Facebook Dynasty Saga Enlightenment Guide

Facebook Dynasty Saga Enlightenment Guide by andrew

1. Why should we enlighten Generals’ stats?

Stats Enlightenment can boost Generals’ stats.
The higher Strength your generals have, the less normal damage your generals suffer
The higher Bravery your generals have, the less gambit damage your generals suffer.
The higher Intelligence your generals have, the less Spell damage your generalssuffer.

Nomatter for PVP or PVE, players should enlighten their generals’ stats more or less.

2. System of Stats Enlightenment

2.1 MaximumAdditional Points can reach General’s lvl + 20;

For example, the maximum Additional Points of a lvl 10 general can reach 30(10+20);the maximum Additional Points of a lvl 50 general can reach 70(50+20); for lvla 100 general, his total Stats Points = Original Stats Points + 120 (100+20)

2.2 Effect of Additional Points

Normal Defence and Attack

 (Assumed the defences and level of following Generals’units, luck and formation are same; following data is estimated, which isunderstood easily )
Cao Cao:Original Strength 120, assumed his original Normal Defence is A, his final NormalDefence would be 2A (Each Additional Strength Point will add 1%A NormalDefence) with the help of 100 Additional Strength Points(100 Additional Pointswill bring double original stats)

LiuBiao: Original Strength 69, his original Normal Defence will be 0.575A(from 69/120A,because I use Cao Cao as reference), his final Normal Defence will be 1.15Awith the help of 100 Additional Strength Points (Each Additional Strength Pointwill add 1% X 0.575A Normal Defence)

Cai Yan:Original Strength 43, so his original Normal Defence will be 0.358A, his finalNormal Defence will be 0.716A with the help of 100 Additional Strength Points

Above examplestell us that generals with low stats are not worthy of much Stats Enlightenment.Because each additional point brings few effect. Cai Yan’s Normal Defence isstill inferior to Cao Cao even if add 100 Additional Strength Points on her(thedifference of troop units hasn’t been counted in). The differnce of 100 and 60 AdditionalStrength Points is only 0.143A

Siegeswhose Original Strength is under 70 are recommended to be dismissed. Thedefference of 20 Original Strength Points between 2 Sieges will bring a gap of28.6% Normal Damage after add 100 Additional Strength Points on both Sieges.
So the criteriato judge is good Siege:

(1) Siege’s troop units: Single-Attackor Multi-Attack
(2) Siege’s Original Strength mustbe over 70, and Strength 90 is great. (Dian Wei’s Strength is lower than thatof Zhao Yun, that is why his Normal Defence and Attack are inferior to that ofZhao Yun)


Gambit is similar with Normal Defence and Attack. Gambit generalswith low Bravery are not worthy of much Stats Enlightenment.
Cai Yan: Original Bravery 43,and she is still inferior to SSX evenif add 200 Additional Bravery Points.
Gambit generals with low Bravery should be dismissed in latterstages.
Lei Bo: Original Bravery 43
Zhang Liang: Original Bravery 50(he would have been a rubbishwithout his good troop units)
Lei Bo will be almost same with Cao Ren(Original Bravery 83) even ifadd 100 Additional Bravery Points on Lei Bo, but is still inferior to Shi Dakaiand Guan Suo(Shi Dakai is in Taiping Stage, and the blood he sucks can reachthe half of his Gambit Damage)

Hua Xin: his Original Bravery is reduced to 59(his Bravery is 69 inthe beginning), so his Gambit damage is reduced by 14.4%(10/69; Formationadditioanl effect and critical strike haven’t counted in)

Their Original Bravery should be at least 90+ if you want to useGambit generals with

Desperate Measures or Berserker Rage, because their Gambit issingle-attack.


Generals with low Intelligence are not worthy of much Intelligenceenlightenment
Luckily, Spell attack is not very terrifying. Generals with OriginalIntelligence around 50 can be enlightened for Spell defence.

2.3 Enlightenment Options

(1) Normal Mode XX Battle Points (All players)
(2) Advanced Mode 2 Gold (All players)
(3) Absolute Mode 20 Gold (VIP3 and above)
(4) Divine Mode 100 Gold (VIP6 and above)

Note: Enlightenment will charge less in new version

VIP 3 and above playerswill have a free Absolute Enlightenment everyday after their lvl hits 101

3. Secrets of Enlightenment

In the early stage, Normal Enlightenment Mode are not recommended, because Battle Points are very valuable, and Research and Generals lvling up all need Battle Points.

Some players enlightened generals’ bravery to Max, and then they found they need enlighten their generals’ at least 2 stats to high level for Taiping and Daqing if they want to save Rallies and time.

Success Enlightenment: +1,+2…..+5
Failed Enlightenment: no limit (High chance)
There is also a success rate for Enlightenment, which is something like enhancement. Low success rate, low stat boost. Success rate of enlightenment fluctuates with time going by. So you can try to enlighten your generals to test the success rate, and you should give up for the time being if it always show low stats, and try to enlighten generals later.
(1) enlighten generals when success rate is high
(2) just replace old stats with new stats if sum of Bravery and Strength is higher than the sums of old stats
(3) Players can still use method(2) if you have enlightned 1 stat to high level.For example, old stats: Strength 110, Bravery 80, new stats: Strength 105, Bravery 84,just replace old one with new one
(4) Cost of Battle Points:
Several players have done following experiences many time:
80 or more Additional Strength Points + 80 or more Additional Bravery Points for 1 general would cost at least 200,000 BP
105 Additional Strength Points + 105 Additional Bravery Points for 1 general costed him 0.35-0.45 million BP
120 Additional Strength Points + 120 Additional Bravery Points for 1 general would cost 0.6-0.65 million BP
Enlightenment with BP are not recommended to go too far, especially in early stages.

Enlightenment Advice:
(1) Enlighten generals with 2 Gold or BP for twice or 3 times, then click Divine Mode 100 Gold,you will find new stats is much higher than the old one
(2) you should use 2 Gold or 20 Gold Modes if you are stucked at certain stats with BP Enlightenment, or it will cost you 10,000- 20,000 BP(The higher level your general is ,the more BP enlightenment charges)

For newbies:
At first, enlighten general with 2 Gold 3 times, and then his 3 stats would be around 15. Now, you need to select Main Stat and Accessory stat, and keep enlightening, Main Stat should be 20-30 Points higher than Accessory stat. Increase general’s Accessory stat after Main stat reachs 100+ if Accessory stat didn’t go up duiring enlightenment.

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