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PVPing as a champ


Made a “quick” assortment of pvping tactics for champs to use against specific classes. Hope you enjoy
Recently have become a big fan of kiting(word i got from nova)

vs warriors:
Recommended zodiac: rage claw, steal rain, wirlwind, flash chop
Tactic 1:stand close but not to close…they will usually stun first then expose, warriors must be close to use fc but by the time they finish casting expose and running toward you the stun should have worn off if you kept the correct distance. Immediately take off away from the warrior and out of his range, just stay out of range of any of his skill for the duration of expose and you have just nullified one of a warriors strongest moves^^

Tactice 2: freeze the warrior and move out of his immediate range and use your rune strike and chip blast aoes. Fights with a warrior usually last a while so its better to save both internal injuries for when you enter the actual hand to hand combat.Champ aoes deal drastically more dmg then warriors aoes, take advantage of it^^. At this kind of range they are forced to use their aoes to deal dmg or nothing at all. This tactic can be used as a combination with #1 after the expose wears off freze them while they are stil a distance…aoe…then dash into battle

Tactic 3: When a warrior first uses flash chop count off the seconds… at 8sec in turn and run for a few seconds, this will even out the cooldown for sh and the cooldown for flash chop and make sh stronger hit in the end

End Note: a warriors biggest weakness imo is his range, there are many creative ways to exploit this, a few i have listed above and im sure others know more, if you chose to use this weakness to your advantage you may be surprised how far you can go^^. The best defense is a overpowering offense

vs mages:
Recommended Zodiac: lightblade, lightball, fire lotus,  lighting

Tactic 1: A very popular form of kiting.. when a mage cast silence on you simply run in the opposite direction till silence wares off

Tactic 2: When a mages silence is gone.. freeze the mage and rain down skills on them… this method often deals drastic dps because you are tossing out 1-3 skills per mage skill and you are poking them which adds additional dmg

Tactic 3: Always advance or retreat from underneath them. While this tactic works on all classes it is very useful against mages because the majority of the battle is focused on player location. even if they see you on their map they cant judge exact distance or location while you know right where they are and can move out of the way if you see a aoe be cast as you come in. By the time you come into view for them you are already in striking distance and because you chose the time of contact you have the eliminate of surprise. no matter what there is always a small point of hesitation as they adjust to your new location and creates a perfect time to strike^^

End Note: A massive used and relied on strength of a mage is their long range and silence. Take away or manipulate these strengths and you can severely shake a mages competence. A steady mind is needed for a mage to maneuver correctly, shake them and they will slip up more and more. With a mages low def hesitation vs a champ = death

vs other champs:
Recommended zodiac: stab, holy jab, spearhit, rage spear

Tactic 1: If you have the chance look at their stats before the battle..absorb and pdef…. poking is a great form of additional dps for champs but if their poke is greater then yours they have the advantage in this particular area. instead of standing still and spamming skills move around so as to take away this advantage. Often they will try to inch closer to poke you, a failed poke(one where the animation and cooldown for the poke go off but the dmg is not dealt) is a wasted moment… and in a champ vs champ pvp thats all it takes to drastically change the tide.

Tactic 2: Champs have the exact same range but they also have the same limitations. If a champ is standing still it takes longer to cast direct attacks but your aoe ranges increase, if a champ is moving it takes longer to cast aoes but their direct attack range increases. champs have a greater direct attack range while moving is the opponent is facing their back. Remember that some skills chain together fast then others. Increase your range and attack speed and you have successfully out maneuvered  your opponent within his own class.

Tactic 3:  If you have a higher dmg output then the other champ you can freeze and spam all your aoes. With a champ vs champ the battles are very quick and it is usually not necessary to need more then one internal injury so no need to hold back. This not only creates a gap of hp right off the bat but it also allows your mp res to begin sooner giving you more mp to use latter on. This unusual preemptive  strike can also throw off the rhythm of the champ and trick him into using skills before he should in a attempt to even out the damage, this scare tactic is very good for disrupting their combos^^

Tactic 4: keep your distance at the beginning, when you start immediately move away and have them chase after you, then turn around and strike, this method gives you the first hit as they will not be able to activate a skill in this situation.If your the type to use sb/mb first this tactic can be done the same way but know you run the risk of having them get within range before you are able to move again

End Note:in  champ vs champ pvp the major factors are first hit, most hit, and hardest hit. A champ achieves these by using combos or a string of skills that greatly improves the power and efficiency of each individual skill.Disrupt their combos and force them to bend to you. Hit hard..Hit fast…Hit smart.

vs priest:
Recommended zodiac: windblade, tenery curse, ice cone, holy light

Tactic 1: When a priest actives gaia care simply run away till the buff is over, with the new update it is extremely difficult to hit a priest with gaia care. It is not worth it to waste skills and mp attempting to break through the gaia care while letting them hit you unopposed

Tactic 2: when a priest use shackle they usually heal up, create some distnace, and cast a ice cone right before you get out to improve dmg. Instead of siting there waiting to be struck start casting your mount skill, it is the only skill that can be used while shackled. although because of priest range you will usually be unable to avoid the first attack after freed from shackle but by going in the opposite direction you can advoid the rest, res some hp and uproot the priest and force him to follow you. Simply turn around when your ready jump off right next to him and unload. By doing this you take away the gap the priest had created, let the effects of ice cone wear off, and renewed almost all your skill to distribute punishment as you see fit^^

Tactic 3: priest are a tricky opponent because champs are not meant for prolonged battles and a priest skills almost force that. try to save your freeze for after they have cast shackle and gaia care and you know it is cooling. Deal dmg with quick cooling skills till they heal(so they are totally defenseless), then freeze and use your bigger attacks to end it all right there before the situation becomes seriously troublesome.

End Note: Even though a priest hits the softest out of all classes their dmg is nothing to joke about. Priest pvp requires a expansive knowledge of the game and all other classes. Priest must play smart or they will die right away. To counter this use it against them. use confusing move that force them to use skills before they should and then make them pay for their mistakes^^. A battle vs a priest is almost always long, do not rush to use everything at once, know when is the best time to use what skill. Haste makes Waste

I made this post/semi-guide in a attempt to not only share my knowledge but receive some from others. I would love to learn new and interesting ways to fight. I love to help others so i am happy to share these. If you have any questions, comments, or want to add something feel free to do so and i will do my best to address them
I have learned these tactics through experiences as a champ for the past 4-6months(honestly cant remember lol)
Imo superior tactic beats anything…drills, forges, pets, or lvl. All fall to a skilled player. I battle and defeat things that should be impossible for someone like me on a daily basis. sometimes even i dont understand how i win
~disclaimer–tactic 2 on champs was tested and master on my super lmao lagging comp. I have heard that others lag equally bad now so this should work for anyone but know that i dont have definite proof of whether these conclusions are derived from the game itself or just my epic lag. try it yourself and if it works it works and you have become more powerful/knowledgeable, if it doesnt it doesnt and you have proven to yourself what can and cant be done in terms of skill activation^^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't underestimate the Priest you moron, and the range doesn't matter with a Warrior, he can get as close when it gets its return. We have many Warriors and Priest on our group and killed a group with so many champs and they all died because of that "damage", champs are nothing when they're clashed with other jobs. Distance makes them get killed easily because of your idiocy, they get distance but they've died, what is that suppose to mean? Ignorant lard ass. That's why others figured out to create a warrior because of champs weary defenses, even though they somehow have "damage", they can't even last to a war within the Two Polis. And it is still Player Vs Player. Compare it to the true world, a spearman can't pierce to a sword and a shield.

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