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[Game Info] Dynasty Saga City Hall Level & Building Guide (Also with TIPS!) by Austin Ho and Katapult

In this guide, I am going to share with you on:
(I) What building or changes you get when you level up your City Hall;
(II) What is the use and detail of each buildings

Let us begin.


Level 1 – You start with your City Hall, Residence I, Treasury, Armory, and Training Grounds I
Level 2 – You get Residence II
Level 4 – You get Residence III
Level 8 – You get Residence IV
Level 10 – You get Granary
Level 11 – You get Academy and your enhance success rate no longer stay at 100% all the time
Level 12 – You get Marketplace
Level 14 – You get Residence V
Level 15 – You get Barracks
Level 16You start to have Reserves and have to replenish your reserves in Barracks when they run low
Level 18 – You get Residence VI
Level 24 – You get Residence VII
Level 25 – You get Counting House
Level 31 – You get Residence VIII
Level 35 – You get Mint
Level 36You start to lose your Rallies when you fail your campaign stages
Level 39 – You get Residence IX
Level 40 Daily quests are available, (unconfirmed: you lose a level in a random building if you lose a PVP fight)
Level 41 – You get Caravan Post
Level 45 – You get Custom House
Level 48 – You get Residence X
Level 51 You are given 1 free scout per day (Refresh at 0:00 server time)
Level 82 – You get Textile Mill
Level 85 – You get Training Grounds II
Level 100You are unable to increase your City Hall anymore until you finished Tai Ping campaign
Level 101 – You get Mystic Forge, You get a free absolute enlightenment every day but have to be VIP3 to use it.
Level 110 – You get Training Grounds III


City Hall – This is considered as your level. Also it is the cap of your other buildings level and the cap of your generals level. Eg. When your City Hall is at level 10, your generals can maximum reached to level 10, and your other buildings can maximum reached to level 10 only.

Residence – The level of your residences affects your tax collection. The higher your total residence level (you can have up to 10 Residences), the higher your tax collection is.

Treasury – Each level of your Treasury increases your capacity of silver storage.Increases capacity by 1000 every level from level 1 to 15. Increases capacity by 5000 for level 16.

Armory – The level of your Armory is your cap of gears level. Eg. When your Armory is at level 5, your gears can maximum reached to Novice 5. Also, higher level of Armory opens up more gears in the store for you to buy using silver. But all the gears sold in store are “white ranked” gears. The VIP store is only available for VIP players. VIP store sells “blue ranked” to “red ranked” totems only. For your information, the enhance success rate is minimum 20% and maximum 100%. The movement of the rate is 10-30% per half an hour.

Training Grounds – Training Grounds increases your experience gained from generals training. They also increases the experience gained from instant progress. The battle points required for instant progress is determined by your City Hall, not your Training Grounds level. So it is more beneficial if you use instant progress when your Training Grounds are at the same level with your City Hall.

Granary – Each level of your Granary increases your capacity of grain storage. Increases capacity by 1000 every level from level 1 to 15. Increases capacity by 5000 for level 16.

Academy – The level of your Academy is the cap of your research level. Eg. When your Academy is at level 50, each of your research can maximum reached level 50 (or level 25, for some high level research that requires 2 Academy level to increase the cap level by 1). Your Academy also opens up more research options every 5 levels. Your formation level is also increased by Academy research. Formation may increase 1 level per 5 levels of Academy.

0: Diamond Form level 1
1: Honed Steel – Increases attack by 10, 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48/54/60/66/72/78/84/90 BP
5: Arsenal Expansion – 10 units, 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55 BP
5: Serpent Form level 1
10: Lv 2 formations for 3 generals
10: Martial Prowess – 25 gambit attack, 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48/54/60/66/72/78/84 … 1308/1326/1356/1386 BP
25: Lv 5 formations for 4 generals
15: Plate Armor – 7 defense, 4/8/12/16 BP
15: Anvil Form level 1 – 65 … 3003 BP
20: Unbreakable Lines – 18 gambit defense … 292/304/480
25: Crescent Form level 1
30: Gears of War – 12 spell attack
35: Divine Providence – 8 spell defense
40: Inspiring Insignia increase units by 20 for each level
50: Lv 10 formations for 5 generals
Superior Tactician Lv 11/12: 330/340 BP
60: Herbalism – Decrease unit losses (1% per level), 14/28/42/56/70/84/98/112/126/140/231/259/273/301/322/420 BP
65: Reinforcing Vigor, Stone Walls, Siege Tactics, Juggernaut, and other Legion Research

Marketplace – Each level of Marketplace increases your grain exchange limit by 100. Also every time Marketplace is upgraded, the grain exchange limit is refreshed. It is very important to use this building to earn extra silver in early stage of this game. Make sure you only upgrade your Marketplace when you have reached the grain exchange limit and would like to do further grain exchange. For your info: Minimum grain price is 0.5 and maximum grain price is 2.0. And, grain exchange limit is auto refreshed at 0:00 server time.

Barracks – Each level of your Barracks increases your capacity of your reserves. The Barracks also increases the amount of reserves you can get from free reservation drafts by 150 (you may do use the free reservation draft 10 times per day).

Counting House – Each level of your Counting House increase your tax collection by 1%.

Mint – Each level of your Mint increases the chance of getting 10 gold from tax collection. I believe each level of Mint increases the gold collection chance by 0.1%, this is uncertain.

Caravan Post – Each level of Caravan increases your caravans amount. Also every time Caravan Post is upgraded, your caravans are refreshed. This is a very good building to earn extra silver. Make sure you only upgrade your Caravan Post when you have used all your caravans. For your info: The capacity of caravans you can accept is double of your caravan amount. The capacity of caravans you can accept is not refreshed when you upgrade your Caravan Post, only your own caravans amount is refreshed. Both your caravans and capacity of caravans you can accept are auto refreshed at 5:00 server time.

Custom House – Each level of Custom House increases your profits from caravans.

Textile Mills – You may only start to sew textile when your Textile Mills is at level 82. This is the best building to earn silver. It is better to sew textile in a group as this may provide higher success chance and critical chance. The success chance and critical chance is determined by: The textile you choose to create and bonus rate from you sewers. For your information: The profits from textile is affected by the textile price in that city (minimum 70% and maximum 140%). Also you may not sew textile when you are under protection.

Mystic Forge – Use jades from advanced scenarios to enchant your rare gear to give them additional attributes like strength, bravery and intelligence.


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