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[UPDATED]Guide For Elites Locations

Ill going to Show to you where to Elites

Sparta Elites

[[ELite]Sharp Tooth Lemen Location: 188,187

[Elite]Parkins Location: 179,-5


Sparta Suburb Elites

[Elite]Dangerous Misk Location: -6,134

[Elite]Confused Mansolo Location: 121,104

Peloponnesus Elite Locations

[Elite]Scorpion Paul Location: 126 -172

[Elite]Boa Olybium Location: 175,48

[Elite]Net Maker Lisa Location: 1,-32

[Elite]Corrupt Lizard Lusa Location: 180,44

Nemea Elites Location

[Elite]Knight Skaru Location: 200,188

[Elite]Wind Rider Pangta Location: -210,-25

[Elite]Hero Chipa Location: -196,193

[Elite]Protector Barry Location: 220,-154

[Elite]Forest Creeper Location: -15,-26

Argolis ELites Locations

[Elite]Storm Turtle Read Location: 189,99

[Elite]Predator Joe Location: -131,-103

[ELite]Bloody Lord Wikido Location: -163,176

[Elite]Dark Spirit Yones Location: 43,-206

[Elite]Valkyr Location: 53,11

Isthmus Elites Location

[ELITE]Corinthian Nightmare Location: -17,-79

[Elite]Fire Lord Neo Location: 19,36

[ELITE]Nekoose Location: 190,26

[ELITE]Aldau Location: 185,28

[ELITE]Warriock Ktuoma Location: 196,-99

Megara Elite Locations

[ELITE]Soul Holder Sameng Location: -64,96

[ELITE]Corpse Eater Sherlose Location: 3,-187

[ELITE]Karl Location: -180,-87

I think That is for NOw

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