANAGEMENT Any slips will decrease your base gold gain rate by a few % (applies to Option B,C,A-C).

Also, if you leave taxes at 100% overnight, its completely your fault. The conclusion will tell you not to bother.

Ok, before we do anything we need some base values.

Maximum possible Money gain rate (this is impossible btw) is 100% pop x 100% tax rate – 0 gold for pacify per hour = 100 base value (so you want as high as possible)

Option A The “safe 50%”
This is what I use, basically, you set tax on 50% and leave it.
50% x 50% = 25 base
Pros: no micro, no need to check on it
Cons: Relatively low income (but if you mess up on micro, this is better)

Option B The 85+ Loyalty 100% Tax+Prayer
Prayer is known to be 4 gold for every 5 population.(which is also 0.533 per person, per hour)
Population goes up/down 1% every 12 minutes, Loyalty 1% every 6 minutes
Assuming you do this 24/7, your loyalty will hover at an average of 92 (starts to increase to 92, then drops as loyalty is lower, then rises, etc. ends up averaging at 92)
At the time you Pray, your population should be at 88.
(not sure if there’s a alliance bonus, if so, this is included, if not, then its not, I’m using base values for this)
This makes the amount your pay for prayer at 47% of tax base
92% x 100% – 47% = 45 base

Option C Heavy Micro
This is by far the most Micro crazy.
This method, requires you to increase and decrease tax rates frequently. Now before I go on, I need to explain the loyalty increase/decrease rate further.

Imagine a exp bar. and the exp is at the middle, if the tax rate is higher than the level, the exp increases. If its lower, it decreases. The rate of increase/decrease is fixed.
Now the complicated bit.
If the loyalty exp “levels”, it starts at the end of the bar. Such that, if you instantly switch back down if it goes up, the “exp” doesn’t have long to go before “deleveling”.
What I mean is, Loyalty goes up/down by a point every 6 minutes if and only if your tax rate stays the same (where its high/low constantly). If it switches back, it the loyalty goes down by one level very quickly.

^ must have repeated myself 4 times there

For max gold in this tactic, you need to have 1% base tax rate (99% pop)
You want to alternate between 0% and 100% tax.
This is heavy on micro, population stays at about 99% average and you get about 50% tax average.
99% x 50% = 49.5 base

FYI,the above method with 50% pop with 50% base tax with heavy micro only gives 37.5 base (ill call this option A-C, very important later)

Tax Conclusion – Bringing back reality

Option A
Pros: Safe, lowest high income.
Cons: Low pop, easy to run out when building army

Option B
Pros: 80% better than Option A
Cons: If you play less than 9 hours a day, this pays off less than Option A. Really. Maths time
Online: Option B – base 45
Offline: leave tax at 15% – base 12.75
if online for 9 hrs, offline for 15 hrs,
base = (9×45+12.75×15)/24 = 24.84 ~ Option A

Option C
Pros: 10% better than option B, 98% better than option A
Cons: If you play less than 12 hours a day, this pays off less than Option A.
Online: Option C – base 49.5
Offline: Leave tax at 1% – base 1
base = (12×49.5+12×1)/24 = 25.25 ~ Option A

In fact, Its best if you do Option A-C
Its better than Option B if you play less than 13 hours
And better than Option C if you play less than 15 hours
And its always better than option A


If you play less than 9 hours a day, Just leave taxes at 50%, All microers can look up Option A-C for just a tiny % more.

If you are at war/occupied a lot, it is advised not to put it at 50%. You want some more loyalty so you can withstand more attacks. Also, more population means more idle population, this means you can buy more troops if you are resource high.
The guide above is based on of you do not use population for troops.
This guide was made to clear up all the Gold making theories and advise on which is best.

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