Facebook Dynasty Saga How to Get Silver Faster

Facebook Dynasty Saga How to Get Silver Faster by Katasmo

Do you wonder how many ways to be rich in DS? Believe me. There are more ways than you think. Let’s see the ways and ask yourself how many of these you already knew.

1. Tax collection
This is the simplest way to get silver. You can claim 12 times (15 times in summer) with normal tax. In order to maximize tax income, you should upgrade residences. More people, more tax. Counting house also gives you additional tax income with percentage; however, I rather put less priority on it. Why? It gives you 0.03% per each upgrading level but with higher cost than upgrading residence. You also can impose with gold which you already have at least some amount from any of sources. In addition, there are chances to get free gold or silver from tax with your luck. If you are lucky, you will be additional silver or gold along with your tax, or you will see a question after taxation. Don’t pick the answer without reading the question. If you read the question, you will see how to get additional reward. If you pick those answers for citizen, you will get loyalty. If you pick the other one which is good for yourself while it may harm to citizen, you will get silver or gold as reward.

2. Mine
From the third city that you move in, you can obtain mine to collect silver. Each mine has different capacity so you will collect more or less based on which mine you have. But, do not take the best one if you are not strong enough, otherwise, stronger player will take yours by force. In winter, no worry. PVP is not allowed in winter. ;)

3. Mission
Kind Koram provides Mission system which guides you to the right track and gives you additional bonus with silver. Check your mission interface and follow it. You will receive enough silver to move forward, especially in the very beginning time.

4. Game event
This is another easy way to get additional silver. Currently, there are ongoing event continuously and if you reach the certain point or rank, you can claim silver as reward. You shouldn’t miss this out. You can check via the icon on your right side of the game screen.

5. Salary
If you go to “Title” interface in city hall, you can see your title and the next title with qualification and salary. You can receive your daily salary based on your title. Title will be upgraded based on your prestige points. How to increase prestige points? It’s different story from silver, so leave it for the next time.

6. Selling item
From here, it’s a bit advanced way. You may find some items from campaign that you cleared as reward. Those are normally rare items (blue, green, etc) except the first stage. If you don’t need it, just sell it in inventory. It will give you bunch of silver. Remember, do not sell items that you need.

7. Selling grain
You can sell grain in the market. Buying and selling rate keep changing, so you need to wait till you have good rate for trade. Here is some trick. If you see the rate change, it fluctuates between 0.5 and 2.0. But, those BUY and SELL function have limit per day; however, black market doesn’t have the limit while it applies double of selling rate. Use your brain little. If you buy grain at 0.5 in black market, you will get grain at 1.0 actually. And, you sell grain back at 2.0. Then you will have double profit from this trade. For kind instruction, you firstly upgrade granary to be able to stock enough grain (let’s say 50k capacity) and buy grain with all silver you have (50k). Then, your silver will be empty and granary will be full. Market limit is refreshed once per day or the time when you UPGRADE the granary. So, when the selling grain rate is 2.0, you sell grain back with max limit and upgrade market and you sell again. If you do this several times, you will be rich faster. Remember, do not do this when you already have fully upgraded granary. If do so, you will need to wait that refreshing time once per day and it will take very long time.

8. Down-grading
Once you get better gear, you will change your old gear to new one. You will be very sad that you cannot use the old gear again. BUT, it’s still useful. You can go to the inventory and down-grade it. You will get refunded each down-grading and finally you can sell the old gear as well. This is very useful when you change to new gear.

9. Trading
Once you have level 41 city hall, you have new function which makes you trade with other players. You request trade to another player via sending your caravan and if the other accepts it, you will get profit from the trade. This is win-win trade as both of requestor and acceptor receive trade income. As you have higher level of “customer house”, you will have higher income. Also, as you have higher level of “caravan post”, you can send more caravans to have more trade. Remember, you should use all caravans before you upgrade “caravan post” because the number of caravans is refreshed once per day and at the time when you UPGRADE “caravan post”

10. Subjugate
This function allows you to have another player as your subject (it appears at level 41 city hall. If I’m wrong, please correct me). Once you get a player as your subject, you will receive 10% of tax amount from the subject whenever the subject collects its own tax. But, don’t worry about the subject. Their tax amount won’t be affected by this as it’s given by the system. Then, we can use little more brain here. If you have friends more than 3, you can make a chain of subjects. Let’s say you have A, B and C players including you. A subjugates B and B subjugate C and C subjugate A. Then, all of you have subject and receive silver from the chain fairly. Does it sound good enough?

11. Mine war
This is the most exciting way to collect silver. Go to the world interface and see the left-up corner. You will see very tiny icon shaped “mine”. In every summer, there is a mine war which you can join and fight for silver. If you join the mine war, you will be a map with bunch of mines. In the mine war, three kingdoms will fight each other to take over mines. There is silver extraction CD (cool-down) so you need to do something during CD. You can move over mines (10-15 sec CD) and attack enemies in near mines (1 min CD). Here is the point. How to get more silver? You attack and win. It will reduce 1.5 minutes of extraction CD. Don’t worry if you lose. You will still have 30 sec CD reduction. So, keep moving to the battle border and fight to get more silver. 1 more point is that you need to be in the mine which has fewer players. If you move in a mine, you can see the number of players in your right-bottom of the screen with percentage. If the percentage is higher, you will get more silver. So, move to the mine having over 80% which means fewer people there. Remember, there is no limit of granary for silver that you collect from the mine war. No matter your granary capacity is, you will get the actual amount of silver you collected.

12. Scouting
This is a kind of gamble with your luck. When you have level 35 city hall (I don’t remember exactly. Maybe it’s level 40. If I’m wrong, please correct me), you can scout in Armory with cost. You scout either horse or cloak and you can sell it. Sometimes, you will get more valuable items than you spent on it. (I said it’s a kind of gamble). BUT, here is also point. When you have level 51 city hall, you have 1 free chance of scouting per day. You see now? It means you do scouting and can sell it for silver once every day. Addition silver~

13. Scenario
In certain campaign stages, you will seescenario icon in campaign interface (i.e. Liu Biao stage). That’s one-man eventfollowing scenario. If you join the scenario, you need to kill the certainnumber of NPC enemies in time-attack way. If you complete in shorter time, youwill get higher reward with silver and progress token (around 5-10k silverbased on your time record). Remember, you move quick and do not see the battleso that you can minimize your time record.

14. VIP mall (only for GOLD users)
This way is applicable for heavy gold users as it costs gold. If you go to VIP mall, you will see rare items if you have enough city hall level. For example, there is “Emerald Jade Fox Totem” which is a blue item (totem) with “20 gold” price. If you have plenty of gold but you don’t have silver, you can try this way. You buy the item with 20 gold and sell it in the inventory. You can sell it with 5,250 silver. Higher level of item gives you more silver, of course, it costs you more gold. The amount of items sold in VIP mall is refreshed at 22:00 game time every day. Remember, only do it with blue item. Green item above will not give you enough silver compared to the amount of gold you spent on it.

15. Textile mill
At lv 82 city hall, Textile mill will appear in your city. This will give you extra silver everyday. Firstly, you need to upgrade it till lv 82 so that you can activate Textile mill. Once it’s lv 82, you can enter “weaving” function which produce textile to sell. If you enter, you can either create or join weaving team and produce textile. If you weave, system will automatically produce and sell. And, your profit is the difference between cost and sell price. At the first time, you only can weave 1 type of textile – Coarse Burlap – which is the cheapest one. Then, you need to upgrade your weaver. Weaver lv can not exceed Textile mill lv minus 80, means, if your textile mill lv is 82, your weaver only can be upraged till lv 2. And each weaver lv, you can produce higher grade of textile which you can sell at higher price. This sell price is fluctuating following “rice index” of your region. This index will be changed every 30mins, so REMEMBER you weave at higher index so that you can get higher profit. There is 1 more tip. If you create a weaving team, 2 more players can join your team (or you can join another player’s team) to weave together. Players from different region also can join the team. This will give you higher success rate (at low weaver level, u will have 90% success rate, but later on, you will have lower success rate at some levels). Now, upgrade to lv 82 and enjoy the extra silver everyday. It will give you at least 30k++ silver everyday. There are some more details in the textile mill, but I will leave them for you to explore.

Textile Mill will appear after your city hall hits lvl82, and produces Textiles after it is lvl 82. Prices of Textiles are closely bound up with Regions’ Sell Price. Textiles will be sold automatically after Textiles are produced, (You can earn more silver by weaving when Regional Price is around 120% Increasing), and you can earn double silver when Weaving Efficiency occurs. Textile Mill is really a great place for players to earn silver besides Mine War!

Game setting:
Textile Mill can have 3 Spinners with its level going up. Latter Spinners require more EXP to level up. The Spinners’ Max level is lvl 10 , and they can obtain a skill at lvl 5 or lvl10. There are 5 skills totally:

Skill                                                Details                     Explanation
Elegant Embroidery                         Luck +3                    Increase success rate
Lightning Spin                                Efficiency +3              Increase critical rate
Fastidious Needlework                     Luck +5                    Increase success rate
Meticulous Threadwork                    Efficiency +5              Increase critical rate
Bright Prospects                             Level +1                    Weave better Textiles

Note: Spinners can be reincarnated when they are lvl 10. Players can remove Spinners’ skills after reincarnation, because they can get better skills after their levels goes up.

Attention: Weaving can be done 10 times everyday. Failed weaving will also cost one time. VIP 8 players can buy the weaving times infinitely. For the first 5 times, each costs 20 Gold; Each costs 50 Gold from 6th time to 10 time; each will cost 100 Gold from 11th time.

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