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A Guide To Buffs


Buffs r special bonuses got temorarily by different means which make u stronger or make it easie to gain somethin like exp etc

There r many different ways of getting them
3.Pindus quartermaster


Potions give buffs like exp gain increase by x for the next x seconds or x mp/hp gained every second for the next x seconds etc

Potions that gives exp gains:
1.Weak exp potion:
Bonus:exp gained increase by 25% for the next 15 min
How to get:dropped by monsters
2.Strong exp potions:
Bonus:exp gain increase by 100% for the next 1 hour
How to get:Mall/E-Gold shop, and events   Costs:69 gold/e-gold
3.Super exp potion
Bonus:exp gained increase by 400% for 1 hour
How to get:Special event rewards, very rare

Potion that gives talent exp gain:
1.Exiler of talent II
Bonus:talent exp gained increase by 100% for the next hour
How to get:Mall/E-gold     Costs:150 gold/e-gold

Potion that gives extra mp buff:
1.Devil’s Potion
Bonus:5 mp gained every 1 second for the next 1 hour
How to get:Mall/E-gold    Costs:100 gold/e-gold

Potions that give extra hp buffs:
1.Blood potion
Bonus:500 hp gained every second for next 30 seconds
How to get:Mall/E-gold    Cost:27 Gold/E-gold
2.Anima potion
Bonus:100 hp gained every second for the next 1 hour
How to get:Mall/E-gold    Cost:115 gold/E-gold

Pets give buffs to us
thats one of the reasons u should always have your pet summoned
their buffs r free of cost ot cost 1 silver
some buffs gives by them r
1.exp gain increase
just like potions they increase exp gained by x for x time
50% for 1 hour is most common
100% per hour is a little rare
2.hp gained
just like blood and anima potions they increase hp gained
500hp for 30 sec is a little more common
100hp for i hour is a bit rare
3.Blessed weapon
pets special buff make your weapon really good for some time
remember grade or quality is not increased but the stats of weapon become better temperarily
not a buff just a bonus
they drop exp, rep, tp, pet food, and on rare occasions e-gold

Pindus quartermaster
the quartermaster in pindus battlefield gives some stat buffs
to know more about pindus go tohttp://forum.gw.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=8524&extra;=page%3D2

the pindus quartermaster gives some buffs in xchange for life essence
his buffs r of 3 levels 1 2 and 3 and increase stats
they r of very short time like 5 min and have some disadvantaged
here is a list of them
1.Magic source
increases matk reduses mdef def is of 3 lvls lvl 1 1 essence lvl 2  essence lvl 3 5 essence
2.Strenght source
increase attack reduces mdef def is of 3 lvls lvl 1 1 essence lvl 2 3 essence lvl 3 5 essence
3.Sensitive source
increase hit rating is of 3 lvls lvl 1 1 essence lvl 2 3 essence lvl 3 5 essence
4.Solid shield
increase mdef and def is of 3 lvls lvl 1 1 essence lvl 2 3 essence lvl 3 5 essence
5.Cursed blessing
increase hit rating matk atk reduse mdef def is of 1 lvl lvl m1 10 essence

last but not the leastaltar buffs
guilds main perpose is to make friends. but another purpose is to make  character stronger by stats buffs(temparerily)
altar buffs r gained by trading contribution points which can b gained my guild quests or contributing to guild
in the beginning the guild has no altars but they have to make them with guild gold an guild silver
there r 10 altars which each increase a different stat
each altar can b upped till lvl 12
to get buff in main city fing guild reg
near him there will b a npc called altar[priest]
speak to altar[priest]
choose altar then choose altar building
next choose your desired building(if your guild has it)
u can see what stat the building increases
click worship god
then choose how much u wanna offer and offer
the max stat u can get at a time is determined by the altars lvl
to see your personal offerings to a particular altars go to buildings section under the guild window and choose the altar u wanna ckeck on
the matk increases but very little cause ive only contributes 5k
hope the guide helped

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