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Hera’s Labyrinth

I’m going to assume Athens and Sparta have the exact same map layout and portal layout on each of their maps, as they did in the alpha version…

Here is the main map, along with a North East South West key incase your unsure of which portal I am refering to.

You enter the Map, on the Island for Envoy 1

First you must travel north to the quest npc and collect the first Envoy scroll, then proceed to the Zeus Envoy 1 npc. Once you exchange the scroll the envoy will give you the scroll for the level 2 Envoy, and at each next location, you hand a scroll in and get the next level scroll, finishing with the level 5 scroll.


From the Envoy 1 npc, take the West portal, then the North portal, then the East portal, then the North portal, and you shall arrive at the Envoy 2 npc.

From the Envoy 2 npc, take the West portal, then the North portal, and you shall arrive at the Envoy 3 npc.

From the Envoy 3 npc, take the West portal, then the West portal, and you shall arrive at the Envoy 4 npc.

From the Envoy 4 npc, take the North portal, the the East portal, take the North portal, then the South portal, then the North portal, then the East portal, then the West portal, and you shall arrive at the Envoy 5 npc.

From the Envoy 5 npc, you are done! Congratulations, there is only 1 portal left to take, and it will teleport you back to your home city

And the Simplified Version:


1 -> West -> North -> East -> North -> 2

2 -> West -> North -> 3

3 -> West -> West -> 4

4 -> North -> East -> North -> South -> North -> East -> West -> 5

Bibi’s Guide Map to Hera’s Labyrinth

Bibi’s Sketched Map of Hera’s Labyrinth

First of all, the map of Hera’s Labyrinth is still the same, with the same portals leading to the 5th Zeus’s Envoy.
The only differences is, they labelled each island with a number from 1 to 9:-
Island no. 1
Island no. 2
Island no. 3
Island no. 4
Island no. 5
Island no. 6
Island no. 7

Island no. 8 , and lastly
Island no. 9.

The portals are given numbers too.
Portal  1
Portal  2
Portal  3
Portal  4
Portal  5
Portal  6
Portal  7

Portal  8 , and lastly
Portal  9.

Each numbered portals represents the destination of the island you will be instantly teleport into.
For example: You are in Island no. 1 If you step onto Portal 7 , you will instantly be teleported to Island no. 7.

I labelled all 6 Zeus’ Envoys that we need to talk to during the event as:-
Zeus’ Envoy    = NPC  O
Zeus’ Envoy 1 = NPC  1
Zeus’ Envoy 2 = NPC  2
Zeus’ Envoy 3 = NPC  3
Zeus’ Envoy 4 = NPC  4
, and lastly
Zeus’ Envoy 5 = NPC  5 .


[1]: Before you do Hera Labyrinth’s event at 10pm – 11pm, make sure to talk Labryrinth Quest Envoy to accept the [lv20]Europa Clue near the Event Teleporter in Athens first.

[2]: Then talk to the Event Teleporter, and select ‘Teleport to Cyclades‘ for the quest. You will automatically be at Island no. 1 right after (^_^)

[3]: NEVER go into Portal 8 hehehe. Its a DEAD END..!!

On Island no.  1, click the NPC 0 first to start the quest. You’ll see Zeus’ Oracle 1 in your bag.
Then proceed to NPC 1 and click it, you will get Zeus’ Oracle 2 in your bag and get your first share of EXP and TP.
This will go forth until you complete and reach NPC 5 which is in Island no. 9.

If you look at the map, you’ll see Zeus’ Envoy 2 as NPC 2 on Island no.3.

Starting from Island no.1, go to Portal 7.
In Island no.7, go to Portal 5.
In Island no.5, go to Portal 9.
In Island no.9, go to Portal 3.
Once you reach Island no.3, talk to Zeus’ Envoy 2 to receive Zeus’ Oracle 3 (see inside your bag, if you havent try again).
You’ll get your second share of EXP and TP from NPC 2.

Again same procedure, look at the map, you’ll be able to see Zeus’ Envoy 3 is on Island no.5.

Now starting from Island no.3, go to Portal no.7.
In Island no.7, go to Portal 5.
Once you are on Island no.5, talk to Zeus’ Envoy 3 marked as NPC 3 to accept next quest.
You will receive your third share of EXP and TP, and Zeus’ Oracle 4 in your bag.

Now Zeus’ Envoy 4 is on Island no.7 (^_^)’

Very easy, after getting Zeus’ Oracle 4 go straight to Portal 7 hehehe.
From Island no.5 , go to Portal 1. Then, on Island no.1 go to Portal 7 to reach Zeus’ Envoy 4
I usually take this other path if I’m lazy to manually direct my character upward to Portal 7.

So anyway, talk to Zeus’ Envoy 4, marked as NPC 4. You cant miss him, he is there~.
Here you’ll get your fourth share of EXP and TP. You should also get your last Oracle, called Zeus’ Oracle 5.

Zeus’ Envoy 5 is on a secluded part of Island no.9. So listen carefully, its this part that some players normally get lost lol.

You are at Island no.7 after finding Zeus’ Envoy 4
On Island no.7, go to Portal 5.
On Island no.5, go to Portal 9.
On Island no.9, go to Portal 3.
On Island no.3, go to Portal 4.
On Island no.4, go to Portal 6.
On Island no.6, go to Portal 2.
On Island no.2, go to Portal 9… and you’ll find Zeus’ Envoy 5 there!!

When you get to Zeus’ Envoy 5 and click that NPC 5, you’ll get the 5th share of EXP and TP….. and a Pan’s letter invitation.
Keep that Pan’s letter invitation for later (^_^) hehehe.

To get back to Athens, just use the portal on Island no.9 hehe.
OR you can just use the Portal: Athens, but personally I rather use the first than the latter.

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